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Lookout! Vacation story with pictures!

Nothing makes a difference in your life like taking a vacation…the time away recharges all the batteries and in my opinion makes me a better person. This year was a good opportunity to have my family all together(minus one deserter) who I believe never really missed us! Where’s the love dude?

Anyway, even though I really don’t love to travel.. appears it’s not about the trip it’s the destination so we hurry there (she says slyly since she wouldn’t want to imply how fast or anything) but once there, we are good!

We went to the smack middle of Florida or as we like to call it ” Pigeon Forge, Tn 5.0- all the same attractions plus Disney, Universal and anything else that only rich people can afford as well as skinny people as well as younger people! Aaaaand NO BEACH! What in the world! The only reason I can see to go to Florida is the beach, staring at it from a Condo, walking beside it early evening and even putting toes in.. never swimming!

Work came first, we were there to join with our family of God that meet every two years to make decisions and pray and worship and see all the missionaries and friends from all over the world!

I am proud to be married to my preacher man and I wouldn’t ever have been who I am without him and the Lord.. yes you can blame them haha! I was especially happy to see a wonderful women whom I respect so much, Joyce Stephens, and I had the best time with her even if just for a few minutes. All things work together for my good and it did that day!

Once we were able to get free to have some down time we loved the outdoor time! (Yes we went outside! Hush! ) Nothing like watching kids play…

A visit to Disney Springs did turn out fun for granddaughter and snagged me dark chocolate and her a cool balloon… also showed how hard all things Disney are! A lot of people!! I can’t believe years ago we took our four kids there, obviously I was in better shape!they can’t say we didn’t love them!

So we had to go find a beach, I wanted to make sure it’s still there and some people wanted to swim(bad decision) so we take a day and go to Sarasota, Fl or the Rodeo Drive (say Roh-deh-ooh, not rodeo like with horses) of Florida….there is a circle drive of sorts that while driving around and around and around looking for a parking spot that is non existent we see big ole fancy sports cars..and fancy stores. So fun! Then the beach is very near we tried Lido Beach( by the way some TV show was filmed down here-For which I read on google but now I forgot the name ) but the beach was the beautiful white sand, I love the gulf for that it was beautiful with the exception of what we later heard was a Red Tide.. we saw a good amount of dead fish on beach and the water was more murky and after a few minutes of our two guys in the water they thought better of it.. out they came! ( smart move) but I took sweet pics of a cute little model…

for which made it almost worth walking way far to this stinky beach! But still a joy to see, then off to supper at a neat restaurant at Longboat key where we finally had fish!( no eating fish in Orlando it’s just like eating it up in TN) but the view was great and food was superb! The company was even better and I even broke down and got the son who ditched us and stayed hone a tee shirt from here!

This was a fun day, even though some may have a dreaded disorder from the Red Tide–whales are dying down there, sad so prayers go up for these two knuckleheads..and the wildlife!

Back to finish up at our lovely house with a pool.. you people who have pools are so lucky, I have never wanted one until now! We had the best time…little girls love it and never tired of it.. Who could blame her.. she had all our attention! The last days we swam and laughed and decided to live there forever! But of course we couldn’t so we packed it up and came home… sooo early ….that’s the sunrise!

It was a Long drive, I mean long, did I say long …whew!, but as we got near Chattanooga I felt home, I miss mountains (since we lived in East Tn so long) and we drive thru some of the prettiest countryside on hwy 64..

There were many cool clouds that day so in our weary we looked for unicorns! We (girl car) followed them(boy car) both ways and we girls aren’t great following but we did it and followed our Power T all the way to the ‘burg. I was glad to see it and love this place..I missed those corn fields, I missed the Amish vegetables, missed my Church and the people who love us.. I missed my house and my bed and I missed my life. Nothing makes a vacation like coming home.

Now I only miss that pool but I’ll survive cuz in reality it’s just another chore to clean so I’m good! There are many more pictures that are boring to all but me so I’ll leave it there.

Bon Voyage till next time!


Whew!….What a week! I have suffered the painful life of a BUM all week! Since Someone was going to have to do it, I volunteered! Going on “holiday” with my beloved family is and has been a great joy for myself and my preacherman. We must call it “holiday” since Peppa Pig who is British calls it that and our beautiful Ellie (granddaughter extraordinaire) loves Peppa Pig and of course that’s enough for us! This holiday have been holy days for us since a lot of  years have passed and it has been ages, eons even since we have been on a real vacation together, the whole family! Aaaaand this was no exception except one of my brood decided to skip it….yeah he knows who he is….stayed home to work, lame excuse! I really wanted us all but I felt that he is a grown adult and if he chose to stay home and miss all this fun, then oh well. We sure have missed him though…he is the most calm one of the bunch…he tends to be a buffer for us when we want to take a punch! Did I say that out loud? I am sure we are no different than other families on holiday, we have crazy mishaps, speed limits, toll roads and pouring down rain; not great hotels, windshield wipers(in the midst of a monsoon) just flying off scaring the living daylights out of us…..traffic and more traffic, gotta love Atlanta, GA! and the fifteen lanes of traffic( its just everyman for himself on that raceway), and lets not forget the difference between a vehicle GPS and a Apple IPHONE GPS which the latter is more updated. Many, many ridiculous layers which makes for a long tale of woe that will be funny as time passes.

The fun part is it isn’t over yet, we still got three days of the fun in the sun and knowing us….we will live to regret it all…..even through all this…I wouldn’t be anywhere else, families are created to be the first teaching expedition on how to cohabitate with strangers, this is the petri dish for society, if kids can survive the family dynamic and even dare to endure it all when they are adults then we got us a horse race. I have told them all, treat people how you want to be treated and this is a good foundation for life, although they do this well outside our family unit(yippie) when we all are together, that good old kid code, oldest to youngest and all the rules that apply is the biggest obstacle. Of course its only good clean fun, they say.

We have laughed and cried, we have had heart to heart conversations and pretty good arguments and when its all said and done, I would rather hang with these people than any other in the world…there is nothing like it and I will look back someday and miss them all. Of course I already miss the loser who stayed behind! I’m pretty sure he is missing us right about now, I left him with little to none ready made food, and being a family as big as ours when we all leave it is nice and quiet for a while then it just gets weird and lonesome. I miss him and I miss my home, I miss that scruffy little ‘burg. I am definitely missing the lovely Amish vegetables and will make a point to go after some as soon as I return….and I have learned a huge lesson these past few days. I am really old.

Old and feeble and out of shape and unable to even lift my legs over a pool….what happened to me… I used to swim like a fish…I was spry, I was not flabby and achy and had energy! This week has given me the incentive to change, I must use these parts to keep them…..not only am I overweight, I am just physically worn out…my muscles have gone off to another woman who will take care of them. If you are looking for a tell all well here it is! I’m unable to stomach the very sight of me, BUT…I know it can change, back to basics…walking. Then back to “if its white don’t bite” and just get my old lady legs back in shape! If I am gonna see my next birthday (October btw if anyone wants to know) then I gotta get to moving.

So this will be the deal, starting now….I mean next Tuesday (cant let all this vacation food go to waste!) I will make the effort to take care of the body as well as my spirit. I know that unless I want to live in the horizonal position in some nursing home then I gotta get to moving! SO now we begin the time of prayer…its gonna be a long haul…

Stringing with friends

I have been unusually fortunate to be given a group of friends who are truly special, maybe I have been such a wonderful friend that I have earned them…umm no….I am positive that is NOT THE REASON! I wish I could say it was, that I have “paid it forward” so much that the “universe” is giving me a nod…Nope! I’m smart enough to know that I am not that good. I Can show case and point of friends that are so much kinder and giving to me than I have been to them. I am a good friend but because of my chronic laziness I assume I  am not the top of the heap.

Because of Gods good grace He has continued to give me people in my life that have encouraged me and given me the kind of friendship that can only come from Him. Through my life there have been some special ones…Nina Kate, Judy, Kim, Donna….Cheryl, Jane, Denise, Sue, Trina, Karen…Carrie, Maryann, Lori…and many more, no reason to name the names really, they know I love them…but I did a few just because. I also have a special group of women, here in Lawrenceburg that are sent by God to love me…and my family. I am honored to live amongst some of the most talented and hardest working women that have ever been called of God. It’s one thing to be helpful, lend a hand here and there but these women go above and beyond. I would name names but I would not want to leave anyone out(ok, I might!) and the ones that are on this special list… are not even probably on Social Media or read my blog.

Back story—-Two years ago, my son was hours away from death, a surprise to us all which kept him in the Hospital for close to three months. The amazing news is he survived!!! By Gods Grace and mercy my son survived and became stronger and better than ever… I stayed with him in the hospital for two solid weeks, intensive care, praying and interceding for my sweet kid(ok he’s an adult but who’s counting!) and this was just in the middle of garden season. My beloved Amish town that I live near was bursting with garden veggies and I was not home to reap the benefits. But God…..

Upon the return to my new normal and my son was out of the woods and I came back home, visiting back and forth and without me knowing it, these lovely women friends of mine made the sacrifice of their time and did the sweetest thing for us. I came home to jars and jars of green beans and quarts of corn, all canned and made for me to put in the freezer and stock my cupboards. Two of my favorite vegetables of all time were done for us and I know what a tough job this was. They all knew that we loved these veggies and knew this had been a harrowing time for us so they put feet on those prayers and got to work! I cried when I saw it.

Yesterday, now the third time in a row, these women spent the whole day “helping me” break, string and can fifty plus quarts of green beans! That is sacrifice of time from their families even though this year we aren’t in a time of trial they still showed up, ready to bless us and besides the blessing of all those beans, the minutes and hours spent sitting with them stringing beans around a table so reminded me of when I was a little pig tailed girl playing under the quilt frame listening to my Granny Maxwell in the midst of an official quilting bee, talking with her church friends. This was no different, It is precious one on one conversations many times all of us talking at once, working out the worlds problems and reminding me of how fleeting this way of life is.

I’m a country girl who lives in the city; I’m not complaining since I appreciate the cool comforts of an industrial world but it brings peace to my spirit to be among these strong, vibrant and brave women. Women who have stood the test of time, who didn’t need to prove a point… they just do what needs to done, no excuses and no compromise. They have lived lives of great joy and as well great sadness; the prayer requests are many but they continue to visit the sick and cook meals for the home bound. They are the for real Proverbs 31 women and they are teaching me while they live it every day. I could only hope to be as committed as they are to the service of the Lord. They are champions and leaders; they are my friends.

The time spent with them enriches my life…Mabel, Joyce, Freddie Mae, Lois, Melissa, Donna, Carol, Glynda; most of them are several years older than me and one hundred fold wiser and without realizing it teaching this preacherswife how to serve. I am surrounded by the beautiful ones, women who are real and true, women who string beans with me and breakfast/lunch with me, it’s a tough group to break into but when I did I fell right into the funnest bunch of girls. I love the hound out of them! I pray that I will grow up just like them all, I pray I am respected and loved the way they are. I pray my daughter and granddaughter find their way into the lives of such confidence and independence of these true life “god fearing” gals. I pray one day I will be thought of this way….(note to self )–start today being faithful, loyal and a good friend.

Many women have touched my life.. here are just a few–

Sharon, Janice, Ann, Nancy, Susan, Ornella, Ruth, Kim, Nancy, Ramona, Elizabeth, Debbie, LeAnn, Carmen, Angeleea, Sandy, Jody, Francis, Jean, Jo, Brenda, Ruth, Maria, Jan, Lila, Roxie, Amanda, Jill, Jackie, Myra, Rita, Joyce, Jessie, Tina…..and the list goes on….and always Bethany, Ellie and my Mom, Marie.

The Bounty of Summer

Today’s haul was a huge amount of corn..fifteen dozen ears of corn…I was fortunate to find a bit of Okra.. sixteen pounds which after I  fried to freeze came to a sad little batch of only six quarts, but it will be magnificent non the less. I also threw in a load of tomatoes and cucumbers of course as well as onions and one single Eggplant.. just because I’m not sure what to do with it… hello Google!

Next up was more Squash and Zucchini, my love for squash runs deep, I must have enough to comfort during the long winter days….I am already missing summer gardens (and summer not even near over) but hopefully my freezer will be full soon. My little kitchen helper was on the job today… helping just as hard as she could… she is very diligent for which I’m sure will rub off when she hits about thirteen years old….maybe not, I will keep hope alive!

And all in one of her numerous Princess dresses… I mean she gotta represent! Of course since I am a modern women we gotta be in the den doing the bagging, ever so carefully…an important program is on… Anne with a E; Anne of Green Gables…one of my all time  favorites .. this is one of many versions…just multi tasking y’all!

Now I am looking down the barrel of fifteen dozen ear of corn.. help me Jesus!


This is not a post about hosiery or racing silks or even an Ariel performance, but something equally as interesting, at least to this preacherswife! Today I had the joy of shucking corn and cleaning all the bazillions of corn silk that clings to the cob. While working with the corn and cringing every time I grabbed the top to pull because I know that eventually there will be a big green squishy fat worm just waiting for me to touch it. Today was no different there it was about a dozen in… lurking, squirming…UGH! I touched it! Of course I got rid of it In the trash bag like quick yet keeping my eye peeled if it decided to crawl back out. While at the same time waiting for more…but I only saw babies on a few rotten ends that I quickly cut off!

Sitting there in the still of the afternoon little by little working on this three dozen ear, it is a mindful time, peaceful of sorts, time to reflect… time to remember those hot days at my Granny Maxwell’s house all of five or six years old pulling silks.. too squeamish to dare touch the worms, silking was my job.. daydreaming on how it looked so much like hair, princess hair, golden and shiny. I guess I was “tending” as my favorite granddaughter calls it.. she “tends” when she is pretending, a almost four year old does a lot of “tending” in her day, just like I did back then. Nothing changes and kids are kids and it is a gift from the Lord when you live long enough to remember the sweet days, those times when you don’t have a care in the world. Shucking and silking corn makes way for memories; taking stock of life and slowing down enough to realize its these days that bring joy.

Joy is a by product of a pure heart, my sweet little helper has a pure heart but has to be guided in the ways of the Lord as well as her Momma! For her to bend towards the good takes some pain, just like the struggle to remove all those silks from the corn. Correction is grueling but when it’s learned it brings great joy and when I weed thru the nasty worms and husks and all those silks the sweetness of that corn this winter will bring joy to our family.

Fresh is always best unless it’s from a sassy little girl… the time will pass and I will miss all her “help”….I will drink it in now though and hope she knows how much fun she is even with her sassy mouth. She makes me smile because I’m secretly proud of her. I hope she’s strong and independent and knows her mind, she already has the corn silk princess hair!

FYI– 2.5 dozen ears of corn = 6.5 quarts of corn!

….already June!

Has anyone besides me realized that as of today we are at the end of June, we are halfway on the way until Christmas! How is this possible…it was just Christmas!Maybe its because the winter drags so long, all those days without the warmth of the sun, unlike today, the sun is so bright and thick hanging in the air its hard to take a breath. The God-awful heat just jumps out at us with no buildup, freezing cold then one day… BOOM! This is a day in the life in the South. We southerners are well versed in all the humid, sticky, did I say humid…days of summer. We can literally cut it with a butter knife, the air here. Yet we endure. I’m pretty sure we invented fans for which I am assuming started in the old southern churches without air conditioning. When one makes the choice to spend two hours in dress clothes in a “hot box” with Jesus then there must be a way to stir up a breeze and a fan with a gentle savior painting on one side and the local funeral home add on the other. I find that comical as if its just a reminder ….”you think its hot here?”

There is nothing like the South and I am a direct product for which I wear as a badge of honor. Growing up on a farm will do that to you, endless days of fields of Hay and garden vegetables and June bugs and blackberry vines; running barefoot in the creek, climbing the sycamore tree and catchin’ lightnin’ bugs. Summers were very long then and winter was even longer. That is also childhood and until the day reality shows up and the clock starts and time ticks away faster and faster, it is Nirvana. I found sanctuary in those memories of back then, I will forever be mindful of how short life really is.

I think that the reason I love to drive through the Amish Countryside here near where I live, it is so calming to me. There are fields and fields of green grasses and hay and corn. I had to get past my fear of the “Children of the Corn” Movie, and I promise I go early in the morning, that’s when you find the best vegetables but also there is no way I would be there at night, nope never! You might say I am easily influenced and if there ever is a zombie apocalypse I’m pretty sure they will come from those corn fields! Every day I think about how sad I will be when the fresh cucumbers run out and the last of the tomatoes, yes I am already dreading it. It will be here before I know it, summer will be over and the winter will come. It will be Christmas again.

Time is so slow but always in a hurry, the book of Ecclesiastes tells us there is a time for everything, everything is about GODS TIMING. That is the only way to understand it, and I believe that is why time goes so fast, it is short and we only have a small snippet of it to make a difference. Whatever our faith tells us to do, how to treat people, love them…leave them; help them. It seems that the time here in this world is closing in, that the Lord is about over all the ridiculous atrocities of the knuckleheads here (or is that me tired of it?) anyway thankfully God is longsuffering but, there will be a day…..when its finished and we will all see what all the fuss is about. Of course I believe, I will be with the Lord, if I am alive when He returns, if not I get to meet everyone there either way. I hope we all will be kept safe in Him.


There is time to make sure….but the time is short. Marana tha!

Best video ever!

Everyday Life

Everyday life should not be a mystery yet it is. Like how is it that if you forget to restock things like shampoo or TP or any other mundane necessities, the amount used is in direct proportion to fact you do not have a reserve; yet when you do stock up as if there will be a huge snow, that bottle of shampoo just drags on and seemingly never runs dry! How do we use so many paper towels and why is there so much trash!It is a mystery and because I tend to fall in the range of not being prepared there are times it consumes my thoughts. Why don’t I stock up? Too cheap.. too lazy…don’t care? Ding ding ding!

It’s the ridiculous little oddities that keeps me annoyed with everyday life and I believe this is why we are usually bored often with the monotonous tasks of life. This feeds the need to do something new.. (not housework)…stay busy and not have everyday be the same. It really is a drag when you do all you can do and still fall short, who’s the judge… ourselves, the harshest critique of all….Yes and it’s just time to stop.

If I can at least keep disease and pestilence away from the bathrooms I consider that a solid score, the time spent cleaning is really short but it feels like two hours of hard time! Remembering to make a list before shopping resembles a term paper and emptying the trash equates hauling rocks. I’m just not there anymore… I just don’t care…life is short and it will be there when I get back. This I have proven. If I could only not think about it, obsess and contemplate what I should be concerned with. Everyday life can be fun if we let go of the stuff ( I actually am considering becoming a minimalist ( of course that takes me cleaning out stuff.. hmm, I’ll need to ponder that!)) there is very little I really need to live. Only the really important stuff….

My preacherman and my paints, glossy magazines and air conditioning; good cucumbers and tomatoes and a cozy quilt. Maybe my paper and pencils and of course my Bible. Now I’m feeling the struggle to let go of stuff, I would hate to not have my computer since I’ve gotten so used to it.. and indoor plumbing of course! Maybe I should just unload non essentials… now what are those?

What’s a girl to do? Just keep on keeping on to quote the 1970’s and think on whatsoever is pure and Holy and good. I can’t change the political wars or the apathy in the church but I can pray and believe that we will be about the Fathers business and this makes everyday life worth living. I believe there is a time for everything and timing is everything! Shake off the cobwebs and be bold… be amazing for God. Be kind and Fair…. love God first and your neighbor. Just today my youngest helped a new friend with a ride home, saved that kid a long walk after a hard nite at work….he called to tell me it made him feel good to help him… all’s right in the world!

Love everyday, live everyday!


I could not be more bored..sitting at local tire store.. waiting to have new tires put on my car.. for which are too expensive; enough for a small vacation.. ugh 😑 so here I sit listening to old men folk talk, speaking in run on sentences whilst coughing and laughing and patting each other on the back. Who says we women are the talkers? It’s so interesting to listen in, they are unaware of my eavesdropping and inside jokes in my own head.

I’m not so sure why it takes so long to carry out this task.. my car has been “up there” for over an hour… really long in my opinion, my adult son can change a tire on the side of a busy interstate in a few short minutes so what’s the hold up? They don’t have huge trucks flying by and they don’t have to squat down, my car is eye level! But still they stand and gawk and talk and smile and I’m assuming deciding exactly how long they will make this old lady sit and wait.

I have already picked out a new refrigerator here in the showroom ( yes they sell appliances also, one stop shop) I have decided upon a side by side with freezer in the bottom.. I’m needing a larger refrigerator space FYI.

It has been one hour and ten minutes to be exact and the only salvation is we do have a huge TV ( for sale btw) and now I have Regis and Kelly.. strike that.. Kelly and Ryan! See I am old! Their chatter on this particular day is only irritating me even more… I need my cozy bed and the ability to drift off back to sleep to watch this program, instead I’m sitting straight up in a hard chair with the smell of tire rubber wafting in the air. It’s almost sickening now and it still doesn’t cancel out the BBQ smell still in my hair from cooking super last nite. I have such a life!

I feel like I’m writing from my bunker in the communist country of tires (and appliances!) I know this is not the worst spot I have ever been in and it will be over soon I know.. if not, somebody call the President to get me out.. and oh my they have a doorbell here that rings LOUD only to make me look every time and now my neck hurts… medic stat!!! I act as if I am the only one who has ever been stuck here, I do feel sure that I am the only one who has been this miserable. Could this be my punishment for impatience? Or for my disdain for chores? I struggle with the inability to escape ever since I had a MRI years ago, even a car wash will cause me panic, so this is just one more exercise to get through while adulting. When did I become an adult? You would think I would be used to it, considering I am old. I’m not and I won’t because in my head I am only twenty four or so… skinny and crazy in love with my blond boyfriend( for which married me and I still adore!)

Okay we are at one and a half hours into this hostage event and it looks like rain and I want to go home and I wouldn’t mind some Bacon! I forgot to eat before this event so I’m sure I will be pale and thin when I’m released! Maybe a nice GOFUNDME account could be started in my honor for my obvious PTSD situation, recovery will be slow I’m sure. Please give my best to all who give as well as send prayers for release by Christmas!

Ohhhh boy I just remember there is a Dollar General Store next door.. ok I’ll go there to wander the aisles maybe.. oops wait my vehicle has been lowered down, there is hope! I wish they would vacuum it out like the oil change place, it’s the little customer service things that make life better, but I won’t hold my breath.

Think of me kindly as I hold the fort.. it’s done!!!

The Harsh Truth of Motherhood!

via The Harsh Truth of Motherhood!