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What’s for Dinner?-redux

my three sons

Lately on Sunday afternoons, we have been blessed to have a convergence of our boys back at home. This is an especially sweet time since two of them live away. The closeness of them to be able to drive back has been a blessing and as boys will be boys….their time is well spent…in battle….once again. Kickin’ it old school today on the Nintendo 64!


Later they ventured off to see the new movie, The Avengers, which is GREAT! I went to see opening day with my hubby, not exactly happy, but in a few minutes I was thrilled I went. Hilarious and exciting and really good. Who knew I would like it? Mindless fun!So the boys left, house was empty…I was all alone……pure heaven! But instead of taking a good ole nap for which I am sorry for now, I got a notion to cook PIE!

My favorite of all desserts and not just PIE but Chocolate PIE….two of them….homemade crust(kinda!) and the PIE my Momma always

secret recipe!

made. Actually her recipe is a secret one. So secret it even has a warning from my sister written on card!   SO in the name of keeping it secret ….I can’t divulge!

Just a few hints to encourage the making of PIE!

I must apologize for my meringue though. As I was standing in front of oven….talking on the phone (first mistake) to my sister (the other one) about not burning the meringue!……I nearly BURNT THE

some of the secret ingredients

MERINGUE!!!  So very frustrating…throw the phone down, burn my fingers…fog my glasses and get them out of oven. The good news is they weren’t actually scorched, just looks a bit brown and tastes great, very light actually. My husband won’t care…he always slings it off and calls it “calf slobber!” He hates it. He got that gem from his grandfather…who was the funniest man alive.


SO enjoy the pics and this was what’s for dinner at our house! Okay, we actually did have great deli sandwiches for which we made with homemade buns (from the Deli), Turkey/Roast Beef/Ham/lettuce/tomatoes. mayo/mustard/Swiss and cheddar cheese and a splash of Italian dressing and a shake of Parmesan Cheese then S&P to taste. Add Kosher Dill strips and chips on the side. It was awesome but

when there is PIE….it can’t hold a candle!

note—important you use Argo Cornstarch, Hershey’s Cocoa, real butter and vanilla! Pie Crust…well, I take a short cut there but just as good!

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PIE not PI…..!

FoodFriday #17: Cracker Barrel - Old Country Store
FoodFriday #17: Cracker Barrel - Old Country Store (Photo credit: inju)

In respect of PIE day I wanted to relay my favorite kind… It has to be apple! To be exact I only like the kind that is with pre cooked apples…not the kind that has been sliced fresh and layered in the pie shell with no goopie sugary sauce like stuff, it needs all the mushy flavorful cooked apple part. I am very picky about this fact as if anyone had ever wondered. It is a warm and yummy, cinnamon filled, crusty luscious goodness that is always first on my list of great desserts. I am not a huge dessert girl but if I do indulge it would be pie……I really like pie the best of all dessert! My mom made chocolate and coconut and lemon(3 separate pies!) that were to die for so it is hard to pick. I have the hidden recipes that are a family treasure, our inheritance. I learned to make my husbands dads favorite which was his moms specialty , custard pie. Not a fan but it did smell good! Once again … Cinnamon and nutmeg! A lady who was a family friend made a key lime pie that I shamelessly begged for whenever I could( funerals etc) and then when I delivered my only daughter, 24 years ago mind you, so good i still remember it, a lady from our church made me a Boston Creme Pie, oh my Lord! Not really pie but still as dreamy! LOVED it! My second son loves my fudge pie, not as good as an old restaurant that was in Nashville a ton of years ago, Ireland‘s but pretty dang good! I loved that place, the best little steak n biscuits ever and fudge pie of course. Yep, I would say I love pie, even cobbler will do, as long as I get a lot if crust…. Oh shout out to The Cracker Barrel too, they have a chocolate cobbler that is crazy good, I wouldn’t believe it but my husband made me try it, sold! Why do I doubt him? So in honor of PIE day…..I salute you, the real and only Pie I can understand!

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