Invasive surgery

Most people are usually thrilled with home improvement, I usually am also but this week has been an unusually annoying episode…HGTV it was not! My poor house has gone through a rough and tumble, insides turned out kind of surgery that was not only invasive but down right frustrating.

A year ago we had to replace the HVAC unit, (ouchie) but somehow it was still not right, weird stuff was wrong so I finally got the nerve to call for help, and when you see the people who know shaking their heads, we’ll let’s say this…double ouchie!

Monday morning at eight am, here they are, starting the reconstruction of the insides of my sweet house, cutting a hole in my ceiling and pulling out sixty plus years worth of old insulation, asbestos anyone? The amount of dust from the adventure is insurmountable. May I repeat.. insurmountable and it won’t go away. They had to build the new ductwork and cram it through the tiny holes to the attic and the next day project would be to install it while removing the old huge heavy filthy ductwork. It took five full days to do this job.

What a labor intensive job, for which you could not pay me enough to do, four different men moving through every inch of my house, each one of them attempting to talk to me, to be pleasant but I was not playing along. Actually I was pretty rude as I sat the farthest spot away from them covered in a blanket with Leo the cat huddled with me. I was so anxious about them in my house. This is my sanctuary, I tried so hard to do all repairs before we moved in so this was not a issue but nope, stuff breaks and when we got the new unit it was new and improved and the ductwork was not sufficient.

So here I am frustrated by the whole thing and not using my happy face, Jesus wouldn’t be very proud of me, I was not proud of me but eventually we got through it by four thirty Friday afternoon. A full week of invasion with so many layers of dust and grime to deal with. It took me until Friday to figure out my real problem. I was sad and I was’t able to work through it, my daughter and precious Ellie moved at five am on that Monday morning, three hours before the invasion. I never had a moment to mourn!! Silly thing is, I am happy for them, selfishly I’m sad for me, my Ellie is my whole heart and I adore her. I’ve been with her since she got here, first one to hold her and I can’t get enough of her.

Truly I am happy for them and their new life, they are fine, I am fine. With the exception of all this dust or asbestos or sludge or whatever has infiltrated my world. I finally got their rooms back in shape today, I didn’t have to be up ready for workman, I got to take my time, I had a week of my time was not my own, I had forgotten how hard that is. I may be a little spoiled, I probably need therapy, I’m sure I need an emotional support gift.

Please leave a comment-good therapy!!

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