*Silly Tweets

*Silly Tweets

Sunday morning was somber; I won’t lie. The thought of missing our church family and friends once again is a hard fact of life in these trying times. We admonished them to follow the guidelines of the “experts” and medical professionals to shelter at home and “tune in” on line, if possible. But there were a few of us in that beautiful house of worship, who felt called to be there. I was not worried about being there. I find solace in that place. And let’s be real, the few that were present were able to have plenty of space for “social distancing.”

As I sat on the pew, preparing for the start of our worship service, I heard the beautiful sound of tweets! Our robins are back! They’ve returned to the nests they build on the fascia boards under the roof of our church sanctuary every Spring, awaiting on their babies to hatch. I can always hear them; and they get loud, as if to out sing us. This has been a pleasant advantage of where I usually sit, in the front, near an exit door (by the way, when all this crazy is over, sit up front, just us birds up there!). I look forward to the singing of the birds each year. They give me hope! And on this somber day, they did not let me down. 

The Lord has all this in his hands. None of what we are going through is a surprise to him, and with that confidence, I can lift up my head! He’s on the move across our land, looking for us, the faithful Bride, full of oil in our lanterns, and ready to move forward. Quarantine is not so awful… Once in a while it can be fun, like a day or two. But these weeks and weeks of no personal, face-to-face contact is brutal. The lack of joy, once again, is abundantly evident. But, not with these birds. Their silly tweets are nearly comical. They are not affected at all by the trouble in our world. They go through their days just the same as always. They have not one worry in the world, besides a stray cat or two that may get in a lucky swing. 

Outside our sanctuary are the redbud trees, showing their glory, along with the faithful Dogwood. These are signs of Hope that keep me calm. I must always look around to the signs I see on earth to maintain my heart. Because when I see the signs of the times, I shutter with anxiousness. It’s not that I’m not ready to meet Jesus in the air! (Yes Lord, get us out of here ASAP!) But, it’s the actual loss of so many souls that just don’t seem to care. I repent for the moments I have not tried to witness to you, I repent for the opportunities I missed to make sure you are safe in the arms of Jesus; I repent for not telling you, over and over, how your life is not supposed to be stuck here and suffer. that there is hope in Jesus. I repent for not living a life that would draw you to Christ. Did you know I believe in Him? Did you realize that I’m sold out to the cause of Christ? If not, please forgive me. He is real, He loves you and died for you. I did not intend to be so wrapped up in my own world to not tend to my walk. Do not allow me to keep you from eternal life. Those birds are what they are created to be; it’s obvious what role they play in the world. No one has to tell them how to do it. They even kick their babies out of the nest and say “good luck to ya!” (Tweet tweet!) Those babies know just what to do  – look out for cats! And fly fly fly! 

Spring has sprung. That is what’s going on now (last week, and I missed it!). This always brings me joy (I hate winter). But what’s going on in the spiritual realm? That is harder to cypher… or actually not, just more frightening. I’ve read to the end of the Book, and there’s gonna be some scary stuff coming down the pike. When we have a never-seen-before-Pandemic that shuts down everything all over the world, which has never happened before, an unprecedented world calamity, that, my dear friends, is a whole box full of anxious that keeps me praying. This is not when we just take a nap and let it slide. This slumber-saturated quarantine can be as infectious as any germ. And that is where the trouble lies. As followers of Christ, we have an obligation to carry on. to pray effectual, fervent prayers and fast in humility. We must believe, and fill the trees with praises unto the Lord, just like the birds, going about the business of the Father. I hope to be at the same place and same time this coming Sunday, along with.those birds, silly tweeters! 


*Surprise, this title has nothing to do with famous or important people who send out ‘silly tweets’ on Twitter. 🙂

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