Booo! Hooo!

I don’t think I have ever really explained my disdain for Halloween …so here goes. Only a few words in a facebook post, not wanting to offend nor point fingers or even to make anyone feel as if I judge their decision to partake.. I mean it’s all in good fun, right? Sure, I get it, I was a kid once.

Growing up on a farm with other houses a “fur piece” away, my mom only took us to my granny’s house and then it wasn’t actually a “trick or treat” adventure. It was more of a harvest festival time. Our small school, Murray School, out on Bradyville Pike, near Murfreesboro, TN, every year had a Harvest Festival. It was the most fun we had ever had. All the kids and parents were there, it was decorated for harvest time, hay bales and all. There were classrooms that each one had a different activity, my favorite was fishing for a prize! I was the best at this one and I always thought my Aunt Lois was the brains behind the operation. I’m not sure if that was true or just in my made up world but, nevertheless it was magical! Music was always playing and great food to eat. There was a huge cake walk in the Gym and my sisters and I walked to win.

So many good memories of that night, and never scary except I have one memory of a clown!! This was not good and super scary, clowns are scary by definition. This was hard for my young brain because I actually adored BOZO the clown on TV, as well as Red Skeleton but, he was on TV also, not face to face in my world, this clown startles me and that was it, I was ranking clowns right after snakes. The popcorn balls and candy apples made life better but that first fright stuck with me.

Later in my life at about ten we moved into the city. Oh my goodness kids walked the neighborhood…alone dressed up in costumes asking for free candy. That’s gotta be fun right? I’m sure my big imagination knew that there was a clown hanging around just waiting to scare me again, so I was not a fan, later years I would go out with my big sisters and it was more fun, less scary. Still not my thing though.

Further on into middle school high school ages I had good friends and slumber parties and great fun… but, this one time the girls wanted to talk about the Bell Witch that was a legend near that area, there may have been a time of conjuring up her spirit and seeing her creepy eyes on the wall. Jesus help me.. it happened! That was the last slumber party for me! I was timid in those years, real life had too many scary times and I had no hunger to be fearful for fun. In high school it was a thing to go to the house of the Bell Witch or a cave or not sure of it all, for which I was in a car and these kids wanted to find it.. nope! Not this girl, take me back .. they didn’t but I sat in car scared. They came back with no luck finding her.. whew thank you!

Zip ahead many years, I found my love, married and moved away. Then I met Jesus! I was home and safe but, one day I saw those eyes again … oh my was it the Bell Witch? Was it my imagination? Was I truly officially crazy? I’m not sure yet….but I spent many nites praying for it to go away. I had my first baby, I will protect him, many nights of prayer, feeling stupid, I finally told my husband who was kind about it, did he marry a witch? Did I become a witch and didn’t know it? Good grief my imagination is out of control! Thankfully NO I wasn’t a witch but I did have these crazy remembering that I needed to overcome and with the Lords help I did. I give Him the praise for calming my mind and heart. Anxiety can be a tool that can cripple a person, I had more back then, as I grew in the knowledge and understanding of what Jesus died for, for Me, it was in the Comfort of knowing the truth I became stronger to not live in such fears and anxiety. The what ifs will drive a person crazy, as well as realizing that I’m not the center of the universe..that helps. Pride is a huge blockade in freedom.

My children never partook in trick or treating, dressing up or any of the festive things this time of year. Mean mom I know but really? Did it hurt them, they heard about it at school and all. Our church had parties to off set Halloween in the name of Jesus, good clean fun ya know! I was not going to ruin other people’s fun but for mine it was a big NO! Their innocent minds did not need to be scared all the time. The kids eventually asked Why and I told them that it was the one holiday that had no good basis. Nothing to give honor to, nothing to give praise to or for. All Hallows Eve, it was all unnerving and suspicious. An open invitation to scare the heck out of all involved!

The kids grew up no worse for the wear, they didn’t hate me for it, by the time my youngest was older I allowed him to go out with his friends in our neighborhood but no dressing up. They got candy and came home.. I got nicer or older knowing that he would be ok. Peer pressure works! Still not onboard for it. As a church we have had to offer an alternative of course but I was not ever very GunHo about it. I’d apologize for it but I won’t since I didn’t make a fuss. This was my feelings, was I living in fear, was I allowing fear to rule me? No!

Why do we partake in a “holiday” that is not a holiday, to be honest. The Banks don’t close, the Federal Government does not close up shop! even Valentines Day has a Saint involved, of course it’s a stretch but it’s not spooky or scary unless you are single and then we’ll yeah! But anyways I’m just not a fan. What if it is the day all the “real witches” live for? What if there are predators who hide and wait for our pretty little blonde kids? What if the Demonic powers of the world are real ( they are!) there is a real Devil who fell from Heaven and it has minions of helpers! Why even get near it. I’m not trying to preach so I’ll keep it light.. but, have you seen The Omen, the Exorcist, Rosemarys Baby( the dreaded movie that kids made terrible fun of me about) and even Children of the Corn!! If you wonder why I have seen all these movies if I am such a scaredy cat, be cause as a kid it happens, not always my idea of fun.

Look what you get when young hearts are open to that junk.. ME! Thankfully I was led to the one who calmed all my fears and It was my job to protect my children from this underworld of fear. I did my job well, none of them enjoy scary stuff, although my daughter will venture in some scary movies, probably out of just because she can and it is with her if I ever have watched anything close to scary… but, I did my job, none of them were ever kidnapped by a scary clown! Now I just have to attempt to protect my granddaughter from afar. She likes to dress up for which Is ok with me but not scary stuff , dressing up is not evil, it can be fun they say!

So Halloween is not my favorite.. so what, I’m not the rule maker, but I won’t usually participate. That Is my choice, it’s all about choice right? Y’all have fun, I will continue down the Christmas Movie rabbit hole! Falalalala!

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