This is not a post about hosiery or racing silks or even an Ariel performance, but something equally as interesting, at least to this preacherswife! Today I had the joy of shucking corn and cleaning all the bazillions of corn silk that clings to the cob. While working with the corn and cringing every time I grabbed the top to pull because I know that eventually there will be a big green squishy fat worm just waiting for me to touch it. Today was no different there it was about a dozen in… lurking, squirming…UGH! I touched it! Of course I got rid of it In the trash bag like quick yet keeping my eye peeled if it decided to crawl back out. While at the same time waiting for more…but I only saw babies on a few rotten ends that I quickly cut off!

Sitting there in the still of the afternoon little by little working on this three dozen ear, it is a mindful time, peaceful of sorts, time to reflect… time to remember those hot days at my Granny Maxwell’s house all of five or six years old pulling silks.. too squeamish to dare touch the worms, silking was my job.. daydreaming on how it looked so much like hair, princess hair, golden and shiny. I guess I was “tending” as my favorite granddaughter calls it.. she “tends” when she is pretending, a almost four year old does a lot of “tending” in her day, just like I did back then. Nothing changes and kids are kids and it is a gift from the Lord when you live long enough to remember the sweet days, those times when you don’t have a care in the world. Shucking and silking corn makes way for memories; taking stock of life and slowing down enough to realize its these days that bring joy.

Joy is a by product of a pure heart, my sweet little helper has a pure heart but has to be guided in the ways of the Lord as well as her Momma! For her to bend towards the good takes some pain, just like the struggle to remove all those silks from the corn. Correction is grueling but when it’s learned it brings great joy and when I weed thru the nasty worms and husks and all those silks the sweetness of that corn this winter will bring joy to our family.

Fresh is always best unless it’s from a sassy little girl… the time will pass and I will miss all her “help”….I will drink it in now though and hope she knows how much fun she is even with her sassy mouth. She makes me smile because I’m secretly proud of her. I hope she’s strong and independent and knows her mind, she already has the corn silk princess hair!

FYI– 2.5 dozen ears of corn = 6.5 quarts of corn!

….already June!

Has anyone besides me realized that as of today we are at the end of June, we are halfway on the way until Christmas! How is this possible…it was just Christmas!Maybe its because the winter drags so long, all those days without the warmth of the sun, unlike today, the sun is so bright and thick hanging in the air its hard to take a breath. The God-awful heat just jumps out at us with no buildup, freezing cold then one day… BOOM! This is a day in the life in the South. We southerners are well versed in all the humid, sticky, did I say humid…days of summer. We can literally cut it with a butter knife, the air here. Yet we endure. I’m pretty sure we invented fans for which I am assuming started in the old southern churches without air conditioning. When one makes the choice to spend two hours in dress clothes in a “hot box” with Jesus then there must be a way to stir up a breeze and a fan with a gentle savior painting on one side and the local funeral home add on the other. I find that comical as if its just a reminder ….”you think its hot here?”

There is nothing like the South and I am a direct product for which I wear as a badge of honor. Growing up on a farm will do that to you, endless days of fields of Hay and garden vegetables and June bugs and blackberry vines; running barefoot in the creek, climbing the sycamore tree and catchin’ lightnin’ bugs. Summers were very long then and winter was even longer. That is also childhood and until the day reality shows up and the clock starts and time ticks away faster and faster, it is Nirvana. I found sanctuary in those memories of back then, I will forever be mindful of how short life really is.

I think that the reason I love to drive through the Amish Countryside here near where I live, it is so calming to me. There are fields and fields of green grasses and hay and corn. I had to get past my fear of the “Children of the Corn” Movie, and I promise I go early in the morning, that’s when you find the best vegetables but also there is no way I would be there at night, nope never! You might say I am easily influenced and if there ever is a zombie apocalypse I’m pretty sure they will come from those corn fields! Every day I think about how sad I will be when the fresh cucumbers run out and the last of the tomatoes, yes I am already dreading it. It will be here before I know it, summer will be over and the winter will come. It will be Christmas again.

Time is so slow but always in a hurry, the book of Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time for everything, everything is about GODS TIMING. That is the only way to understand it, and I believe that is why time goes so fast, it is short and we only have a small snippet of it to make a difference. Whatever our faith tells us to do, how to treat people, love them…leave them; help them. It seems that the time here in this world is closing in, that the Lord is about over all the ridiculous atrocities of the knuckleheads here (or is that me tired of it?) anyway thankfully God is longsuffering but, there will be a day…..when its finished and we will all see what all the fuss is about. Of course I believe, I will be with the Lord, if I am alive when He returns, if not I get to meet everyone there either way. I hope we all will be kept safe in Him.


There is time to make sure….but the time is short. Marana tha!

Best video ever!

Everyday Life

Everyday life should not be a mystery yet it is. Like how is it that if you forget to restock things like shampoo or TP or any other mundane necessities, the amount used is in direct proportion to fact you do not have a reserve; yet when you do stock up as if there will be a huge snow, that bottle of shampoo just drags on and seemingly never runs dry! How do we use so many paper towels and why is there so much trash!It is a mystery and because I tend to fall in the range of not being prepared there are times it consumes my thoughts. Why don’t I stock up? Too cheap.. too lazy…don’t care? Ding ding ding!

It’s the ridiculous little oddities that keeps me annoyed with everyday life and I believe this is why we are usually bored often with the monotonous tasks of life. This feeds the need to do something new.. (not housework)…stay busy and not have everyday be the same. It really is a drag when you do all you can do and still fall short, who’s the judge… ourselves, the harshest critique of all….Yes and it’s just time to stop.

If I can at least keep disease and pestilence away from the bathrooms I consider that a solid score, the time spent cleaning is really short but it feels like two hours of hard time! Remembering to make a list before shopping resembles a term paper and emptying the trash equates hauling rocks. I’m just not there anymore… I just don’t care…life is short and it will be there when I get back. This I have proven. If I could only not think about it, obsess and contemplate what I should be concerned with. Everyday life can be fun if we let go of the stuff ( I actually am considering becoming a minimalist ( of course that takes me cleaning out stuff.. hmm, I’ll need to ponder that!)) there is very little I really need to live. Only the really important stuff….

My preacherman and my paints, glossy magazines and air conditioning; good cucumbers and tomatoes and a cozy quilt. Maybe my paper and pencils and of course my Bible. Now I’m feeling the struggle to let go of stuff, I would hate to not have my computer since I’ve gotten so used to it.. and indoor plumbing of course! Maybe I should just unload non essentials… now what are those?

What’s a girl to do? Just keep on keeping on to quote the 1970’s and think on whatsoever is pure and Holy and good. I can’t change the political wars or the apathy in the church but I can pray and believe that we will be about the Fathers business and this makes everyday life worth living. I believe there is a time for everything and timing is everything! Shake off the cobwebs and be bold… be amazing for God. Be kind and Fair…. love God first and your neighbor. Just today my youngest helped a new friend with a ride home, saved that kid a long walk after a hard nite at work….he called to tell me it made him feel good to help him… all’s right in the world!

Love everyday, live everyday!


I could not be more bored..sitting at local tire store.. waiting to have new tires put on my car.. for which are too expensive; enough for a small vacation.. ugh 😑 so here I sit listening to old men folk talk, speaking in run on sentences whilst coughing and laughing and patting each other on the back. Who says we women are the talkers? It’s so interesting to listen in, they are unaware of my eavesdropping and inside jokes in my own head.

I’m not so sure why it takes so long to carry out this task.. my car has been “up there” for over an hour… really long in my opinion, my adult son can change a tire on the side of a busy interstate in a few short minutes so what’s the hold up? They don’t have huge trucks flying by and they don’t have to squat down, my car is eye level! But still they stand and gawk and talk and smile and I’m assuming deciding exactly how long they will make this old lady sit and wait.

I have already picked out a new refrigerator here in the showroom ( yes they sell appliances also, one stop shop) I have decided upon a side by side with freezer in the bottom.. I’m needing a larger refrigerator space FYI.

It has been one hour and ten minutes to be exact and the only salvation is we do have a huge TV ( for sale btw) and now I have Regis and Kelly.. strike that.. Kelly and Ryan! See I am old! Their chatter on this particular day is only irritating me even more… I need my cozy bed and the ability to drift off back to sleep to watch this program, instead I’m sitting straight up in a hard chair with the smell of tire rubber wafting in the air. It’s almost sickening now and it still doesn’t cancel out the BBQ smell still in my hair from cooking super last nite. I have such a life!

I feel like I’m writing from my bunker in the communist country of tires (and appliances!) I know this is not the worst spot I have ever been in and it will be over soon I know.. if not, somebody call the President to get me out.. and oh my they have a doorbell here that rings LOUD only to make me look every time and now my neck hurts… medic stat!!! I act as if I am the only one who has ever been stuck here, I do feel sure that I am the only one who has been this miserable. Could this be my punishment for impatience? Or for my disdain for chores? I struggle with the inability to escape ever since I had a MRI years ago, even a car wash will cause me panic, so this is just one more exercise to get through while adulting. When did I become an adult? You would think I would be used to it, considering I am old. I’m not and I won’t because in my head I am only twenty four or so… skinny and crazy in love with my blond boyfriend( for which married me and I still adore!)

Okay we are at one and a half hours into this hostage event and it looks like rain and I want to go home and I wouldn’t mind some Bacon! I forgot to eat before this event so I’m sure I will be pale and thin when I’m released! Maybe a nice GOFUNDME account could be started in my honor for my obvious PTSD situation, recovery will be slow I’m sure. Please give my best to all who give as well as send prayers for release by Christmas!

Ohhhh boy I just remember there is a Dollar General Store next door.. ok I’ll go there to wander the aisles maybe.. oops wait my vehicle has been lowered down, there is hope! I wish they would vacuum it out like the oil change place, it’s the little customer service things that make life better, but I won’t hold my breath.

Think of me kindly as I hold the fort.. it’s done!!!

The Harsh Truth of Motherhood!

via The Harsh Truth of Motherhood!

The Harsh Truth of Motherhood!

This Mothers Day I have felt inspired to share some thoughts about life in fray!
Given that I am the mother of 4 special, beautiful children…actually now grown-ups and now and Mamaw to one precocious little 3 year old, a real life princess….. I feel I have all rights and privileges to be honest…with all due respect to all of them this is The Harsh Truth of Motherhood!

Truth 1– God IS with us WE WILL not fail!……WE WILL wash your face and hands, WE WILL watch you walk all the way into the school, WE WILL check you’re your friends to just make sure…WE WILL take you to church and pray continuously for you, WE WILL make sacrifice’s for your well being (and remind you of it when you are older)and WE WILL give you the last piece of pie but mostly WE WILL always love you…every minute of every hour of every day…for the rest of your life!

Truth 2-We are a chosen generation!…Every generation of Mothers are given direction from God to protect YOU! It is our mission in life (a sickness some may say!), We are equipped and certified to not let one lock of your hair come to harm, we are all knowing and all seeing and what we don’t see we can sense danger lurking, we are more capable than the Navy Seals …we ARE the boss of you whether you like it or not! We love you NO MATTER WHAT!

Truth 3-You are His workmanship!…You are fearfully and wonderfully created, You are never a mistake or in the way; a bother or too much trouble, You are the cutest Pup in the litter and the sweetest baby girl in the world, Every temper tantrum reminds us to ask for grace and realize how God feels. We may not always like what you do or the choices you make.. but we will always love you…..unconditionally forever!


Truth 4-Jesus Saves….Jesus died of you, intercedes for you, waits for you and works all things together for your good. He will catch you when you fall even when us Moms aren’t there to catch you. No one will be more involved with the blessings of your lives than Jesus, He loves deeper and more than even us Moms, He died for you, you are important to Him….He loves you even more than we do.
As Women, we are called to a great mission, we are nurturers and caretakers and helpmates and visionaries; we were the first ones at the tomb of Jesus, He trusted us to tell the men HE WAS ALIVE!
The harsh truth of Motherhood is… we wouldn’t have it any other way!
You need us, we need You…we are here for a purpose,
God is with us…we will not fail!