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Taking a breath

Like most people, I live in a world of “to do” lists. Being a world class procrastinator, my list is very long and wordy…..woe is me! There is one true fact in my life and it is that ……”housework isn’t hard it is just constant”, I quote my recently bachelored cousin, a man of few words but quite wise. This is true of many mundane parts of our lives and if it were possible to skip them I would….but nope, as it is allotted every man to die and it is our fate also to “do!”

The doing of the mundane is only tolerable because of the momentary freedoms. Creating is just that. …….freedom. Writing and painting are my two vices that help me take a breath. They are my escape. The crazy part is that I even procrastinate in them. The very thing that gives me life I still avoid. I can only wonder what kind of psychology that is…..skitso-pathetic!!

It is the fourth day of the new year and I have yet to paint…I have gotten shiney new paint and brushes and canvas; I have cleaned my studio…..organized my area, yet still NO. So I suffocate here taking only gasps of air, puffing a bit from writing which gives me strength to get on with my day. This I find is another way to escape….procrastination.

Monday the sixth day of the new year I will set out to give myself life, to step back and settle in for some much needed R and R. Rejuvenate and reward myself, take the time to get alone and breathe in the familiar side of my brain that keeps me going. If only and hour or two…and by the way, why does that time fly by but waiting in traffic takes twice as long? So goes life.

This life of mine is getting way to real and this maybe the only way to muddle through. I have hope, not in myself but in the power of one greater than me. He gave me all that I have…even taking a breath!


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  This is a new song written and performed by my son…Will. UNPLUGGED!


Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Friends who knew you when……

It is a very odd feeling when you find a person from your past, one that you shared so much with. To find a friend from a far off is a double blessing, they knew you when. Lately I have been blessed with this occurrence and even though there is fear that it will end with a bit of a let down, the attempt is very “worth it!” For me it was a good thing…no let down…whew!

One of may BFF’s from my high school/college years has moved very close to me now. I had not set eyes on her since her marriage day! I was one of her maids in a row, so to speak, and it was a happy day although bittersweet.  I lost my friend. Our time was one of high school and college  sororities and fraternities, Friday night dances at the Agricultural Center and the best cover bands ever. It actually seemed like they were the real Earth, Wind and Fire! All the football jocks on the front lines dancing in unison, couples pictures for which most of us have saved….a real testimony to a calmer time. The thought of acting the fool never really occurred to us. (ok well, maybe some did, but is wasn’t the rule!)

For a time I even lived with her and her Mom at their home, a home for which at that time was a HUGE HOUSE! But now, oddly enough, it’s not so big…going back is always weird that way. During our sophomore year at Middle TN State University in Murfreesboro, TN we took a spur of the moment road trip at spring break to Daytona Beach, Florida. Three girls in a lite blue VW Bug taking off listening to Paul McCartney and Wings …..Silly Love Songs about a zillion times and even Barry Manilow! He was big back then..it was the ’70’s!

WE HAD A BLAST! I was pretty much a home body girl. I had never ventured out, my Mom tended to not allow this kind of running off! I convinced her this time…somehow….probably because they were girls she knew and trusted….fatal parent flaw! Actually it was pretty okay…we were good girls…besides the fact for …..which I had forgotten the details until I had asked my friend….a few of our hometown friends (boys) went also and had nowhere to stay and after they spent the first nite sleeping in their car…begged to share our room!! Oh my!

It worked out well…they slept all day and left and never came back at night and we went to the beach all day and slept at nite…wonder what those boys were up to? hmmm? Oh well, best I not know! I shudder to think of what I would have done if my kids had done all that…..well let me correct that…I am not that naive…I shudder to think of them telling me of all their escapades!!

That is for another day! Please spare me any details!

Ahhhh youth….Fun to remember it all since we usually only remember the fun parts….we survived and got home safe..all that counts. The best part of our reacquainting of our friendship is we are still good! It was as if we had been talking all these long thirty plus years….ugh can that be? Can it be that long?……yes it is and she is as sweet and kind as she ever was, I felt the same comfort with her as I did back then and that is the joy of being known as I was known. She knows all my past.

She is like my sisters, she calls me a nickname, one that I do not let anyone else call me!! I can’t stand it from other people…sounds so stupid….but my sisters and her and really any of those old friends..they are the only ones allowed, they are the only ones that knew me then….gangly, backward and immature for my age. I tried to hide it but I was scared to death…growing up was frightful and if I was gonna survive I had to do it.

Durime and kim 1ng our college years we were little sisters in different faternities…we both were snobby of the sororities.me and kim ole' south..we weren’t stupid either….why hang out with a bunch of girls when you could be treated like a doll with all the guys? We had two of the houses covered, a team on the look out for that special someone. I still was just an Ordinary Girl but I had some good friends that got me through it all. Sometimes the looking back in remembrance is a good thing and re visiting friends who knew you when…..when life was just plain old fun.

I love you my dearest friend…and any of you who made me the person I am today…thanks for hanging with me…I loved every minute!

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As if I haven’t said this before….I LOVE TO PAINT! And if I knew exactly how to make a website and publicize it, I would and attempt to try to sell my paintings…..I am not heavy on the confidence but I know what I like…and so I publicize them here on my blog so maybe I get some feedback…good or bad…please feel free!

This is my latest one today……Image

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Fancy Cross Painting-it’s a Win Win!


Acrylics on Canvas- most viewed post in a full year!

Wordprstudio_fancy_crossess does this year in review and I was amazed that the number one most blog views I received was for this painting…for which I find mildly aggravating. I hang out here on this silly blog….writing about the inner most parts of my life…life of a preachers wife, life as a wife and mother…life as a woman for pete’s sake….some of the most interesting and dramatic words ever written….and no one even get’s it….they all look at my ART!!

Now look….I have been a frustrated Artist my whole life…and I am old! Would to God I would be noticed for my ART…..but, I put that to the side for a while to write….something that too is very self promoting….the very thought that anyonfancy crosse ever would read my words or even more make comments about what I have penned. But, they did and I have had a blast….which brings me to this day when I spy with my little eye that the one post in my blog that has had the most traffic and by the way those of you that do not blog…traffic is the sword we live and die by!…the painting is the winner!!!

Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled…would be more thrilled if I could make money from painting….it is for sale….just sayin’………I have in the past, hit and miss, off and on never very consistent, and this old girl is wishing for a J.O.B. right about now…..but until it happens….THANKS!!! I will take what I can get…..so I am not the profound voice of my generation or the kindly person who young people will look to for sage advice….ok I get it, I am non of the above. I like to journal and this is why I write…someday my kids will actually read these and wish they had sooner. Or at least I hope so….my ultimate goal is to torture them even after my death…..a Momma can hope!

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Making all things new!

Lately my mind has been free from clutter and I have been able to think on things or projects that I haven’t gotten to but have been meaning to get to…ya know what I mean! So I embarked on re-doing my living room tables.

A bit of back story……My husband went on day to buy a new television for which is awesome and came home with a new TV tables also. This was very sweet but as he drove home with table he called me to tell me of his day of shopping and the capture of one cool skinny television and a table!! I instantly cringed because….another back story….the last time he went on a television hunt he came home with a great TV but the stand was , let me say this as nice as I can…ummmm….HIDEOUS!!

Let’s just say he is a wonder at picking out electronics(must be a boy gene!) but dropped the ball on this one…..although normally he has better taste, actually not bad at all. This TV stand was glass and silver bars with black trim and a half circle…..need I say more? I lived with is for five years and now it is in the bonus room out of my eyesight where it belongs….back to the new table! I attempted to not freak on the phone just asked, “so honey….what does it look like?”….. she said with terror in her voice! Husband responded…“black and like a box with glass doors…it looks really nice!” UGH! I knew a disaster was a brewin”!

BUT TO MY SURPRISE…..he totally redeemed himself!!!! Happy dance all around. It was pretty and nice and very cottage stylish and the black is a matte finish and really pretty! I was in love, with it and him of course!! Then he bought me a huge black framed mirror to hang over the fireplace, it is cottage stye and really pretty…in love again, both again!

This brings me to today, finally! I wanted to paint the top of my tables the same black so this was my DIY project. The best news of all is that I am getting new hardwood floors tomorrow in that room…HAPPY DANCE AGAIN!!!! Yep finally that awful carpet is leaving and I can finally enjoy my nice room with my nice television and my beautiful TV cabinet along with my spiffed up tables……see photos!

Thank you to the local HOME DEPOT paint dude also. I used Behr Paint and a tinted primer.

Enhanced by ZemantaThe best part was I did this on the carpet that is getting ripped out!! woohoo no stress! I hardly even spilled any…typical!

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. Tennessee Williams

WordPress Logo
WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Phil Oakley)

I noticed this on a WordPress side bar and thought I would post it…..feels like what I think about my own writing style.

I am what I am and this spills out onto the page. Good or Bad! I do have a filter but only about some things, mostly I feel as if I think these crazy thoughts….I can’t be the only one?

SO for all the readers out there who are as brashly(not a word ?but still used it!) plain as I am in their thoughts and words….I give you a shout out today!!!!………..!Thanks for reading!

Hang tough! I will keep writing my BLOG….. because if I don’t it all stays in my head and drives me crazy all alone.

Just spreadin’ the LOVE!

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it. Tennessee Williams

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Patchwork Days

Patchwork Days
When I was a little girl I was blessed to stay at my maternal grandmothers home each and everyday. All of the big kids would go to school, my parents worked and I was taken to Granny Maxwell s house. This was during the very best days of my life, before the dreaded divorce of my parents and even more before we left my beloved farm. These were the days of laying in the yard on a breezy day and watching the Silver Leaf Poplar tree leaves blowing in the wind, shiny and glistening, feeding the scary chickens, only scary to me since I had been “flogged” one morning. I now believe I had actually fell down and all the feed fell all over me and they were only eating, it just happened to be pecking me into a scared frenzy. Poor chickens, it really wasn’t their fault, though I am still traumatized! I digress!


These were good days and they were the beginning of many good and bad days. This is what makes up a full life, days filled with ups and downs, twists and turns that take us to places we might not ever expect to be. These are the times of our lives that make us the people we are to be. They are like the squares that are so delicately sewn together by the strong and faithful hands like my granny’s. Many days were spent playing underneath the huge quilt in a frame with four or five elderly women, church women, no less, who worked their magic quilting this work of art which would end up on the beds of its creators.


The Chronicles of Narnia
The Chronicles of Narnia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The stories that a young girl would hear, not too terribly offensive unless you were the particular church lady that was the subject of conversation or maybe the preacher or even the husbands of these sanctified women. While playing there it was always a special world, not Narnia, but fun even so, the rolled down stockings and the black discreet shoes, no high heels in this group. Printed shirt dresses and everyday work clothes. It was a world of simplicity and a creative vibe that I have carried with me ever since.


Our own lives are like that, we don’t know when we wake up what the day will hold, a patchwork of sorts, stitched together with love and laughter and this makes for an edgy and frightful; fun-filled and possible eye-opening batch of realities that make up the moments of our own lives. My life, so far has been filled with many days that have caused me to pause and take stock of where I have been and where I am going.


How much of the time have I wasted and what portion has been fruitful? Were my decisions the best ones or should I have thought more about the results of my actions? Well…..yes, of course. If I had thought more I may be better off….but then also if a person thinks too much we may never get anywhere. Hence the dilemma that I usually find myself in. Thinking ahead is a good practice and I usually do but to the degree which stops me cold and causes me not to do anything useful… procrastination sets in and another one (day) bites the dust.


So I have to take stock of a life lived the best way I can, I can’t look back, those days are gone, but ahead to what will someday be that completion of the quilt…these patchwork days that are what makes me… Me. My quilt may not be the best but it is mine and if I learned anything from my granny it is to keep on sewing!

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