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Five days (seems like months-has to be like dog years!)into a war against carbs, the transition of the intake of food without carbs is still going…..slow but sure wins the race. I am determined to succeed; determined, deliberate, dedicated and a little bit delirious!…..my mind is struggling with the depletion of sandwiches and crackers as well as peppermint patties. Time to get out of my head! Freedom!!


As usual, it’s going to be a mind game, that is where the battle is won, a fact that I know..already…since I have a long laundry list of battles fought up there between my ears. It’s no wonder I struggle so much, who knew all that book learningwould come in handy in the grown up years. Ahhh that’s what those teachers were telling me way back when!


Who knew that critical thinking, discipline and self control were skills that I should have paid attention to. Not to say I haven’t used these skills in my life because of course I have. I have always been a goal oriented person. See where I need to be and Set out for it. I do work best under pressure. The best way to have a really clean house..? Invite company!! I wish I was still a diligent cleaner…daily, when my kids were younger I was more disciplined…I had to be or there would be hoarders episodes! BUT NOW, my pokey puppy gene has more influence than it should these days maybe because of all those carbs, ugh!, my bad.


OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada)
OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am under the gun this time, I am running out of time, age has crept upon me and I feel an urgency to get this right this time. Like a lightbulb—that Ah Hah! Moment Oprah!…….It is that moment when a person see’s the real self, the scary true Hollywood story episode that starts out sweet and happy but takes a painful turn…..the…….and look at what happened next!! Part of the episode.That is the panic, that is the stark revelation, time to take my life back.


I am in a war with myself not food or carbs or my doctor who only advices me to change, not a pill or quick fix, just good old fashioned get off my behind and take charge of myself. I dropped the ball and got inside my head and just quit. So frustrating when it comes down to ME…sure would be nice to blame someone else. I may blame the government..hmm.


This can be done, I have hope and even more I know I have to succeed. My life depends on it. It is crazy how much time is but burned thinking about food and I know why….thinking on things that are not good….. “finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8


Organic Gala Apples
Organic Gala Apples (Photo credit: Farmanac)


So, as I write, eating a Gala Apple, I commit to forge ahead, thinking about how great it will be to have energy and not think about how sad  salsa is without chips……it’s a sickness!


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Maybe I am not a leper after all?

There are times in my life there are no good explanations that can be given….and these have been some of those times. It has felt as if the whole universe is ganging up against me…not in every area but just one. Not that I want it to be spread around to all the other areas of my life…please Lord I am not actually complaining! Just stating the facts the way they appear to me!…It is all about me isn’t it? (she laughs!)

In my eagerness to start a new adventure a couple of months ago, I never considered defeat….not that it never crossed my mind but I knew this was one thing I could do….me, the one who still hasn’t gotten a “real job” finally came into the job of my dreams….painting for a living…on canvas not walls! Ahhhh, at last, they will come from far and wide just to have a couple of hours listening to my one liners and learning to mix colors and paint a simple yet AWESOME painting on canvas…(not walls, remember!)

BUT…never did I think about NO ONE WOULD SHOW UP!! WHAT? NO WAY….NO ONE! REALLY…….(all caps explains the loudness of my typing…by the way!) If I remember right…“if you build it they will come!” At least that is what everyone tells you. Liars…liars all of them!!! Apparently it takes more than that….UGH!!!!

Tonight though…I had a break through!! Finally, out of the blue I had some students for a painting class I teach!! Hallelujah!!!  Maybe I am not a leper after all!!!? Class went great and it was a lot of fun and I believe the students had a good time too! It is actually very stress relieving and a calm place to just paint. I am thankful for this opportunity and I hope and pray that this will be the beginning of my dream job!

In a truth my actual dream job would be to have a studio in a garage apartment at my home with a cute little shingle with a picture of a palette on it, hung outside which townspeople would wander into and look at my work, buy a thing or two and tell their friends about. A unique little studio/shoppe where other artsy folks would come by and visit and eventually I would be found by that Travel channel lady, Samantha Brown,  who visits cities and tries the local fare…restaurants, bars and cute little out of the way shoppes.

Then OPRAH will catch that episode while relaxing at her beach house one day and next time she visits her father in Nashville she will take a drive to search out that quaint studio that the lovely artist has in her above the garage hideaway. She also loves all the artsy”vi nets” with old ladder back chairs and the old wooden windows  she has painted on…unique and lovely. Along with the gorgeous flowers the Artists sister brings to liven up the joint. As she chats with the Artist about art and life and various pondering s she will notice the business card and drop it into her pocket only to find it in a few weeks and see the blog address of the Artist for which she reads with great joy…the everyday musings of this eccentric and surprisingly youthful woman. Take that Freshly Pressed…who needs ya…..I got OPRAH!!

When asked to move to Chicago to star in her new television show on the.. OWN Network( of course!) about all things artsy, the Artist humbly declines, not that it wouldn’t be fun or a real kick in the pants to be  asked, the Artist could never compromise for her Art! This is my home….I must stay here. Besides…it is really cold in Chicago! And how could I ever leave my dream job? A gal can dream though!!!

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