The Year That Never Was

The date is April 22, 2020, 113 days into the current year that seems to be actually void of any shiney parts. We are two days away from our 38th wedding anniversary, the preacherman and me. The life we have lived, with the massive joys and few sorrows, has come to a screeching halt. Like everyone else on the planet, we are nothing special. There is one exception – the magical day we said “I Do!”

This year has already been a pain in all of our collective behinds. How do we just bounce back… or do we? I can’t answer that question and will not try. I can only endure today and the trials in front of me. I feel the pressure of the clutter in front of me (when did I become a hoarder?) and the need for fresh air. (but cold air keeps hanging on, grrr) The ongoing question in my head about what I’m going to cook for supper can’t really be blamed on the plague; it’s the circle of life. Yet, still a nice meal out with other people would be nice. My initial internal debate was (way back 100 days ago) do I clean house thoroughly or wait it out? I waited it out… so there’s my dilemma, closing in on me, tick tick tick boom! Then, there’s that pesky frustration of the future, which no one knows but God. The only future I can think about is in two days, the real beginnings of my life, a day that made me smile forever.

Even though this is the year that never was, I will point out this one day. I will acknowledge it, remember it and even celebrate the day I married the cutest man I knew. His boyish charm and hilarious sense of humor, as well as his truly wonderful taste in girls, made me realize he was a keeper. Most of all, he kept me, and still does. After thirty 38 years, he is still the one. He chose me. I got chosen. (sure beats that time I got picked for Red Rover in 3rd grade) And even though this year, when we will be home sheltering in place, we will be together, hoarding junk and avoiding the chores. So it’s pretty much like normal!

Take that, the ‘year that never was!’ Perfect Vision 20/20 (that didn’t pan out) 20+20=40… more like days, i.e., a biblical reference like 40 days until judgment? (ugh, we need a sign folks? Here’s your sign… Jesus IS COMING BACK! Better pay attention!) Then there is the whole President Trump is in office so we hate him and he must disappear. (really, deal with it! He’s not any worse than the other choices, just a smart elec!) There are a million reasons we are stuck in the ‘row row row your boat’ repetition life. What I’m seeing is er’body needed to learn to wash their hands and spend time with their kids. We did that! Please Jesus, let us out! I am assuming by November we will be on to another catastrophe? Maybe not. Maybe there’s no conspiracy theory to be had.. but even so, we got an anniversary to celebrate! We made it this far and we are hoping for many more, my preacherman and me. I love you….and I always will!

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