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Forever and a day

I have never bragged that I am a patient person, if anything I am bold to say I have NO PATIENCE AT ALL! This is not an exercise in self deprecation, just the cold hard facts …ma’am ……! Since I have never in my whole life (obviously) never…ever attempted to “diet”, this is turning out to be a tiresome exercise in patience.

I have been successful, still losing pounds and inches, but good grief it is a slow process. So, I am thankfull that now nearly two weeks away from ninety days on this journey, I haven’t thrown in the towel, even though I have had a few cheats! (darn you Peppermint Patties!) My dilemma is that I fear I don’t eat enough, as ridiculous as that sounds even to say…I read that your body will shut down and freeze up and not allow any more weight to be lost….wow, really! How do “they” know that? That would be my luck.

I reduce my intake to a ridiculous amount because take out all things white…bread and sugar, there goes all the fun stuff! and I don’t get hungry as much, but then I go without food then WHAM! I am starving all at once, but then I do eat the correct things, so then I am not really hungry for a while. I should be skinny as a rail by now but NOOOOO.not me, still waddling around. So goes my displeasure with the time it takes to move down the scale…FOREVER AND A DAY!…..and don’t even get me started on the fun facts about Menopause. Lord help me!! I am tired of being the chunky slow turtle…I wanna be the fast Jack rabbit!

When did all this happen? How can this be?…..why didn’t I listen to my elders..…they warned me, I ignored them as usual. Stinks to be me today. I know the truth….I am a pathetic whinner……yes I admit it. That’s the first step…but I admit it a lot so time to move on to the next step….I blame no one, I could blame my mamma, but I fear she would have a moment of clarity during her bout with Alzheimer’s and smack me upside my head, Marie would jerk a knot in me for sure! Well probably not, she never hit me once….which could be my problem…hey it may be her fault after all! Hee hee!

Someday I hope to not rant so much, who am I kidding…..I will always rant, it’s my shtick! So I will keep plugging away at this no/low carb way of eating….I need a big five pounds at one time drop in weight, so Lord if you could help a sista out it would be so cool….OR…… you could keep on saving souls, healing the world and all the important stuff. Just ignore the selfish ramblings of this old menopause laden, weight loss losing, trying to find myself again, tired of not sleeping at night, hot flashin’ (not in a good way) driving her husband crazy, wishing I could crawl in a hole and scream……..ooops.…..God praising, spirit led, Jesus loving…...bah humbug….mother of four, and one scruffy dawg, not wanting to clean the house……...oops.….faithful wife and servant of God….AND……apparently NOW BI-Polar (ugh, haha just kidding) whine, whine all the day long…WOMAN…..HEAR ME ROAR!

So goes my day…..good news/bad news is ……..I will survive, only to whine another day….forever and a day, yes! ME!


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Five days (seems like months-has to be like dog years!)into a war against carbs, the transition of the intake of food without carbs is still going…..slow but sure wins the race. I am determined to succeed; determined, deliberate, dedicated and a little bit delirious!…..my mind is struggling with the depletion of sandwiches and crackers as well as peppermint patties. Time to get out of my head! Freedom!!


As usual, it’s going to be a mind game, that is where the battle is won, a fact that I know..already…since I have a long laundry list of battles fought up there between my ears. It’s no wonder I struggle so much, who knew all that book learningwould come in handy in the grown up years. Ahhh that’s what those teachers were telling me way back when!


Who knew that critical thinking, discipline and self control were skills that I should have paid attention to. Not to say I haven’t used these skills in my life because of course I have. I have always been a goal oriented person. See where I need to be and Set out for it. I do work best under pressure. The best way to have a really clean house..? Invite company!! I wish I was still a diligent cleaner…daily, when my kids were younger I was more disciplined…I had to be or there would be hoarders episodes! BUT NOW, my pokey puppy gene has more influence than it should these days maybe because of all those carbs, ugh!, my bad.


OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada)
OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am under the gun this time, I am running out of time, age has crept upon me and I feel an urgency to get this right this time. Like a lightbulb—that Ah Hah! Moment Oprah!…….It is that moment when a person see’s the real self, the scary true Hollywood story episode that starts out sweet and happy but takes a painful turn…..the…….and look at what happened next!! Part of the episode.That is the panic, that is the stark revelation, time to take my life back.


I am in a war with myself not food or carbs or my doctor who only advices me to change, not a pill or quick fix, just good old fashioned get off my behind and take charge of myself. I dropped the ball and got inside my head and just quit. So frustrating when it comes down to ME…sure would be nice to blame someone else. I may blame the government..hmm.


This can be done, I have hope and even more I know I have to succeed. My life depends on it. It is crazy how much time is but burned thinking about food and I know why….thinking on things that are not good….. “finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” Philippians 4:8


Organic Gala Apples
Organic Gala Apples (Photo credit: Farmanac)


So, as I write, eating a Gala Apple, I commit to forge ahead, thinking about how great it will be to have energy and not think about how sad  salsa is without chips……it’s a sickness!


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White Don’t Bite….!

It is with a heavy heart I must say so long to an old friend. It doesn’t come as a surprise…I have known for a long time it would happen. The signs have all been there, I have had the warning and many people, friends and family have attempted to help me understand. HECK even the presidents wife, Michelle Obama has warned me in conjunction to my doctor…if it s White Don’t Bite! These words hang heavyobama in the air….I know, I know!

breadGood bye warm bread…with butter, good bye hard rolls, good bye crusty French bread….good bye sliced Bunny brand white bread (tear), Goodbye biscuits, goodbye chicken and dumplings(for which I just learned how to make…more tears), goodbye pasta……mashed potatoes and oh my Lord…crackers! I have to say goodbye to all these beautiful perfect CARBOHYDRATES. I HAVE TO EAT PROPERLY…….I HAVE TO DO AT LEAST A BIT IF EXERCISE, FIFTEEN/THIRTY MINUTES A FEW TIMES A WEEK!pasta

Nothing like a trip to the doctor to see the tell tell signs of a life spent lazy and apparently trying to kill itself. Knowing about my high blood pressure should have been enough, but nope, I have just lived in my special world of it won’t happen to me. Now my heart rate is low and  I have to add a new pill and rethink my lifestyle.

As I sat waiting for my prescription the thoughts of having a stroke weighed on my shoulders, not that I want to die, I look forward to heaven…someday, not yet; I guess it’s the thought of being stuck in bed at the mercy of everyone else, wouldn’t I feel stupid knowing I could have prevented it. What an idiot I would know I was and probably the most selfish action of my life.peppermint patty

As I write this, I am not one bit hungry…I made a carb free supper and ate plenty… but I need a peppermint patty……..ugh! Lord help me! I will do it and I will become healthy and stop being ashamed of myself! I have plenty of examples of overcoming overcomers and I will do it too!

I believe…help my unbelief!

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My diet GURU

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Milestones-three hundred and sixty five more chances

tech-trends-2014Here we are again, the dawn of a new year….leaving behind the ups and downs of the last year…looking forward to what’s next. I adore the opportunity for new possibilities, doors to be opened or roads to travel. Each one brings hope, some of them may be not so great but there is always that moment of question…anticipation…the unknown.

Like most Americans, I must acknowledge (..or at least act like I should!)….the need for a better diet as well as an exercise program which for me is…..just parking my car further away from the door; the hope for financial security and good health and my family to prosper. We all have in our minds, resolutions ….that we hold dear, hoping against hope that we make it past January without failure.

These resolutions or “goals” are many and the start of a new year jump-start us in the right direction. God bless our hearts for the effort! I have said for the past six years, in my heart, that I do not want to be in the same shape (in all areas) this time next year and I think this next year may be the winner. I have a hope that is beyond me. Beyond my brain and into my soul, my heart…..hope.

My anticipation is starting…what will it be first? Will it be the loss of five or fifty (it could happen!) Pounds? Will it be a true love for one of my four kids?(oops! Excluding my seventeen year old!)…Will it be the welcoming of many new souls born into to kingdom of God…I hope so!

Whatever “IT” is…..I look forward to the challenge. We got this ….we spunky Americans are stubborn and bold and will not stop till we get what we want. Yes, Hillary Clinton….it does take a village and we will always stand together against anyone who tries to push us around. Our individual families as well as our towns and country will always overcome.

Today I conquered a challenge, silly as it may sound, but I have for the first time ever….wait for it…….made/cooked  dumplings, chicken and dumplings actually. My sister did it first on Christmas day, they were de-lish! I know the secret now ……..so I tried it. It is ALL ABOUT THE BROTH!! This has been my probably twentieth try…..finally successful!

This southern girl needed to do this one….my mom was the pro at them, but sadly she will make no more of them, my granny who taught my mom was a ….card-carrying member of the southern woman’s chicken and dumplings cooking team. It could be an Olympic sport. SHE WAS A MASTER!

I now am proud to say I have done it…EUREAKA!!!!! Superbly I might add and I will brag about it……a Milestone-three hundred and sixty five more chances to do something great…..welcome new year!

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