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My kingdom for a cracker!

It has been twenty four hours…..only twenty four hours, since my death sentence or should I say, fear of death sentence and gee I am pathetic…..YES, I WOULD TURN STATES EVIDENCE FOR A CRACKER!
If only I had any evidence of anything, what a time to be without “the goods” on anyone.


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I am trying to decide if this headache is a no carb headache, I drink caffeine filled unsweetened tea, I have conquered that battle long ago. Being a southern girl I have gone against my raising…but, it wasn’t so bad and NO “co_colas” (the real name in case there is any question) for a long while also! I think I just have a headache…and I am hungry..again!


It feels as if I am eating all the time….but I am not, although I am feeling my hunger zone(Gwen Shamblin would be so proud) and I think that my body is weak and sad or maybe I am just hearing the yelps that couldn’t get through the barrier of starches built up; a forcefield of flour that sticks like baby powder all over the bathroom.


This may become the most ridiculous post if I don’t stop……but everything within me struggles with the introduction of meat and cheese and a lot of it….well more than usual for me and the lack of crackers/bread etc. filling me up is weird. But I will forge ahead, dragging my headache head along, looking forward to FREEDOM!


In case I do get any “goods” on anyone…someone have the white bread at the ready!


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White Don’t Bite….!

It is with a heavy heart I must say so long to an old friend. It doesn’t come as a surprise…I have known for a long time it would happen. The signs have all been there, I have had the warning and many people, friends and family have attempted to help me understand. HECK even the presidents wife, Michelle Obama has warned me in conjunction to my doctor…if it s White Don’t Bite! These words hang heavyobama in the air….I know, I know!

breadGood bye warm bread…with butter, good bye hard rolls, good bye crusty French bread….good bye sliced Bunny brand white bread (tear), Goodbye biscuits, goodbye chicken and dumplings(for which I just learned how to make…more tears), goodbye pasta……mashed potatoes and oh my Lord…crackers! I have to say goodbye to all these beautiful perfect CARBOHYDRATES. I HAVE TO EAT PROPERLY…….I HAVE TO DO AT LEAST A BIT IF EXERCISE, FIFTEEN/THIRTY MINUTES A FEW TIMES A WEEK!pasta

Nothing like a trip to the doctor to see the tell tell signs of a life spent lazy and apparently trying to kill itself. Knowing about my high blood pressure should have been enough, but nope, I have just lived in my special world of it won’t happen to me. Now my heart rate is low and  I have to add a new pill and rethink my lifestyle.

As I sat waiting for my prescription the thoughts of having a stroke weighed on my shoulders, not that I want to die, I look forward to heaven…someday, not yet; I guess it’s the thought of being stuck in bed at the mercy of everyone else, wouldn’t I feel stupid knowing I could have prevented it. What an idiot I would know I was and probably the most selfish action of my life.peppermint patty

As I write this, I am not one bit hungry…I made a carb free supper and ate plenty… but I need a peppermint patty……..ugh! Lord help me! I will do it and I will become healthy and stop being ashamed of myself! I have plenty of examples of overcoming overcomers and I will do it too!

I believe…help my unbelief!

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