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Not on my watch!

Most of the time, people usually go along through their normal day without even a thought of anything catastrophic happening. Most of us usually have just about enough steam to trudge thru the mundane and the what is expected of us duties, so when it comes to looking up and paying attention to something out of the ordinary we mostly just sigh and go on. I don’t think it is just us busy Americans, I think this is a worldwide normal. Of course, the terrorists have this figured out already!

Some days though, something is out of “wack”…just a little bit off…..out of kilter…or off kilter? which ever one…. it just ain’t right!! There is a weird shift in the world, a strange feeling…somethings up! As a mother, I find this a constant in my daily life and anyone who has more than one perfect child (just kidding all the parents of one child, I know they can be a handful also…all ONE OF THEM!) knows that when somethings up there is a vibe. On the one hand, you have the guilty trying their best to lay low and on the other hand you have the one who is dying to snitch but wants to be asked, questioned even ….and not really…. out right blab it all. (helps with the guilt of snitching!) The key is to entice them both….I have many years of experience as a bird dog mom that I am sure my four can attest to. MY record has proven that I am pretty good at detective work, really it is pretty easy….usually they catch themselves, bless their hearts, they are not very good at getting away with what ever “it” is. We raised them right and that usually is the proof. They still haven’t lost all sense of right and wrong...whew!

So being a pretty good sleuth, if I say so myself, for some crazy reason……I become a total novice when it comes to figuring out God. Many great and mighty men and women have come before me attempting this same feat. I also have many years under my belt in this area….I have been a believer for over thirty years, I have studied and believed like a child, never straying from the most trusted and valued tenants of faith, I believe it ALL from the ….In the beginnings to the maps! I have taught Sunday school, children’s church, adult classes even…I have filled in, helped out and stood in the gap for pete’s sake…..I am a preachers wife!  A lot of good that does me……God is no respecter of persons for which I am glad of but gee whiz, could he not throw me a bone ever now and then? I am out of clues about what HE is up too these days!

I have come to the conclusion, after much prayer and not enough fasting(obviously!) that even though I am steadfastly a student of perception and discernment, it is impossible to get ahead of God. Usually I can get a sense of what may be up, but these are dark days my friend. Where I “pride” myself (oops, this may be a clue) in feeling like I have a handle on things, I now know I do not. I have NO CONTROL on any of it. I would be a fool to think I do. I have been a fool numerous times, apparently! Control is one of those elusive mind games I play….for which I see that it is just an illusion. The best I can do is keep watch over my own heart and mind and thoughts and deeds, even then I am challenged to keep the course. It is not up to me to “watch” and make sure everyone does what is right and expected. The best I can even hope for is what happens in my own kitchen and even that has gotten away from me from time to time. Question for the day: Exactly how high can we fill a trash can before it all falls in the floor?

My only job is to “watch” and pray. Look up for my redemption draweth nigh……there are many snares out there and in my need to be a watchman on the wall I can’t be the commander and chief of everyone I know. There are some pits and some will fall into them and if they ask for help out I will be there to reach out my hand , but we all have our own lives to lead and choose who or what to follow. My heart tells me to follow after God and that will be enough. Even as I right this I have so many BUTS that come to my mind…but I have to just leave them alone. On my watch I must seek the Lord and pray and probably should try some of that fasting stuff…ugh!


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What’s for Dinner?-redux

my three sons

Lately on Sunday afternoons, we have been blessed to have a convergence of our boys back at home. This is an especially sweet time since two of them live away. The closeness of them to be able to drive back has been a blessing and as boys will be boys….their time is well spent…in battle….once again. Kickin’ it old school today on the Nintendo 64!


Later they ventured off to see the new movie, The Avengers, which is GREAT! I went to see opening day with my hubby, not exactly happy, but in a few minutes I was thrilled I went. Hilarious and exciting and really good. Who knew I would like it? Mindless fun!So the boys left, house was empty…I was all alone……pure heaven! But instead of taking a good ole nap for which I am sorry for now, I got a notion to cook PIE!

My favorite of all desserts and not just PIE but Chocolate PIE….two of them….homemade crust(kinda!) and the PIE my Momma always

secret recipe!

made. Actually her recipe is a secret one. So secret it even has a warning from my sister written on card!   SO in the name of keeping it secret ….I can’t divulge!

Just a few hints to encourage the making of PIE!

I must apologize for my meringue though. As I was standing in front of oven….talking on the phone (first mistake) to my sister (the other one) about not burning the meringue!……I nearly BURNT THE

some of the secret ingredients

MERINGUE!!!  So very frustrating…throw the phone down, burn my fingers…fog my glasses and get them out of oven. The good news is they weren’t actually scorched, just looks a bit brown and tastes great, very light actually. My husband won’t care…he always slings it off and calls it “calf slobber!” He hates it. He got that gem from his grandfather…who was the funniest man alive.


SO enjoy the pics and this was what’s for dinner at our house! Okay, we actually did have great deli sandwiches for which we made with homemade buns (from the Deli), Turkey/Roast Beef/Ham/lettuce/tomatoes. mayo/mustard/Swiss and cheddar cheese and a splash of Italian dressing and a shake of Parmesan Cheese then S&P to taste. Add Kosher Dill strips and chips on the side. It was awesome but

when there is PIE….it can’t hold a candle!

note—important you use Argo Cornstarch, Hershey’s Cocoa, real butter and vanilla! Pie Crust…well, I take a short cut there but just as good!

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Frisbee kinda day!

Nothin’ better than sittin’ on the front porch watching three of your grown kids throwin’ a frisbee! These lazy peaceful Sundays are what make the other dreary days survivable… Even lessens stress and reminds you that the most simple of times are still the best.
These days when the sun isn’t so hot and the trees are budding leaves; birds are chirpin’ and our lil’ black…..thinks he’s a rotweiller! Dawg trips over his tongue from all the running. I have never seen a dog more interested in the chase than this one and would rather die than get a drink of water.
I am loving’ this tiny moment in time, it is what keeps a family strong. I will never be more thankful than to see my kids be best friends. They have learned the hard way that the four of them are the most trusted compadres and even when they are sworn enemies for the moment( usually boys against girl!)they would defend one another with the fierceness of warriors.
Of course this is usually when in opposition to us…the parents. Not much ever changes in the family dynamic which these days makes me even more thankful for my little piece of the pie. I am the luckiest momma in the world and I know it!
My prayer is they will always love/hate each other more than anyone else and remember no other people know what they all know collectively, the battles fought and the hearts broken; secrets kept as well as lives saved. Siblings are a unique group and it is still odd the differences in them even though the experiences were nearly the same. Ah birth order, you are a fickle fate!
But on this lazy afternoon of Scrabble, Sorry(a game of many screams and defeat!) and now frisbee, life couldn’t get much sweeter!

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