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War of Aggression

After spending the last week watching our country go up in flames, the bigger cities like war zones, even my own home town hit with painful sights of push and pull, my heart is heavy and my mind is boggled. Have we not learned any lessons from the past? Apparently not! These are troubled times, for great reason. But these outward bouts of aggression are reminiscent of life in the 1960’s, and even farther back to the years of The Civil War, the 1860’s. I was here for the 1960’s, a little child, just like my dear granddaughter, asking “why?” Why can’t the grownups get along? Why are they mean to each other? Why are they beating those men? I remember watching it all on the big box television (black and white, of course) still wondering the same thing as I do now.. why?

I tend to wonder the same thing about the Civil War… How did they (us and them) bear arms against each other? Just walk across a state line and there was a bad guy…why? This was a massive world of hurt, for our own people, not from the outside, but us against us! Why? Of course, there are too many answers to give and I’m no scholar. But I do know what I do know – it’s Sin. Wrong is wrong, and weather you are a believer in God or not, you still know when it’s wrong. For any man/women/child to own another man/women/child is wrong, unjustified and breaks the heart of God. Any man/women/child who assumes they are better than any other man/women/child is wrong, unjustified and breaks the heart of God.

I was not raised that way, and I’m as “southern” as “southern” can get. But my parents were not evil, gave respect to their fellow man and never once impressed on me to live any different. I thank God for them and their legacy. I read about and even see documentaries, as well as major motion pictures about the Civil War, and it’s hard to watch. But it adds to my education and understanding of how people were pulled into this war of aggression. The definition: “A war of aggression, sometimes also war of conquest, is a military conflict waged without the justification of self-defense, usually for territorial gain and subjugation. UGH! Also… as a breach of the law of armed conflict, violates the right to life of every person it kills…” Violates the “right to life”…. we are killing our own. That’s what happened way back then for territorial gain (slaves, as well as land) and to subjugate the very lives of people who are born to live free. In the 1960’s Martin Luther King marched (not killed or stole/burned businesses) in the name of equal rights, because we/us never learned a lesson! People still thought it was ok to oppress others, different races, as well as women. We were all in the same boat. Fast forward to now, with all our so-called smarts, we are still killing each other. And it is still sin. I’m sure there have been times in my life that I have judged or not given respect when I should have. That is also sin! Who am I to point a finger in judgment? But I have grown enough to know when it’s wrong.

Sadly, much of this hurt has been on the reasoning of financial gain or power. God help us all. These wars of aggression are happening all over the world, and countries are divided – north/south or east/west – because of such wars. But in our country, supposedly here to have freedom from British Rule, we did not learn or do much better. When are we gonna get a clue? This is a heart disease that runs rampant. And that’s the issue! It is a hate issue, hate in the heart that builds up and gives us the “justification” to hurt others. Some have even done this in the name of God(God forbid!). And yet, it is Sin. To see people with (I hope) hearts that call for change marching and protesting how people are being treated is our right in this country. But the retaliation of those who only want to steal kill and destroy (demonic) while our police are told to let it happen… well it’s just blasphemy in the face of God and all who’ve stood for justice and have died as martyrs.

Our country is being manipulated before our eyes. But there will come a day when we will see those who stir the pot get their due reward. Being from the south is not a terrible lot in life. It is a way of life that has so much good. There are hardships along the way of course, but it is our history. The beautiful way of life here is not all bad, just like the other areas of the country and their unique histories. I detest the terrible parts of our past history, but I’ve raised my children to love everyone, and to know they are not above any other human being. Hopefully, with wisdom, they will grow to understand from whence they came, and to be people who make the future better for us all.

It is not over, and won’t be, until all people are free and live accordingly with one another, arm-in-arm, willing to love and not judge. The heartbreak is that while man hungers for power, control and financial gain, we may not see this kind of world anytime soon. But, I have a HOPE! And that hope is in the GOD in heaven who knows exactly what is going on. The “god” of this world, Satan, knows its about to be over for him, so he is ramping up his tactics. Good luck old boy….your days are numbered, and this war of aggression that you choose to flourish your hate will be no more.

I would like to say that I hope the world gets it, realizes why we are here, and its not for this kind of life… But patterns prove that people choose their lot in life. They choose to be the master of their own destiny. They choose to take lives, and carelessly throw them about as if nothing. He has given us choice, that’s for sure, and we are left wanting, never enough…..just like a little child who continues to want more, without boundaries or limits. Woe be to We the people!


Cover of "Braveheart (Sapphire Series) [B...
Cover of Braveheart (Sapphire Series) [Blu-ray]
As I was relaxing here at home on this Wednesday evening, an odd time for me to be home because usually I would be at church but on this day there was a water pipe break at our church and we were unable to attend, gotta love weather!…………….so I was watching the local news and there was a human interest piece on a blog which caught my eye …….

An interesting concept…..One word to focus on, one word to guide us through our day…lives.  What would be the One word to set the tone for our future, there are so many avenues to go down, so many choices of words.


It didn’t take me long, my word jumped out of my mouth for no one to hear except my faithful Buddy ….the dawg. He wasn’t particularly impressed. I think if I had said “treat” or “outside” he may have opened one eye but he barely even stirred.

FREEDOM……..that is my word and it is an all encompassing word for nearly every aspect of my life. That is my word for year_twenty fourteen. It is a good word, sturdy and strong, it will take me where I want and need to be. It is the word for the American dream, the word for Braveheart(movie), the word that is highly personal yet fully broad in its length and  breath. It is universal.

the_shawshank_redemption (Photo credit: sreeat89)

This is a good blog to read, I would encourage anyone to pick a word,  join a tribe, take back your life. We only have one option to quote a classic film, Shawshank Redemption…”get busy living or get busy dying.” Words to get you through the day..


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Taking a breath

Like most people, I live in a world of “to do” lists. Being a world class procrastinator, my list is very long and wordy…..woe is me! There is one true fact in my life and it is that ……”housework isn’t hard it is just constant”, I quote my recently bachelored cousin, a man of few words but quite wise. This is true of many mundane parts of our lives and if it were possible to skip them I would….but nope, as it is allotted every man to die and it is our fate also to “do!”

The doing of the mundane is only tolerable because of the momentary freedoms. Creating is just that. …….freedom. Writing and painting are my two vices that help me take a breath. They are my escape. The crazy part is that I even procrastinate in them. The very thing that gives me life I still avoid. I can only wonder what kind of psychology that is…..skitso-pathetic!!

It is the fourth day of the new year and I have yet to paint…I have gotten shiney new paint and brushes and canvas; I have cleaned my studio…..organized my area, yet still NO. So I suffocate here taking only gasps of air, puffing a bit from writing which gives me strength to get on with my day. This I find is another way to escape….procrastination.

Monday the sixth day of the new year I will set out to give myself life, to step back and settle in for some much needed R and R. Rejuvenate and reward myself, take the time to get alone and breathe in the familiar side of my brain that keeps me going. If only and hour or two…and by the way, why does that time fly by but waiting in traffic takes twice as long? So goes life.

This life of mine is getting way to real and this maybe the only way to muddle through. I have hope, not in myself but in the power of one greater than me. He gave me all that I have…even taking a breath!


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New girl

Today I was honored to be a witness to a miracle in the making. One that a year ago was only a pipe dream. The system works and I would have been the last one who would have been a believer.

A young girl on a road of self-destruction found her way to a life, not a new life but finally, A life. Up to this point she seemed to be traveling at the speed of sound in the wrong direction — mostly because of people who were themselves sick. Thankfully, the walls came crashing down and some amazing people came to her rescue, to help her build a bridge towards a life of freedom. A new girl she truly has become.

Congrats to those servants who heed the call to give their time and heart to all the weak in spirit. Your mercy endures and gives strength to the fallin’ ones. Thank you for all you do.


The time is NOW

The beginning of a new year is always somewhat daunting …..with that “fresh new page” feeling and at the same time it seems as if the days zip past me and before I know it half the year will be gone. Time is something that we can’t put in a bottle, as the song goes, and the slippery slope of it is that the harder you try, the more fleeting it is to capture.

It was only a few days ago ……..I was riding my bicycle around my home town(Murfreesboro, TN), at ten years old, up around the square down Main Street during the fall, with all the leaves floating around me…. Those were the days! My town was a great place to live, small but growing; beautiful and classic, a college town full of eager scrubbed young people on the verge of entering the Vietnam War. Sadly many went, some kicking and screaming because of the draft, but some chose to go. For some it was a choice of freedom, a way to get away and save themselves.

As crazy as that sounds many kids didn’t grow up in the television show homes…Father didn’t always know best… and leaving was the only way to rise above their raisin’! I can remember those days and it was a time when the whole country was scared and the sadness that we all had come through after the two big wars and loss of presidents and leaders and then we find the world in the ’60’s for heavens sake….that was an example of something’s gotta give….that top was spinning and had to get free and it sure did… Bumping and sliding all over the place, it’s no wonder sometimes the choice was made to run away from the “safety” of home.

How safe was it….we parents are to be responsible citizens of the world yet our own parents dumped their hard raising on us and like a top sent us bouncing off the chart, escaping to anywhere but here. The tragedy of it all is that these lives lost either thru death in the physical sense or emotionally, are lost in time. If only to get those precious years back! But without that possibility, I find myself looking forward with an eagerness to stop wasting time.

Geez….I have been so guilty and I am impatiently waiting for my next post…the option for a new job seems slim, frustration overcomes me daily so I lean on the Lord and remember that HE orders my steps. I do hope he gives me the time to do all that he wants me to do and maybe and this is a huge maybe….I will be able to ride a bike down Main Street one more time during the fall to remember a better time, or at least a time before reality was way to real! There is always hope, at least that our children will get it right, they are smarter than us..of course!

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