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Pumpkin Squares and why I love fall…again!

Example A.

This is one of the best fall foods ever been created. I usually only make this desert once or twice a year and only in the fall and I can’t seem to understand why. Maybe because as a rule I am not a baker. I cook all the time, breakfast…supper….food to survive on. But, the fall brings out the cook in me…the YUMMY FOOD cook.

Desserts are not my forte’ either. I would rather waste all my caloric intake on bread, hot, cold, plain, crusty, french, white…any bread. I adore breads. I do not bake bread; I did at one time during my little house on the prairie days while raising 3 kids, the little stair steps. We were a poor preacher family with one car (ouch!) so needless to say, I was at home all the time. Soon I realized that the guilt from the bread starter was too much for me to endure. Always had to feed the darn thing and I had younguns’ and it was all I could do to feed them.

My revelation of this yummy fall dessert was from the days when my little girl was born, twenty-six years ago and a family friend brought me a get well treat. I was a bit weary since I am not a fan of pumpkin pie but the cream cheese icing pulled me in. Boy o’ boy I am glad I did. Yummy for sure. So here is the recipe if anyone would like a taste of fall. The added bonus is your house will spell divine!!

Pumpkin Bars

2 cups flour-1 cup sugar-2 cups pumpkin(canned/1 can)-1 cup finely chopped walnuts or pecans-1/2 tsp cinnamon(or pumpkin pie spice)-4 eggs-3/4 cup oil(canola)

Beat eggs, add sugar, pumpkin, oil; blend well. Add slowly flour and cinnamon (add really slow so beaters do not spread whole house!) Pour into greased 9×13 glass pan and bake at 350 degrees for 30 mins. The cake will be very dense and smell like heaven.


1 pkg(8 ozs) cream cheese(softened)-1 tsp. vanilla-1 tsp milk-6tblsp softened butter- 1 box of confectioners sugar

Beat softened cream cheese and butter, add milk and vanilla, blend well. Slowly add conf. sugar (seriously slow or there will be a sugar cloud!) Beat until light and fluffy (a few minutes)

When cake cools(good luck waiting!) frost cake. Place in fridge for a while to keep frosting firm. Cut in 2″ squares. ENJOY!!!

Welcome Fall!!

As a side note:

Way back I was the Production Manager/Graphic Artist for our local Newspaper and we did an insert for the holidays and this recipe was one of the deserts!

Just spreading the love, ya’ll!

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PIE not PI…..!

FoodFriday #17: Cracker Barrel - Old Country Store
FoodFriday #17: Cracker Barrel - Old Country Store (Photo credit: inju)

In respect of PIE day I wanted to relay my favorite kind… It has to be apple! To be exact I only like the kind that is with pre cooked apples…not the kind that has been sliced fresh and layered in the pie shell with no goopie sugary sauce like stuff, it needs all the mushy flavorful cooked apple part. I am very picky about this fact as if anyone had ever wondered. It is a warm and yummy, cinnamon filled, crusty luscious goodness that is always first on my list of great desserts. I am not a huge dessert girl but if I do indulge it would be pie……I really like pie the best of all dessert! My mom made chocolate and coconut and lemon(3 separate pies!) that were to die for so it is hard to pick. I have the hidden recipes that are a family treasure, our inheritance. I learned to make my husbands dads favorite which was his moms specialty , custard pie. Not a fan but it did smell good! Once again … Cinnamon and nutmeg! A lady who was a family friend made a key lime pie that I shamelessly begged for whenever I could( funerals etc) and then when I delivered my only daughter, 24 years ago mind you, so good i still remember it, a lady from our church made me a Boston Creme Pie, oh my Lord! Not really pie but still as dreamy! LOVED it! My second son loves my fudge pie, not as good as an old restaurant that was in Nashville a ton of years ago, Ireland‘s but pretty dang good! I loved that place, the best little steak n biscuits ever and fudge pie of course. Yep, I would say I love pie, even cobbler will do, as long as I get a lot if crust…. Oh shout out to The Cracker Barrel too, they have a chocolate cobbler that is crazy good, I wouldn’t believe it but my husband made me try it, sold! Why do I doubt him? So in honor of PIE day…..I salute you, the real and only Pie I can understand!

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