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In honor of our long list of pResidents….God Bless America!

yes I know I capitalized the “R” in presidents….because although I honor the past presidents on this the day we recognize them…it is the residents of these great UNITED STATES of America that have carried the load…..we are still the best place in the world to live!! Yea! US!!!Image…..and a shameful way to show my painting once again!!….ahhhhhh!

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Life Dates

In my life of canvases and paint I usually really mess up a few and it can not be seen even by my family….as is this day…and in my need to cover up a horrible sight I ended up painting in a new direction for me…a collage of sorts with paint.

I love collages, especially word ones…I make a few from time to time…but I ended up painting one this time…for which as a painter, doing lettering is a bit dicey! But, here it is…all my family life dates, our marriage and birth dates and names…..ENJOY!!!!DSCN0664DSCN0663

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