Everyday Life

Everyday life should not be a mystery yet it is. Like how is it that if you forget to restock things like shampoo or TP or any other mundane necessities, the amount used is in direct proportion to fact you do not have a reserve; yet when you do stock up as if there will be a huge snow, that bottle of shampoo just drags on and seemingly never runs dry! How do we use so many paper towels and why is there so much trash!It is a mystery and because I tend to fall in the range of not being prepared there are times it consumes my thoughts. Why don’t I stock up? Too cheap.. too lazy…don’t care? Ding ding ding!

It’s the ridiculous little oddities that keeps me annoyed with everyday life and I believe this is why we are usually bored often with the monotonous tasks of life. This feeds the need to do something new.. (not housework)…stay busy and not have everyday be the same. It really is a drag when you do all you can do and still fall short, who’s the judge… ourselves, the harshest critique of all….Yes and it’s just time to stop.

If I can at least keep disease and pestilence away from the bathrooms I consider that a solid score, the time spent cleaning is really short but it feels like two hours of hard time! Remembering to make a list before shopping resembles a term paper and emptying the trash equates hauling rocks. I’m just not there anymore… I just don’t care…life is short and it will be there when I get back. This I have proven. If I could only not think about it, obsess and contemplate what I should be concerned with. Everyday life can be fun if we let go of the stuff ( I actually am considering becoming a minimalist ( of course that takes me cleaning out stuff.. hmm, I’ll need to ponder that!)) there is very little I really need to live. Only the really important stuff….

My preacherman and my paints, glossy magazines and air conditioning; good cucumbers and tomatoes and a cozy quilt. Maybe my paper and pencils and of course my Bible. Now I’m feeling the struggle to let go of stuff, I would hate to not have my computer since I’ve gotten so used to it.. and indoor plumbing of course! Maybe I should just unload non essentials… now what are those?

What’s a girl to do? Just keep on keeping on to quote the 1970’s and think on whatsoever is pure and Holy and good. I can’t change the political wars or the apathy in the church but I can pray and believe that we will be about the Fathers business and this makes everyday life worth living. I believe there is a time for everything and timing is everything! Shake off the cobwebs and be bold… be amazing for God. Be kind and Fair…. love God first and your neighbor. Just today my youngest helped a new friend with a ride home, saved that kid a long walk after a hard nite at work….he called to tell me it made him feel good to help him… all’s right in the world!

Love everyday, live everyday!


I could not be more bored..sitting at local tire store.. waiting to have new tires put on my car.. for which are too expensive; enough for a small vacation.. ugh šŸ˜‘ so here I sit listening to old men folk talk, speaking in run on sentences whilst coughing and laughing and patting each other on the back. Who says we women are the talkers? It’s so interesting to listen in, they are unaware of my eavesdropping and inside jokes in my own head.

I’m not so sure why it takes so long to carry out this task.. my car has been “up there” for over an hour… really long in my opinion, my adult son can change a tire on the side of a busy interstate in a few short minutes so what’s the hold up? They don’t have huge trucks flying by and they don’t have to squat down, my car is eye level! But still they stand and gawk and talk and smile and I’m assuming deciding exactly how long they will make this old lady sit and wait.

I have already picked out a new refrigerator here in the showroom ( yes they sell appliances also, one stop shop) I have decided upon a side by side with freezer in the bottom.. I’m needing a larger refrigerator space FYI.

It has been one hour and ten minutes to be exact and the only salvation is we do have a huge TV ( for sale btw) and now I have Regis and Kelly.. strike that.. Kelly and Ryan! See I am old! Their chatter on this particular day is only irritating me even more… I need my cozy bed and the ability to drift off back to sleep to watch this program, instead I’m sitting straight up in a hard chair with the smell of tire rubber wafting in the air. It’s almost sickening now and it still doesn’t cancel out the BBQ smell still in my hair from cooking super last nite. I have such a life!

I feel like I’m writing from my bunker in the communist country of tires (and appliances!) I know this is not the worst spot I have ever been in and it will be over soon I know.. if not, somebody call the President to get me out.. and oh my they have a doorbell here that rings LOUD only to make me look every time and now my neck hurts… medic stat!!! I act as if I am the only one who has ever been stuck here, I do feel sure that I am the only one who has been this miserable. Could this be my punishment for impatience? Or for my disdain for chores? I struggle with the inability to escape ever since I had a MRI years ago, even a car wash will cause me panic, so this is just one more exercise to get through while adulting. When did I become an adult? You would think I would be used to it, considering I am old. I’m not and I won’t because in my head I am only twenty four or so… skinny and crazy in love with my blond boyfriend( for which married me and I still adore!)

Okay we are at one and a half hours into this hostage event and it looks like rain and I want to go home and I wouldn’t mind some Bacon! I forgot to eat before this event so I’m sure I will be pale and thin when I’m released! Maybe a nice GOFUNDME account could be started in my honor for my obvious PTSD situation, recovery will be slow I’m sure. Please give my best to all who give as well as send prayers for release by Christmas!

Ohhhh boy I just remember there is a Dollar General Store next door.. ok I’ll go there to wander the aisles maybe.. oops wait my vehicle has been lowered down, there is hope! I wish they would vacuum it out like the oil change place, it’s the little customer service things that make life better, but I won’t hold my breath.

Think of me kindly as I hold the fort.. it’s done!!!

The Harsh Truth of Motherhood!

via The Harsh Truth of Motherhood!

The Harsh Truth of Motherhood!

This Mothers Day I have felt inspired to share some thoughts about life in fray!
Given that I am the mother of 4 special, beautiful childrenā€¦actually now grown-ups and now and Mamaw to one precocious little 3 year old, a real life princessā€¦.. I feel I have all rights and privileges to be honestā€¦with all due respect to all of them this is The Harsh Truth of Motherhood!

Truth 1– God IS with us WE WILL not fail!……WE WILL wash your face and hands, WE WILL watch you walk all the way into the school, WE WILL check youā€™re your friends to just make sureā€¦WE WILL take you to church and pray continuously for you, WE WILL make sacrificeā€™s for your well being (and remind you of it when you are older)and WE WILL give you the last piece of pie but mostly WE WILL always love youā€¦every minute of every hour of every dayā€¦for the rest of your life!

Truth 2-We are a chosen generation!…Every generation of Mothers are given direction from God to protect YOU! It is our mission in life (a sickness some may say!), We are equipped and certified to not let one lock of your hair come to harm, we are all knowing and all seeing and what we donā€™t see we can sense danger lurking, we are more capable than the Navy Seals ā€¦we ARE the boss of you whether you like it or not! We love you NO MATTER WHAT!

Truth 3-You are His workmanship!…You are fearfully and wonderfully created, You are never a mistake or in the way; a bother or too much trouble, You are the cutest Pup in the litter and the sweetest baby girl in the world, Every temper tantrum reminds us to ask for grace and realize how God feels. We may not always like what you do or the choices you make.. but we will always love youā€¦..unconditionally forever!


Truth 4-Jesus Savesā€¦.Jesus died of you, intercedes for you, waits for you and works all things together for your good. He will catch you when you fall even when us Moms arenā€™t there to catch you. No one will be more involved with the blessings of your lives than Jesus, He loves deeper and more than even us Moms, He died for you, you are important to Himā€¦.He loves you even more than we do.
As Women, we are called to a great mission, we are nurturers and caretakers and helpmates and visionaries; we were the first ones at the tomb of Jesus, He trusted us to tell the men HE WAS ALIVE!
The harsh truth of Motherhood isā€¦ we wouldnā€™t have it any other way!
You need us, we need Youā€¦we are here for a purpose,
God is with usā€¦we will not fail!



My Amazing Mom

Thank you!


On this Mothers Day I have one question?—What does a Mother really want?
Now, whether you are a Mother by way of birth or adoption, or the Mother who is the best Aunt or Sister who stood in the Gap for those who needed them, all are valuable to us and to God.
So what do we really want?…as Mothers and Women?
Its not the fancy gifts or special dinnersā€¦.(although donā€™t stop those, they are great so lets donā€™t go crazy here!)
But what she really wants to be is ā€¦EXTRAORDINARILY, OBVIOUSLYā€¦ā€¦. GREAT AT THIS MOTHERING THING, the real life, day-to-day-woman-to-woman truthā€¦.

She wants to be MORE!
More patient, more calm, more caringā€¦..More Christ-like!
Less hiding our tears and regrets when we just cant make sense of it all, less feeling overwhelmed and anxious that we are not measuring up.
Most of us would give our last piece of chocolateā€¦.maybe?….to be able to do it all over again, if we were to be honestā€¦Realizing that most of the drama WE caused because our ā€œprecious angelsā€ would not cooperate, was not really what was needed at the timeā€¦but in the heat of the battle it was MOMentous!

If you are a woman or know a woman, then you will agree Drama follows! ..now …Hush Men! ā€¦.its the 3year olds to the teen years that are the root of the problem!…..Lord help us all!

What we desire is more time to get it more right and less wrong.
More time to be spontaneous, to let the chores go and just playā€¦.we really just want them to remember the GOOD!
What every Mother and Woman wants is a truckload of GRACE.
Grace that buries her fears that her faith wasnā€™t enoughā€¦.to realize we are always sufficient—-because God always gives us HIS SUFFICIENT GRACE.
We donā€™t have to fear if we were enough for our childrenā€¦husbandsā€¦.parents..or even puppies!…because we all have a FATHER who is there to catch us when we fall.

–All of us are sons or daughtersā€¦We all had Mothers
And we honor GOD for the women who gave us life.

–For Mothers brave and strong, compassionate; full of wisdom and grace
We give GOD thanks for you
–For Mothers vulnerable, worried and frustratedā€¦
We encourage and pray for you
–For those who gave birth to their first child this year or their 4th
We celebrate with you
–For those who have lost one of their precious babiesā€¦
young or old ā€¦..Who have broken heartsā€¦ā€¦..
We mourn with you
–For those struggling to raise childrenā€¦ā€¦thru the snares and pressures of life
We reach out to you
–And for those who are empty nestersā€¦.we feel your lossā€¦..
but encourage You in the new life you haveā€¦.finally….peaceful, quiet, joyfulā€¦..shhhhh!..dont tell them you are having such a fun life!

–For all the women who do not have children but help the rest of us to lead and teach and Guide these wee onesā€¦ā€¦.
We thank you.
–For those Mothers who have felt the disappointment of distance and heart ache of the children who go and never look backā€¦ā€¦.we sit with you and hold your hand
–For those Moms who are step mothers…figuring it out as you go, we walk with you through these complex paths
–To those who for whatever reason, placed children up for adoption, we commend your selfless heart
And for those Mothers who adoptedā€¦..PRAISE GOD YOU WHERE THERE!

And for those of us who hold our Mothers memoriesā€¦..for Moms who will never know us again as we hold her hand and tell her goodbye and thank her for loving us…….we feel your loss.

And on this day we celebrate our Mothersā€”donā€™t forgetā€”we are daughters, sisters and women created in the image of GOD that give not just lifeā€¦but abundant life. WE are caregivers, teachers, prophetsā€¦preachersā€¦and leaders! Women who fight and struggle and pray and believe; who have HOPE and Faith and the courage to face off any demons that would attempt to overtake their familiesā€¦.
THEY ..DONā€™T ..WANT.. TO.. MESS.. WITH.. US!!!!!!!

For all the Moms and Women in their wide variety and many forms
Happy Mothers Day, y’all!

Just a fisherman….

Life has a way of turning out so different than we can ever imagine. Thirty six years ago I would have never thought I would be the woman I am now… back then I met a man who knew everything about me, who loved me unconditionally and gave me a hope. He met me in a far off land and used a gentle servant, a fisherman of sorts to cast a net and I jumped right in.

This fisherman was a Pastor then, my new husbands Pastor, a mystery to me since I had never been around one or actually knew one. He was sorta scary in a way only because I had been taught to respect people who were In leadership. When I heard his testimony I was overwhelmed by the real ness of his life. He was normal like me. That was impressive to a person who struggled with father figures considering I wasn’t in a good father daughter situation, but he was kind to me… and he seemed to pay special attention to my husband. During the few months that we would only go to a Sunday School class then leave (sneak) out the side door, this Pastor was there telling us bye! Not weird I guess but after that time… after we both found our hearts in love with Jesus, I never one time saw him at that door.. greeting people. Coincidence? Nope… it was for us…..the Lord new we needed the guilt! And he also really cared. Bonus!

Then in later years, he took us under his wing, showed us what becoming a fisherman was all about, the sacrifices, the loneliness; as well as the rush when Jesus just shows up! It is a “magnificent obsession”….to steal a old movie title about this very life, and no one lived it in front of us like our Pastor. He was the real deal and through him I was taught the Bible, he was dedicated and anointed.

He preached nearly a year or more (whew!) on the book of Hebrews, to take line by line and break it down so this young Christian can understand it all. A sermon on the book of Revelation is the one that brought me to my knees and accept Jesus; one on Jacob the deceiver pulled me to the altar to receive the precious Holy Spirit. He helped us find our way in ministry, encouraging us, setting us forth and valued our judgement making us leaders, my husband was wise above his years and our Pastor saw it. He prayed for us, and loved us and even when the pressures of ministry took all his time and he had to really listen to the Lord to know when to be where.. he showed up. My first child was an emergency C-section… and he was there… which was scary because that felt like we were in a lot of danger! All of or special times early in our married life he walked with us through them.. he was God’s hand extended to us… an ordinary couple trying to figure out life then eventually called into ministry. He knew what we were in for and he equipped us the best he could, if we weren’t ready it wasn’t his fault.

So today, on this wonderful day of homecoming our beloved Pastor has gained his reward, he fought the good fight, he put his trust in his Lord to take him at the exact time that was his time, he left this world with no regrets, even in death he showed us how to live. It’s been many years since I have seen him, but the last time I did I thanked him for all he did for us, for loving us through our early stages and for being a Pastor of great compassion. He just smiled and said , thanks. He accepted the call to be a fisher of men, as the Apostle Paul did and we were the blessed fish. Thank you to his family for sharing him, no one knows like we do what kind of sacrifice that is. Pastor, you made a difference….you were important… you done good! This lame attempt is a tribute to you. Thank you Sir!

On a side note.. I have never seen anyone eat really HOT (spicy hot!) Mexican food like you.. impressive!

Rest In Peace Hugh T Statum