Thirty Days In…

Three months into the year of our Lord 2020, and it’s already been a “doozie.“ And just today we see that we aren’t finished yet. The new projection is “thirty more days,” and anyone with a glimmer of thought can see that this ain’t over anytime soon. “They” are attempting to be calm about it, for which I am grateful. It’s probably wise, because apparently, we can’t live with out an abundance of toilet paper. All we need is a Pandemic 2.0 and there will be a run on the fresh vegetables! Thankfully y’all aren’t eating much of those. (I’m personally happy about that) I’m gonna be sad if ya’ ll lose it over the lettuce and apples.

I’m not a particularly stock-up type of girl normally. But I haven’t even gone through all of our TP so far. What gives people? Slow your roll, so to speak!

To watch the President let us know that we have the brutal future of staying mostly home for thirty more days (probably more like sixty/ninety days?) was such a disappointment. And I’m generally a pretty hopeful person, but this is all too real for me. What is the point of all this? What will be the outcome? And what or who is controlling it? I know that the Lord is not shocked. Yes, I still believe He is in control. But my biggest fear is that we won’t be any closer to souls coming to Jesus, or even more, that we the church, in the building or out, will become more apathetic (if that’s possible) than ever. Why do we fear the terrorist in a scarf more than a terrorist in our soul? I give you, the ones from “over there” are truly scary. But the spiritual powers of darkness (This Present Darkness, Frank Perretti, again) are lethal and sneaky. And much more violent and deadly than a army of foreigners.

Will we be alert? Will we have our lamps full of oil? Will we be in prayer for those souls who need a savior? Will I? This is the scary part… Will I?

This is a sobering day we are living in. And just to think, it was only a a couple of month ago that many thought their greatest threat was to our 2ND Amendment rights. But in one second our literal freedom to move about is gone (at least for a little while). The good part is at least we are reconnecting to our families. That’s a good thing. But after too much longer it’s gonna be all “Lord of the Flies” up in here! And I’m in very close proximity to a five-year-old thats about to become Jack! (the bossy/scary one) Of course, I’m joking. (mostly) And if I have to be trapped at home, I’m thankful I get to have her here. My heart couldn’t handle not being with her. But the struggle is real, and trying to make her life easy and without fear is job number one for all of us. All families are in the same struggle of having hope and insanity side-by-side, trying not to flinch.

I wonder if people realize what a skinny sliver of space we are standing toe-to-toe on. Will this be the year that God wrap’s it all up? If it is, then okay, I’m good. I know where my heart lies. If you know me, you know where I stand. And if I know you, I hope you will send up a sign that you are okay, too. I am writing a very personal note here. It’s personal for me to know that anyone I know, I have influenced for the good. The Lord has a big house waiting for us all. And to borrow a quote from my wonderful preacherman:

I love you!

I forgive you!

Come to supper!



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