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The Machine


This is a remix version of an old song—-my sister-in-law nephew is the guy with guitar….we are sorta related!! Lol


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Taking a breath

Like most people, I live in a world of “to do” lists. Being a world class procrastinator, my list is very long and wordy…..woe is me! There is one true fact in my life and it is that ……”housework isn’t hard it is just constant”, I quote my recently bachelored cousin, a man of few words but quite wise. This is true of many mundane parts of our lives and if it were possible to skip them I would….but nope, as it is allotted every man to die and it is our fate also to “do!”

The doing of the mundane is only tolerable because of the momentary freedoms. Creating is just that. …….freedom. Writing and painting are my two vices that help me take a breath. They are my escape. The crazy part is that I even procrastinate in them. The very thing that gives me life I still avoid. I can only wonder what kind of psychology that is…..skitso-pathetic!!

It is the fourth day of the new year and I have yet to paint…I have gotten shiney new paint and brushes and canvas; I have cleaned my studio…..organized my area, yet still NO. So I suffocate here taking only gasps of air, puffing a bit from writing which gives me strength to get on with my day. This I find is another way to escape….procrastination.

Monday the sixth day of the new year I will set out to give myself life, to step back and settle in for some much needed R and R. Rejuvenate and reward myself, take the time to get alone and breathe in the familiar side of my brain that keeps me going. If only and hour or two…and by the way, why does that time fly by but waiting in traffic takes twice as long? So goes life.

This life of mine is getting way to real and this maybe the only way to muddle through. I have hope, not in myself but in the power of one greater than me. He gave me all that I have…even taking a breath!


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Oh what a day!

photo(9)Today was a good day, I fought some big fears and broke through some boundaries and came out alive. I am now here to tell the story! A little cold, it was suppose to be 61 degrees and sunny, but as it always is….nope, much more chilly and partial sun and then down right cold and cloudy. Yet, mission accomplished, I did it! I painted out in the open air….in the daylight….around people who were watching……and I didn’t die! Whew! I got through the first step in recovery….I admitted it!

It has been eleven E-L-E-V-E-N! years since I have put myself through this kind of torment…..that was at a big crafts fair. This venue was much smaller, more one on one and there were great artist/painters there. People who do this a lot, travel around and paint….in front of people…like it is nothing! They paint beautiful landscapes, and portraits and little corners of houses up close and detailed. All kinds of impressive examples of their skills……while I paint…um, well, I don’t even know what to call it.

I am in a zone, on a binge, on the cusp of something potentially mediocre!…..I mean GREAT! Well, maybe not great actually, but okay for me. I like it and it speaks to me and I enjoy it…BUT….. as the man walked up to my easel today and said…”hmmm, different!, which by the way is parent code for…”I don’t have a clue what it is but because you did it it is GREAT!!!” Or maybe it was so bad he was polite…the inference was there though. Oh well, what ya gonna do?

Bell Buckle, TN

Just keep on painting and see what happens!     Newspaper article today–http://www.t-g.com/gallery/bbpleinair2013/

Also, I was so fortunate to meet a local artist (he lives locally but his work is far-reaching, I mean!)… and his wife, Micheal and Madonna Bush. They opened their home to us all who were involved and it was a treat to be included. I was overwhelmed at his collection of Art as well as his own talents in his studio. To view first hand his studio and his work in progress was an enriching and defining moment in this wanna be artists life. It was a pleasure as well as a proponent to ignite fire in my belly to create. My head is spinning from the sights and as if I had eaten the best desert in the world and way too much of it…I just could not take in any more! Too much fun, too much enlightenment, too much too much. I do not have words nor crayola crayons in my coloring box to truly express this event. I have been blessed.


See the Artist W. Michael Bush—http://wmichaelbushartist.com/

…southern girl FINE ART


purchase price $125.00 email@ rmfp31@yahoo.com

Still Not over YOU- Michael Dean Church

Y’all check out this great video…this guy is a great singer and great guy…PLEASE SHARE PLEASE!



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…and more yet…ART/Paintings

I would say this is the last of them…but I know ME!!!!ImageDSCN0687


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Life Dates

In my life of canvases and paint I usually really mess up a few and it can not be seen even by my family….as is this day…and in my need to cover up a horrible sight I ended up painting in a new direction for me…a collage of sorts with paint.

I love collages, especially word ones…I make a few from time to time…but I ended up painting one this time…for which as a painter, doing lettering is a bit dicey! But, here it is…all my family life dates, our marriage and birth dates and names…..ENJOY!!!!DSCN0664DSCN0663

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Maybe I am not a leper after all?

There are times in my life there are no good explanations that can be given….and these have been some of those times. It has felt as if the whole universe is ganging up against me…not in every area but just one. Not that I want it to be spread around to all the other areas of my life…please Lord I am not actually complaining! Just stating the facts the way they appear to me!…It is all about me isn’t it? (she laughs!)

In my eagerness to start a new adventure a couple of months ago, I never considered defeat….not that it never crossed my mind but I knew this was one thing I could do….me, the one who still hasn’t gotten a “real job” finally came into the job of my dreams….painting for a living…on canvas not walls! Ahhhh, at last, they will come from far and wide just to have a couple of hours listening to my one liners and learning to mix colors and paint a simple yet AWESOME painting on canvas…(not walls, remember!)

BUT…never did I think about NO ONE WOULD SHOW UP!! WHAT? NO WAY….NO ONE! REALLY…….(all caps explains the loudness of my typing…by the way!) If I remember right…“if you build it they will come!” At least that is what everyone tells you. Liars…liars all of them!!! Apparently it takes more than that….UGH!!!!

Tonight though…I had a break through!! Finally, out of the blue I had some students for a painting class I teach!! Hallelujah!!!  Maybe I am not a leper after all!!!? Class went great and it was a lot of fun and I believe the students had a good time too! It is actually very stress relieving and a calm place to just paint. I am thankful for this opportunity and I hope and pray that this will be the beginning of my dream job!

In a truth my actual dream job would be to have a studio in a garage apartment at my home with a cute little shingle with a picture of a palette on it, hung outside which townspeople would wander into and look at my work, buy a thing or two and tell their friends about. A unique little studio/shoppe where other artsy folks would come by and visit and eventually I would be found by that Travel channel lady, Samantha Brown,  who visits cities and tries the local fare…restaurants, bars and cute little out of the way shoppes.

Then OPRAH will catch that episode while relaxing at her beach house one day and next time she visits her father in Nashville she will take a drive to search out that quaint studio that the lovely artist has in her above the garage hideaway. She also loves all the artsy”vi nets” with old ladder back chairs and the old wooden windows  she has painted on…unique and lovely. Along with the gorgeous flowers the Artists sister brings to liven up the joint. As she chats with the Artist about art and life and various pondering s she will notice the business card and drop it into her pocket only to find it in a few weeks and see the blog address of the Artist for which she reads with great joy…the everyday musings of this eccentric and surprisingly youthful woman. Take that Freshly Pressed…who needs ya…..I got OPRAH!!

When asked to move to Chicago to star in her new television show on the.. OWN Network( of course!) about all things artsy, the Artist humbly declines, not that it wouldn’t be fun or a real kick in the pants to be  asked, the Artist could never compromise for her Art! This is my home….I must stay here. Besides…it is really cold in Chicago! And how could I ever leave my dream job? A gal can dream though!!!

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New World

The excitement is like that of the night before first day of school … fear, angst, trepidation … all part of my day now. Will I be able to handle the schedule? Will anyone respond to my way? Will anyone even show up? Questions that haunt me as I take off on a new chapter in my life.

So, what’s all the hub-bub about?

I have been here before but it has been a while. This is what I have been wanting — the ability to do what I love most of all. So, why am I so freaked out? AUUUUGH!!!

Because basically I am a chicken. Yep, I said it. I am owning up to it! Now that I have said that, it seems better. Goes back to … the truth will set you free!

I am frightened at the thought of going back to work at a real job, which is stupid since it isn’t a run of the mill job. It’s an ART job! Furthermore, a painting job. Even better — a teaching to paint job!

It’s all in my control.

I choose the hours. I choose the subjects to paint. I’ve been given carte blanche on the whole thing. So, why are my insides spazzing out about it? That’s just how I roll.

Dogwoods on glass

I do know that it will be okay and when I get all my ducks in a row it will be amazing. This is my opportunity to make a place for myself in this little community. I made it into the paper shortly after moving back here to my home area because of my blog — a small town girl comes home sorta thing! No big news, just human interest.

I would like to find myself smack in the middle of the artsy world here … kinda what I would enjoy. I’ve always been the kind of person that if you lock me up in a cubicle, you will watch me dissolve! I hate it. I have left good jobs because of the boredom. Silly ME!

New World. Same me. But, I am thrilled at the prospect of teaching and helping people have some sense of creativity. It’s a really good way to relieve stress and have fun so I hope I see some of my peeps someday along my way.

Or, maybe, I will influence some kid who has a dream to create but never felt like they could ... the sky’s the limit I say!


Iris on glass

I am the “more” in the link … by the way!

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After the storm

20120315-192453.jpgrainbows are magical and I love when we see them. I don’t believe there is one person, that when they catch that fleeting glimpse of one, they are not amazed and filled with even if only a tiny bit of awe and hope!

20120315-192730.jpgThe sheer design is spectacular and it is one thing we can’t bottle up and keep, actually it changes even while watching it, pretty cool! Gosh now I am gushing nearly as much as the gone viral…double rainbow guy!….without the drama but still awesome to see.

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