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…location, location,location!

English: This photograph is of the town square...
English: This photograph is of the town square in Lawrenceburg, TN with a statue of David Crockett in the center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At first glance one may presume this post is about real estate…and one would be correct, sorta! I have recently sold a house…a frustrating and futile episode of “…what ya give me for it?” and really, I know I made it harder on myself than it had to be. BUT….the heart wants what the heart wants….and with that being said, I have no excuses or apologies left in me…..It had to be over with, it was hard for me to breathe…enough said. (Feels like a mystery, huh? Not really just a epic “Lucy and Ethel” moment in time…. without the funny parts!) So to further explain my location jabber….we moved! Can I get an AMEN! AMEN,  AMEN!!

Not to look back on the last seven years with regret, I knew the Lord sent us back to Middle TN,  it was fun and we made many awesome friends who I hope will be friends forever. God always knows what is best for us and I am confident that HE knew what we needed and as usual he did and does. The time spent back from wince I came was very special to me, personally. I was able to go home again…it had changedbut so did I! I did many things that restored my fond memories; I went back to see our old home place in Readyville, my beloved farm, it had changed also, re-connected with my extended family, I have great Aunts and Uncles and my cousins whom I spent many a lazy days with growing up, barefoot and free, I love them all, went to a few of their funerals which was painful.. but glad I was there to honor them, visited with an old friend, one of the first girls I met when we moved to “town” from the farm, Judy Dawes (I thought her Mom was mean and she thought my two sisters were mean) was and will always be the girl who makes me laugh, she is a jewel of a friend and we ruled and reigned the Mitchell-Nielson neighborhood for many years (or so we thought), I felt the inspiration to start this blog, preacherswifeintheknow,  which ended up in my hometown newspaper, The Daily News Journal, Murfreesboro, Tn and I was honored……..one of my friends Parents had seen me and sent word they were proud of me…totally worth it!

The most precious times were spent with my Mom, I moved back here just at the beginning of her Alzheimers onset. The two years before I moved I had visited more than I ever had, I was needing to be close to her…to talk to my momma, get advice. Being a grown up is big and scary sometimes and going home to see your Momma is the only fix…and I did and I am forever thankful because I had that time, sweet time to say it all, ask it all, get healed from growing up. I don’t mean any disrespect…she did great, good Mom but circumstances were not always choice as in every family and it was good to talk it out…and looking back one of the greatest blessings the Lord has ever given me, time with her alone before she left us. She is still here, but she has left us…..in a Benjamin Button sort of backwardness, like she never was married or had five kids, just a young girl still at home with her parents…but now not even that…just words not making sense and still that big pretty smile. She is a beautiful woman.

I also reconnected with my two sisters, I needed that……we needed each other…funny how we fit back into our birth order even when you are older….makes life less complicated that way I think, I see that in my own brood and I am happy to watch it play out….It is orderly and yet frightening then  sometimes we see how one kid may jump in to take the lead even though they are the “down the line kid” which reminds me that we all have certain God given gifts and talents that are there waiting to be made use of….pretty cool.

LOCATION? Its all in your perspective…I do have a new physical location and I love it here, Lawrenceburg, TN, a “island” of sorts almost in Alabama…..yikes! pretty close for us UT VOLS! Small towns make me better…who would have thunk it! I still would love the opportunity to be in New York City, NY some day but for now I am very settled. I am not that far away from home, and my family, for a visit and the quaint kind of community here is what I missed. When I was a kid “going to town” meant something. I find it so much more fun to go to town and not live in town….where ya got to go to?…what is there to look forward to?…I had enough of Nashville traffic to do me for my lifetime. So here I am in my sweet (one story, thank the Lord!) house, in this cute small town (it at least has a Kroger! For which I didn’t have a job when I got here!…grrr…thats another story!) with our sweet church family who appears to adore their new Pastor and ME?(we could not be more blessed) and on the upside here…fresh home grown vegetables(yes, I am that carnal, I can be bought with fresh vegetables!) and there are many more benefits of location and the most important one is that we are where God put us. And to that I say thanks Lord and AMEN, AMEN, AMEN!!!!

Oh what a day!

photo(9)Today was a good day, I fought some big fears and broke through some boundaries and came out alive. I am now here to tell the story! A little cold, it was suppose to be 61 degrees and sunny, but as it always is….nope, much more chilly and partial sun and then down right cold and cloudy. Yet, mission accomplished, I did it! I painted out in the open air….in the daylight….around people who were watching……and I didn’t die! Whew! I got through the first step in recovery….I admitted it!

It has been eleven E-L-E-V-E-N! years since I have put myself through this kind of torment…..that was at a big crafts fair. This venue was much smaller, more one on one and there were great artist/painters there. People who do this a lot, travel around and paint….in front of people…like it is nothing! They paint beautiful landscapes, and portraits and little corners of houses up close and detailed. All kinds of impressive examples of their skills……while I paint…um, well, I don’t even know what to call it.

I am in a zone, on a binge, on the cusp of something potentially mediocre!…..I mean GREAT! Well, maybe not great actually, but okay for me. I like it and it speaks to me and I enjoy it…BUT….. as the man walked up to my easel today and said…”hmmm, different!, which by the way is parent code for…”I don’t have a clue what it is but because you did it it is GREAT!!!” Or maybe it was so bad he was polite…the inference was there though. Oh well, what ya gonna do?

Bell Buckle, TN

Just keep on painting and see what happens!     Newspaper article today–http://www.t-g.com/gallery/bbpleinair2013/

Also, I was so fortunate to meet a local artist (he lives locally but his work is far-reaching, I mean!)… and his wife, Micheal and Madonna Bush. They opened their home to us all who were involved and it was a treat to be included. I was overwhelmed at his collection of Art as well as his own talents in his studio. To view first hand his studio and his work in progress was an enriching and defining moment in this wanna be artists life. It was a pleasure as well as a proponent to ignite fire in my belly to create. My head is spinning from the sights and as if I had eaten the best desert in the world and way too much of it…I just could not take in any more! Too much fun, too much enlightenment, too much too much. I do not have words nor crayola crayons in my coloring box to truly express this event. I have been blessed.


See the Artist W. Michael Bush—http://wmichaelbushartist.com/