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I would say this is the last of them…but I know ME!!!!ImageDSCN0687


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NO run of the mill!

What is it about change that drives us crazy? Is it actually the changing part or the not knowing part? I say I would have to pick the not knowing part. Change is always good and without it life would be so boring. The days ahead can be so fun and crazy and frightening; enlightening as well as mysterious. As long as they are never run of the mill!

Many times I am the first one to whine about change….as if I am the only one in the world who is uncomfortable….well, it is all about ME right!(no one answer that!)There has been a change lately that I have not complained about one time…to GOD or anyone else. When I gave up the fight and stopped being mad my life changed for the better. Funny because I knew better! Especially dramatic is when the change pops up when you least expect it without any warning….as if a meteorite just slams you smack in the head. WOW that left a mark!

I consider myself fairly self aware…so much so I tend to actually care what people think of me. A painful way to live but it is the way it is. Hopefully it makes me a person who is not rude and has her filter on. I would rather be that way than blowing up all over the place. But, sometimes I have allowed that little bit of hurt to grow and eventually I end up with a whole field full of a bumper crop of mad. When change happens it is always new (hence the definition of the word!) and new is what I think is so great about it…..I like new.

The not knowing what is coming down the pike is the hard part but,it does makes for a lively life. Even with all that, it is better to change than stay stagnate like a pond. The ponds are usually a creepy shade of green and it makes it hard for life to swim through it. I never want to be that creepy shade of green so when life changes…I want to say bring it on, Lord.

Beats the tar outta run of the mill!

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