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Friends who knew you when……

It is a very odd feeling when you find a person from your past, one that you shared so much with. To find a friend from a far off is a double blessing, they knew you when. Lately I have been blessed with this occurrence and even though there is fear that it will end with a bit of a let down, the attempt is very “worth it!” For me it was a good thing…no let down…whew!

One of may BFF’s from my high school/college years has moved very close to me now. I had not set eyes on her since her marriage day! I was one of her maids in a row, so to speak, and it was a happy day although bittersweet.  I lost my friend. Our time was one of high school and college  sororities and fraternities, Friday night dances at the Agricultural Center and the best cover bands ever. It actually seemed like they were the real Earth, Wind and Fire! All the football jocks on the front lines dancing in unison, couples pictures for which most of us have saved….a real testimony to a calmer time. The thought of acting the fool never really occurred to us. (ok well, maybe some did, but is wasn’t the rule!)

For a time I even lived with her and her Mom at their home, a home for which at that time was a HUGE HOUSE! But now, oddly enough, it’s not so big…going back is always weird that way. During our sophomore year at Middle TN State University in Murfreesboro, TN we took a spur of the moment road trip at spring break to Daytona Beach, Florida. Three girls in a lite blue VW Bug taking off listening to Paul McCartney and Wings …..Silly Love Songs about a zillion times and even Barry Manilow! He was big back then..it was the ’70’s!

WE HAD A BLAST! I was pretty much a home body girl. I had never ventured out, my Mom tended to not allow this kind of running off! I convinced her this time…somehow….probably because they were girls she knew and trusted….fatal parent flaw! Actually it was pretty okay…we were good girls…besides the fact for …..which I had forgotten the details until I had asked my friend….a few of our hometown friends (boys) went also and had nowhere to stay and after they spent the first nite sleeping in their car…begged to share our room!! Oh my!

It worked out well…they slept all day and left and never came back at night and we went to the beach all day and slept at nite…wonder what those boys were up to? hmmm? Oh well, best I not know! I shudder to think of what I would have done if my kids had done all that…..well let me correct that…I am not that naive…I shudder to think of them telling me of all their escapades!!

That is for another day! Please spare me any details!

Ahhhh youth….Fun to remember it all since we usually only remember the fun parts….we survived and got home safe..all that counts. The best part of our reacquainting of our friendship is we are still good! It was as if we had been talking all these long thirty plus years….ugh can that be? Can it be that long?……yes it is and she is as sweet and kind as she ever was, I felt the same comfort with her as I did back then and that is the joy of being known as I was known. She knows all my past.

She is like my sisters, she calls me a nickname, one that I do not let anyone else call me!! I can’t stand it from other people…sounds so stupid….but my sisters and her and really any of those old friends..they are the only ones allowed, they are the only ones that knew me then….gangly, backward and immature for my age. I tried to hide it but I was scared to death…growing up was frightful and if I was gonna survive I had to do it.

Durime and kim 1ng our college years we were little sisters in different faternities…we both were snobby of the sororities.me and kim ole' south..we weren’t stupid either….why hang out with a bunch of girls when you could be treated like a doll with all the guys? We had two of the houses covered, a team on the look out for that special someone. I still was just an Ordinary Girl but I had some good friends that got me through it all. Sometimes the looking back in remembrance is a good thing and re visiting friends who knew you when…..when life was just plain old fun.

I love you my dearest friend…and any of you who made me the person I am today…thanks for hanging with me…I loved every minute!

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…dear Lindsay Lohan

I am sitting once again, waiting to feel better and re-watching The Parent Trap, the remake of the old one with Haley Mills. It was one of my favorite Disney movies as a kid and I never would’ve thought it could be remade it so well. But they did!

Lindsay Lohan is precious and funny and perfectly suited for this role. I can remember going to the movies with my then 11-year-old only daughter, the same age as the girl in the movie, and we both laughed and loved it and fell in love with LL. She was spunky and precocious and cute as a bugs ear — just like my own little girl. I had thought then that this girl would do so well in the world of acting. She was a natural and went on to be involved in a few more remakes, i.e.Freaky Friday and Herbie the Love Bug. Once again new classics!

I seem to watch The Parent Trap ever time it’s on, well at least when I am down sick because first it is still cute and funny but mostly because LL is so sweet and I feel a weird sense of attachment to her. Even in “Mean Girls” she was good and we all can relate to that world. I know she has good sense, I can tell. I just wish she had the support to live it!

Not knowing the whole story of her life, only tabloid fodder and the more current news reports but I guess it wouldn’t be wrong to assume she has gone down a wrong path. I can only wonder why? Who’s to blame — Hollywood or her parents, the school system, global warming, or was it too much too young? Maybe all of the above. At any rate, it is such a sad testimony of a young girls life and those who have been a part of it.

Being the mother of four as well as a Sunday school and children’s worker in a church, I know all too well the trials and pitfalls of raising kids. Everything can go perfect — all the stages of life were fun and full of understanding and compassion and love and yet there be problems. The Lord knows my mistakes are many so when I say how it saddens me that LL had been someone who seems to not get a grip on her life, I am not pointing a finger. I say this out of pure compassion for her.

I know how hard it is to live above your press, and even though she will never read this I would love to tell her — get back to that scraggly, scruffy girl. Color your hair back to its normal beautiful color. Stop collagen treatments in your lips. Stay sober and clean. Choose life! You are a really neat person and a good little actress. You are someone who could use your past to help you be an awesome actress. Show everyone up. Be the person God made you to be. Get your voice back and stand above your raising and your parents troubles and be YOU! This is what I say to my daughter and it goes for you too. You are worth far more than rubies. Stand strong, you are loved!

P.S……….This is after the airing of your portrayal of our beloved Elizabeth Taylor….I loved it! Although you were panned by the critics, don’t you listen to them…..Please dear young woman…rise above them all!

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