Six of one…41 of another!

Many, many…..many years ago, a girl met a boy in a sandwich shop, on a dare, and because she liked the looks of him in his rugby shorts…she got the nerve to talk to him while he was at the jukebox! This sounds like 1950’s B movie but it was’t, although if felt that sweet. It was a sweet time, all the firsts and all the feels….like a rollercoaster! So it began, the beginnings of a long love that continues today.

But, back to the story.. the start was in August, first date, first kisses(there were many) first love, the best of the best. It was a beautiful fall on that college campus and we never knew what would become of it. Zip ahead to October, we are still “a thing” and my birthday is here, another “first” happened! My beautiful blonde boy sent me Roses!!! never have I ever been sent roses or any flowers ever! This guy was a keeper I thought and I was correct! The day of my birthday we had a date, and when he left I politely thanked him for the six(6) red roses….. he was at his car in the street… and all of a sudden he exclaimed…”6!!!!!! There was supposed to be a dozen(12)!!!!!! He threw his keys down and began to fuss at the mistake! The florist had to have gotten it wrong… I was shocked yet laughing at his display of loving angst!

Finally I said….”was it really supposed to be a dozen?” He laughed a lot and said NO! But he wanted it to be!! Laughing he got into the car and left! I was hooked!! This guy was hilariously pulling me into the best decision I would ever make. You gotta love a guy that goes to such measures. The sweetest part of the story was to be heard later.

This boy of mine had um…frugal parents! So to earn the cash for the roses… he wrote a letter to them( planned ahead btw) and asked for the money to buy a girl flowers and he would work it off next time he came home! Which he did….he had to dig potato’s in the garden!!! His Mom kept the letter which I still have, this guy was so dedicated to me he was willing to earn the money however he could. And he was willing to owe them for it which was HUGE! So the amount of money they sent was only enough for a half a dozen, hence the exclamation to make it sound better, quick thinker as he was and even a funnier brain, but it did the trick! I was sunk! I loved this guy!

Now..41 years later, after many , many, many dozens of roses and flowers of all sorts, many more beautiful gifts and blessings and love, this big romantic sends me forty-one(41) yellow roses! I love yellow the most, he listens.. he knows and they are gorgeous! I have never matched him on gift giving… it’s an impossible task, and today is no different. I will never do it! I’ve tried but he’s too good. But I will say, I love this man! The blonde guy with the huge smile and the best sense of humor has been my heart for a little over 41 years. I could never repay him for all the joy he has brought me. Happy Anniversary my dear preacherman, April 24,1982 was a great day to begin so many great days!

2 thoughts on “Six of one…41 of another!

  1. I enjoyed reading your love story. May God continue to bless your lives together for many more anniversaries. Joy Snook


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