Today I caught the millionth replay of on of my favorite “feel good” movies, Rudy! Every time I see it it makes me happy and on this day especially, a regular Friday, after a week of, or should I say three months of, sad, frustrating news it was a breath of Hope. I have had a few disparaging moments during this year of turmoil and yesterday was one of them. It felt like my Hope was slipping a little, a sort of overall blah had set in. This was a passing phase and I knew it, but it was still aggravating.

This morning a spot of sunshine came along to encourage me in my doldrums. As I have said, I have watched this movie many times and each time always glad I did. Today good ole’ Rudy pulled me out of the slump. This “feel good” movie did it’s trick and gave me a reminder of the good in people. There are more than not and some days it’s important to remember that, no sermon to follow just a good day for a bit of encouragement! Re-watch it!

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