My diet GURU


I must take the time to applaud a friend of mine….she is a beautiful woman who took charge of her life a year ago in 2013…..and has already dropped one-hundred pounds!
After many friends begging her for her “secrets” she has compiled her story …..”CARB FREE-LIKE ME”on FACEBOOK so here is t h e link——–</a

Of course, to my dismay, it will take some discipline and hard work for which I find just ugly and painful…but thats just me! I have overcome my addiction from sweet tea and Coca-Cola (we southern girls like our sweet drinks!) But the doing without white bread may just kill me.

She is a precious woman who has worked very hard and just give her a look because her lessons she has learned will help us all. I have now chosen her for my very own diet GURU. I am not sure if she is willing but I sure do hope so be cause I need the help. SOON I hope I can show my before and after without shame or embarrassment.

So long carbs…..


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