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Rolling along

I hate to be the one to brag, but I can not attempt to keep quiet when the Lord opens His arms and just swallows me up in His love. I say this without reservation or fear of disappointment, He always takes care of me! It seems almost crazy… I know I am not particularly special, but He loves me.. and I love Him right back.

I am not without troubles, anyone who knows me for long can testify to the ups and downs of full time ministry life. Wether it’s the typical daily turmoils we all have to endure or special events that, at times, take me to my knees, through all of it, He is always there. He has never left me to fend for myself.

This is the tried and true real life lived in God. I didn’t make it up and over the years I have been part of some pretty amazing events.. the list is long and extraordinary just as mighty as Him! I have been blessed more than one woman deserves but I will testify to His love for me particularly. I will never stop being amazed. God is good.

I will spend the rest of my life, rolling along…. bragging on Him.

A Life Well Lived

To say that someone got their money’s worth is an understatement when it comes to my mother-in-law. There has never been a woman more motivated or curious in life as her. The whole concept of “let’s chill!” was never in her wheelhouse. She “got her money’s worth” out of the life she lived, and at age ninety-two, she remained vigilant until the end.

We were fortunate to have the last four months with her in our home (not without a battle mind you , it only took us nine years to convince her to come). She knew when she was ready, she would come. And near the end of December 2020, she was finally willing to move in with us. We were blessed to be able to minister to her with love and compassion, as she taught us about life and death, which is still a great mystery to me (the death part, I mean). As I sat there watching her only son cry and pray, sing and worship, even during his loss, and her only granddaughter take such sweet care of her, I ponder this great mystery. It’s just a faint breath between the two – life and death, earth and heaven – but it gives me hope to know we will meet again.

We spoke words of comfort, and thankfulness, appreciative of all the lessons she taught us. I’m reminded of those last moments I was with my own Mom, nothing more precious. Watching my husband’s heart full of sadness is harder. He was a fine son, and he did his best to honor her, which he did. I feel confident when I’m at that point he will love me with as much warmth and kindness as he did his Mom.

I am honored to love a man with so much sweetness in his heart. He treasured his parents so much, and he was the best son. He gave honor to his parents, and to the Lord, for them adopting him. Now for a season, like me, he is parentless. But he is not alone; we have each other and we have Jesus. I’m good with that.

His Mom was a world traveler (seriously, she was), from Paris to Kenya, and all parts inbetween. She was an amazing quilter, embroider, and crafter. She was a good cook. She taught me the whole Thanksgiving meal, which was the first meal I had eaten with her. I was impressed! The best Angel biscuits, Swiss steak, okra and coconut cake. All my favorites! And most of all, she had the gift of hospitality. One of the fruit of the Spirit, by the way, that has been lost in the shuffle these days. She taught me that, too, but way better than me. Never a person who entered the doors of her church that did not get an invitation to her home…that day even… what?! Yes, she had the immeasurable gift to welcome strangers, and maybe even angels unaware? She is known for her commitment for people to be wanted and cared for. Her heart was for world missions, and she worked hard to support missionaries near and far. She had them to her home for meals or to stay over for the night. All guest preachers who passed through, as well as the random people she met along the way, sat around her table. Endurance was her middle name. This, all while raising two children and working as an educator to grammar school-age-kids for forty-two years! (what?) Yes, she was a go getter. She told me that she nearly died as a baby, and only after they removed her tonsils did she even start to gain normal weight. Yet she forged on and never stopped. She knew life was but just a vapor and she wanted to live the best she could.

I write this in honor of her, thanking her for the impact she had on my life. She was one of the first to plant the seed of Jesus in my mind and eventually to my heart. She was a good mother-in-law to me. And she gave a good man to love me. I pray that her influence lives on through her grandchildren and great grandchildren. If you knew her, you can appreciate the remarkably strong, vibrant woman she was – even when it wasn’t cool for us girls to be so independent. She ran that pop stand and told you your job too. She was invincible! But she always honored her husband and her Lord. She was reverent to what deserved to have reverence. Her joy was in people. She was filled with that joy until the end.

Now she is home, with her beloved Jesus, husband and the rest of her people. I’m sure she will have something to add to that big supper we all will have someday. She will at least help get it organized! God Bless her heart.

Meet “Curbie”

“Joy on the other side of grief is the deepest joy there is.  Because it knows what can be lost.  And it celebrates everything that still remains.”  …

Meet “Curbie”


Today I caught the millionth replay of on of my favorite “feel good” movies, Rudy! Every time I see it it makes me happy and on this day especially, a regular Friday, after a week of, or should I say three months of, sad, frustrating news it was a breath of Hope. I have had a few disparaging moments during this year of turmoil and yesterday was one of them. It felt like my Hope was slipping a little, a sort of overall blah had set in. This was a passing phase and I knew it, but it was still aggravating.

This morning a spot of sunshine came along to encourage me in my doldrums. As I have said, I have watched this movie many times and each time always glad I did. Today good ole’ Rudy pulled me out of the slump. This “feel good” movie did it’s trick and gave me a reminder of the good in people. There are more than not and some days it’s important to remember that, no sermon to follow just a good day for a bit of encouragement! Re-watch it!

War of Aggression

After spending the last week watching our country go up in flames, the bigger cities like war zones, even my own home town hit with painful sights of push and pull, my heart is heavy and my mind is boggled. Have we not learned any lessons from the past? Apparently not! These are troubled times, for great reason. But these outward bouts of aggression are reminiscent of life in the 1960’s, and even farther back to the years of The Civil War, the 1860’s. I was here for the 1960’s, a little child, just like my dear granddaughter, asking “why?” Why can’t the grownups get along? Why are they mean to each other? Why are they beating those men? I remember watching it all on the big box television (black and white, of course) still wondering the same thing as I do now.. why?

I tend to wonder the same thing about the Civil War… How did they (us and them) bear arms against each other? Just walk across a state line and there was a bad guy…why? This was a massive world of hurt, for our own people, not from the outside, but us against us! Why? Of course, there are too many answers to give and I’m no scholar. But I do know what I do know – it’s Sin. Wrong is wrong, and weather you are a believer in God or not, you still know when it’s wrong. For any man/women/child to own another man/women/child is wrong, unjustified and breaks the heart of God. Any man/women/child who assumes they are better than any other man/women/child is wrong, unjustified and breaks the heart of God.

I was not raised that way, and I’m as “southern” as “southern” can get. But my parents were not evil, gave respect to their fellow man and never once impressed on me to live any different. I thank God for them and their legacy. I read about and even see documentaries, as well as major motion pictures about the Civil War, and it’s hard to watch. But it adds to my education and understanding of how people were pulled into this war of aggression. The definition: “A war of aggression, sometimes also war of conquest, is a military conflict waged without the justification of self-defense, usually for territorial gain and subjugation. UGH! Also… as a breach of the law of armed conflict, violates the right to life of every person it kills…” Violates the “right to life”…. we are killing our own. That’s what happened way back then for territorial gain (slaves, as well as land) and to subjugate the very lives of people who are born to live free. In the 1960’s Martin Luther King marched (not killed or stole/burned businesses) in the name of equal rights, because we/us never learned a lesson! People still thought it was ok to oppress others, different races, as well as women. We were all in the same boat. Fast forward to now, with all our so-called smarts, we are still killing each other. And it is still sin. I’m sure there have been times in my life that I have judged or not given respect when I should have. That is also sin! Who am I to point a finger in judgment? But I have grown enough to know when it’s wrong.

Sadly, much of this hurt has been on the reasoning of financial gain or power. God help us all. These wars of aggression are happening all over the world, and countries are divided – north/south or east/west – because of such wars. But in our country, supposedly here to have freedom from British Rule, we did not learn or do much better. When are we gonna get a clue? This is a heart disease that runs rampant. And that’s the issue! It is a hate issue, hate in the heart that builds up and gives us the “justification” to hurt others. Some have even done this in the name of God(God forbid!). And yet, it is Sin. To see people with (I hope) hearts that call for change marching and protesting how people are being treated is our right in this country. But the retaliation of those who only want to steal kill and destroy (demonic) while our police are told to let it happen… well it’s just blasphemy in the face of God and all who’ve stood for justice and have died as martyrs.

Our country is being manipulated before our eyes. But there will come a day when we will see those who stir the pot get their due reward. Being from the south is not a terrible lot in life. It is a way of life that has so much good. There are hardships along the way of course, but it is our history. The beautiful way of life here is not all bad, just like the other areas of the country and their unique histories. I detest the terrible parts of our past history, but I’ve raised my children to love everyone, and to know they are not above any other human being. Hopefully, with wisdom, they will grow to understand from whence they came, and to be people who make the future better for us all.

It is not over, and won’t be, until all people are free and live accordingly with one another, arm-in-arm, willing to love and not judge. The heartbreak is that while man hungers for power, control and financial gain, we may not see this kind of world anytime soon. But, I have a HOPE! And that hope is in the GOD in heaven who knows exactly what is going on. The “god” of this world, Satan, knows its about to be over for him, so he is ramping up his tactics. Good luck old boy….your days are numbered, and this war of aggression that you choose to flourish your hate will be no more.

I would like to say that I hope the world gets it, realizes why we are here, and its not for this kind of life… But patterns prove that people choose their lot in life. They choose to be the master of their own destiny. They choose to take lives, and carelessly throw them about as if nothing. He has given us choice, that’s for sure, and we are left wanting, never enough…..just like a little child who continues to want more, without boundaries or limits. Woe be to We the people!

The Year That Never Was

The date is April 22, 2020, 113 days into the current year that seems to be actually void of any shiney parts. We are two days away from our 38th wedding anniversary, the preacherman and me. The life we have lived, with the massive joys and few sorrows, has come to a screeching halt. Like everyone else on the planet, we are nothing special. There is one exception – the magical day we said “I Do!”

This year has already been a pain in all of our collective behinds. How do we just bounce back… or do we? I can’t answer that question and will not try. I can only endure today and the trials in front of me. I feel the pressure of the clutter in front of me (when did I become a hoarder?) and the need for fresh air. (but cold air keeps hanging on, grrr) The ongoing question in my head about what I’m going to cook for supper can’t really be blamed on the plague; it’s the circle of life. Yet, still a nice meal out with other people would be nice. My initial internal debate was (way back 100 days ago) do I clean house thoroughly or wait it out? I waited it out… so there’s my dilemma, closing in on me, tick tick tick boom! Then, there’s that pesky frustration of the future, which no one knows but God. The only future I can think about is in two days, the real beginnings of my life, a day that made me smile forever.

Even though this is the year that never was, I will point out this one day. I will acknowledge it, remember it and even celebrate the day I married the cutest man I knew. His boyish charm and hilarious sense of humor, as well as his truly wonderful taste in girls, made me realize he was a keeper. Most of all, he kept me, and still does. After thirty 38 years, he is still the one. He chose me. I got chosen. (sure beats that time I got picked for Red Rover in 3rd grade) And even though this year, when we will be home sheltering in place, we will be together, hoarding junk and avoiding the chores. So it’s pretty much like normal!

Take that, the ‘year that never was!’ Perfect Vision 20/20 (that didn’t pan out) 20+20=40… more like days, i.e., a biblical reference like 40 days until judgment? (ugh, we need a sign folks? Here’s your sign… Jesus IS COMING BACK! Better pay attention!) Then there is the whole President Trump is in office so we hate him and he must disappear. (really, deal with it! He’s not any worse than the other choices, just a smart elec!) There are a million reasons we are stuck in the ‘row row row your boat’ repetition life. What I’m seeing is er’body needed to learn to wash their hands and spend time with their kids. We did that! Please Jesus, let us out! I am assuming by November we will be on to another catastrophe? Maybe not. Maybe there’s no conspiracy theory to be had.. but even so, we got an anniversary to celebrate! We made it this far and we are hoping for many more, my preacherman and me. I love you….and I always will!

Thirty Days In…

Three months into the year of our Lord 2020, and it’s already been a “doozie.“ And just today we see that we aren’t finished yet. The new projection is “thirty more days,” and anyone with a glimmer of thought can see that this ain’t over anytime soon. “They” are attempting to be calm about it, for which I am grateful. It’s probably wise, because apparently, we can’t live with out an abundance of toilet paper. All we need is a Pandemic 2.0 and there will be a run on the fresh vegetables! Thankfully y’all aren’t eating much of those. (I’m personally happy about that) I’m gonna be sad if ya’ ll lose it over the lettuce and apples.

I’m not a particularly stock-up type of girl normally. But I haven’t even gone through all of our TP so far. What gives people? Slow your roll, so to speak!

To watch the President let us know that we have the brutal future of staying mostly home for thirty more days (probably more like sixty/ninety days?) was such a disappointment. And I’m generally a pretty hopeful person, but this is all too real for me. What is the point of all this? What will be the outcome? And what or who is controlling it? I know that the Lord is not shocked. Yes, I still believe He is in control. But my biggest fear is that we won’t be any closer to souls coming to Jesus, or even more, that we the church, in the building or out, will become more apathetic (if that’s possible) than ever. Why do we fear the terrorist in a scarf more than a terrorist in our soul? I give you, the ones from “over there” are truly scary. But the spiritual powers of darkness (This Present Darkness, Frank Perretti, again) are lethal and sneaky. And much more violent and deadly than a army of foreigners.

Will we be alert? Will we have our lamps full of oil? Will we be in prayer for those souls who need a savior? Will I? This is the scary part… Will I?

This is a sobering day we are living in. And just to think, it was only a a couple of month ago that many thought their greatest threat was to our 2ND Amendment rights. But in one second our literal freedom to move about is gone (at least for a little while). The good part is at least we are reconnecting to our families. That’s a good thing. But after too much longer it’s gonna be all “Lord of the Flies” up in here! And I’m in very close proximity to a five-year-old thats about to become Jack! (the bossy/scary one) Of course, I’m joking. (mostly) And if I have to be trapped at home, I’m thankful I get to have her here. My heart couldn’t handle not being with her. But the struggle is real, and trying to make her life easy and without fear is job number one for all of us. All families are in the same struggle of having hope and insanity side-by-side, trying not to flinch.

I wonder if people realize what a skinny sliver of space we are standing toe-to-toe on. Will this be the year that God wrap’s it all up? If it is, then okay, I’m good. I know where my heart lies. If you know me, you know where I stand. And if I know you, I hope you will send up a sign that you are okay, too. I am writing a very personal note here. It’s personal for me to know that anyone I know, I have influenced for the good. The Lord has a big house waiting for us all. And to borrow a quote from my wonderful preacherman:

I love you!

I forgive you!

Come to supper!



*Silly Tweets

*Silly Tweets

Sunday morning was somber; I won’t lie. The thought of missing our church family and friends once again is a hard fact of life in these trying times. We admonished them to follow the guidelines of the “experts” and medical professionals to shelter at home and “tune in” on line, if possible. But there were a few of us in that beautiful house of worship, who felt called to be there. I was not worried about being there. I find solace in that place. And let’s be real, the few that were present were able to have plenty of space for “social distancing.”

As I sat on the pew, preparing for the start of our worship service, I heard the beautiful sound of tweets! Our robins are back! They’ve returned to the nests they build on the fascia boards under the roof of our church sanctuary every Spring, awaiting on their babies to hatch. I can always hear them; and they get loud, as if to out sing us. This has been a pleasant advantage of where I usually sit, in the front, near an exit door (by the way, when all this crazy is over, sit up front, just us birds up there!). I look forward to the singing of the birds each year. They give me hope! And on this somber day, they did not let me down. 

The Lord has all this in his hands. None of what we are going through is a surprise to him, and with that confidence, I can lift up my head! He’s on the move across our land, looking for us, the faithful Bride, full of oil in our lanterns, and ready to move forward. Quarantine is not so awful… Once in a while it can be fun, like a day or two. But these weeks and weeks of no personal, face-to-face contact is brutal. The lack of joy, once again, is abundantly evident. But, not with these birds. Their silly tweets are nearly comical. They are not affected at all by the trouble in our world. They go through their days just the same as always. They have not one worry in the world, besides a stray cat or two that may get in a lucky swing. 

Outside our sanctuary are the redbud trees, showing their glory, along with the faithful Dogwood. These are signs of Hope that keep me calm. I must always look around to the signs I see on earth to maintain my heart. Because when I see the signs of the times, I shutter with anxiousness. It’s not that I’m not ready to meet Jesus in the air! (Yes Lord, get us out of here ASAP!) But, it’s the actual loss of so many souls that just don’t seem to care. I repent for the moments I have not tried to witness to you, I repent for the opportunities I missed to make sure you are safe in the arms of Jesus; I repent for not telling you, over and over, how your life is not supposed to be stuck here and suffer. that there is hope in Jesus. I repent for not living a life that would draw you to Christ. Did you know I believe in Him? Did you realize that I’m sold out to the cause of Christ? If not, please forgive me. He is real, He loves you and died for you. I did not intend to be so wrapped up in my own world to not tend to my walk. Do not allow me to keep you from eternal life. Those birds are what they are created to be; it’s obvious what role they play in the world. No one has to tell them how to do it. They even kick their babies out of the nest and say “good luck to ya!” (Tweet tweet!) Those babies know just what to do  – look out for cats! And fly fly fly! 

Spring has sprung. That is what’s going on now (last week, and I missed it!). This always brings me joy (I hate winter). But what’s going on in the spiritual realm? That is harder to cypher… or actually not, just more frightening. I’ve read to the end of the Book, and there’s gonna be some scary stuff coming down the pike. When we have a never-seen-before-Pandemic that shuts down everything all over the world, which has never happened before, an unprecedented world calamity, that, my dear friends, is a whole box full of anxious that keeps me praying. This is not when we just take a nap and let it slide. This slumber-saturated quarantine can be as infectious as any germ. And that is where the trouble lies. As followers of Christ, we have an obligation to carry on. to pray effectual, fervent prayers and fast in humility. We must believe, and fill the trees with praises unto the Lord, just like the birds, going about the business of the Father. I hope to be at the same place and same time this coming Sunday, along with.those birds, silly tweeters! 


*Surprise, this title has nothing to do with famous or important people who send out ‘silly tweets’ on Twitter. 🙂

About a Leper

I have a thought… which is scary, I know. But the thought ran through my mind… What about the Lepers? Stay with me, and hear me out! In my process to figure out this crazy scared world, I have to wonder…

When Jesus came down from the mountains, great multitudes followed Him. One day Jesus came across a man who was a leper, who worshipped Him and asked to be cleansed. Jesus answered the leper’s prayer and cleansed him… because …well …. He’s Jesus! The most interesting thing is that the multitude was right there with Jesus! If I were to guess, they weren’t six feet away or at home “social distancing,” worried “what if?” What if I get near a leper or someone may have a disease? What if they sneeze on me? What if the multitude gets close to me? The multitude has jumped on the bandwagon and followed Jesus. Of course, I get it. He is Jesus, with THE DIRECT LINE TO GOD THE FATHER! So, had I been in the multitude, I wouldn’t have had a worry in the world either, even though leprosy is kind of a big deal. I would have the confidence being with Jesus, and I would be safe. So, what do I think about our world under this aggravating pandemic? I’m not making light of it at all. It is a scary thing. And the thought of “catching “ something is frightening to all of us. I’m the one who is avoiding the regular cold, so believe me, I’m not asking for it.

My only response is this: when I was twenty-four years old, I signed up for a life lived allowing God to have full control. Through His Son Jesus and the access to salvation through His sacrifice on the cross, I’m all in. I fully gave my heart to Him that year (as well as my cute boyfriend whom I married, both the best decisions I had ever made), so if I believe now what I believed then, why would I be freaking out and not attending church? If there is any place I would not stay away from, it is church. The Holy Spirit that lives in me, through Jesus, is fully capable of keeping me safe through any crisis.

Furthermore, this is the time for Christians to “be there,” willing and able to provide calm, and not a spirit of fear. That fear can brake us. So many live in fear just in normal times. I have a pretty healthy fear (terror, actually) of snakes! I have never touched a snake, with the exception of one slinking over my brand new Nike red swoosh tennis shoes in 1982, which I never wore again. That being said, I may loose my mind if ever one dropped on my neck or touched me. But even with that ridiculous fear, I do believe that if it happened, I would survive it, with the Lords help. I may have to go dip in the pool of Bethesda afterwards, but I’d live. The fear does not control me, and fortunately I don’t, as a rule, get near snakes. I don’t even fear the bite. It’s mostly the thought of one touching me. So silly, I agree. Pray for me. I do believe if I found myself surrounded by snakes that my faith in Jesus would get me through… if I needed to save my granddaughter or something like that (who am I kidding, that girl would make friends with the snakes, ugh).

So, what in the world is my point? I’m not afraid to attend church. And I don’t feel bad about those who don’t feel safe being there. I just hope God’s people will not be fearful. We already live in a world where so many use any and every excuse as a “get out of church free” card. These are troubled times. And if we are to feel safer, I don’t know a better place than the Altar. It is the safest place on earth. The Lord meets us there. Of course, we can pray anywhere and everywhere. But how many times in the Word do we see God’s people take a stand? Sometimes you just have to choose to be as close to God as possible. The old timers aren’t worried; they lived through Great Depressions and World Wars, truly scary stuff. Nuclear Bombs in the hands of idiots is scary to think about. The whole world of known and unknown pestilences are always among us. At least half the battle of this pandemic is cleanliness. (next to godliness, by the way) So we clean, spray, disinfect, hand sanitizer etc. I can handle that. I’ve been saying it for years! So I’ll leave you with the scripture that I base my thinking out loud on. Just pray and believe that we will do all we can to do the right thing. Stop listening to the news so much. If it is our time to join the Lord in heaven, then it is our time. Be mindful that He is bringing this thing to an end. Watch the signs. And as my preacherman husband said so profoundly on Sunday, if the trumpet doesn’t sound and the Lord call us to meet Him in the air, 100 out of every 100 people born, will die. No getting around that fact! Just make sure you are ready!

Jesus Cleanses a Leper

“When He had come down from the mountain, great multitudes followed Him. And behold, a leper came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, if You are willing, You can make me clean.”

Then Jesus put out His hand and touched him, saying, “I am willing; be cleansed.”Immediately his leprosy was cleansed. And Jesus said to him, “See that you tell no one; but go your way, show yourself to the priest, and offer the gift that Moses-commanded, as a testimony to them.” Matthew 8:1-4