Being rescued

In our house, any animal that survives us is a miracle pet!

Over the years we have had some pretty special dogs and cats. I have great memories as a child of great pets. My first cat was a grey striped one I named — Stripes. I was pretty original back then! Then there was a long hair, grey striped cat name Nuisance — wait for it –because he was one! Wow.

We also had a few pet cows, Tad and Sad, and a black and white calf named Marmaduke! Move ahead a few years and I received a precious hush puppy dog name Hershel, who within one month got hit by a car! So needless to say I was heartbroken.

I married a man who loved dogs, not cats! I raised two Brittany Spaniels, helped them give birth (yuck) and they chewed up my oldest doll, Raggedy Ann. The dogs came and went. My favorite was a blonde lab pup named Maggie, who eventually destroyed a whole couch! Finally we learned to kennel her when we left and all was well. But I had our last child and she went to a good home. Too much dog hair plus baby equals No Way!

We’ve had a few cats that have come and gone, nine lives and all! But I have to say that the rescued dog we have now has to be the best He’s lasted the longest, nearly three years now and that’s a record in our house! He was dumped off in front of my niece’s house. She named him “Freddy Mercury!” but she couldn’t keep him. Mean landlord! Knowing I was a sucker for cute little animals, she asked if she could bring him over and I agreed to give him a look. Forget about it! He looked like a tiny mini schnauzer and boy was he cute! He is black and scruffy and just as cuddly as any dog ever. So I kept him.

This is the first house we’ve ever owned with a fenced in yard so no need to walk him. Yes, I admit it. I am a lazy pet owner. Might I remind that I raised 4 kids and still have one to finish high school. And I am old! Anyway, my son picked out his name– Buddy

Buddy, the wonder-dog, and my youngest son!

. Not very original and considering his “given name” kinda dull! But it actually is the best name for him. He is our buddy, no dog is as grateful to be loved and loving.

He is a true lap dog. He grew legs longer than we expected, weighs  13 lbs, and he still wants to be in your face all the time. He even sucks his back paw, more like a pacifier. Cute and sort of sad all at the same time.

Wonder if he knew he was abandoned? Does he miss him Mom? Makes me sad at the thought.

He is a wonder-dog and I think he is a keeper!

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1 thought on “Being rescued

  1. I had a feeling you were an animal lover. Bless your family for looking out for God’s little critters 🙂 My favorite Christian animal quote is:
    “They too, are created by the same loving hand of God which Created us…It is our duty to Protect Them and to promote their well-being”


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