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a little better day

Okay…January 3rd and I am on a good path today….Besides the chicken enchiladas I made for supper last nite for which I only ate one-ish! and the leftover chicken I turned into chicken salad (i make the best!) and I ate one skinny sandwich for lunch today on dry toasted bread (white!..I know bad) and then the leftover chicken broth that was calling out to me to experiment with….I am attempting to master Chicken and dumplings, southern style! Why would a person who already has dumplings for hips do this? Tradition!! My granny is gone and my Momma is nearly gone…well her memory and ability to cook is and there are no more awesome dumplins’ in our world….I am or have not been able to do it yet.

Until NOW!!! My sister is trying also and she got pretty darn close on Christmas…she told me the secret is use the broth for the flour mixture…..hmmmm! good thinking I told her so here I go and I used Bisquick, advice I got from my BFF Cheryl…who knew the chick could make these auspicious delicacies? Silly me she is one of the best cooks ever!! So I did it and if I had any faith and really tried harder and made them less “fat” it would have worked perfectly….The ones that actually got cooked thru and thru were GREAT

This image shows a whole and a cut lemon.
This image shows a whole and a cut lemon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So besides all this carb attack food…in my defense I did only eat a few bites of dumplins’ I have done pretty good today. I had two scrambled eggs for breakfast then the skinny chicken salad sandwich and probably eight tortilla chips (ugh) and then at 3:30 I fixed raw radishes, celery and carrots on a platter all festive and ate a snack before supper while reading. Then we had early supper of 6-8oz steak and one small baked potato and a load of steamed broccoli. All day I have drank only water with lemons, no tea or anything else. I LOVE WATER WITH LEMONS and I have a reputation for it…restaurants far and wide are ganging up trying to charge me for the inordinate amount of lemons i always ask for. My friends ridicule me…doesn’t bother me any….I love it.

My reading today was exciting….Noah and the Ark…all those animals, geez that would be noisy and then silly Noah got a bit tipsy and naked…..sometimes ya wonder ya know….but he had good sons who helped him out…. nice example Noah, so glad he spared YOU! Then over to John the Baptist…don’t wanna mess with this guy….but I like him, he had humility and the good sense to use it…but only on Jesus, the rest of the guys who he called out deserved it…but even them, he would have helped and he wanted to, he showed them the way but as a stiff-neck will do…they ignored him.

My day has been good…eating a bit better…check; Bible reading…check; exercised….? Well, does walking around two grocery stores and not parking right at the door count….? Half a check for that one….Maybe I might drag the exercise bike down and pedal some…..I will ponder that one….drink my lemon water and ponder some more!


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Is this what is has come to?

In my effort to be a good daughter, which by the way, I fail most days…..I went over to my Mom’s this afternoon for a visit. To my joy my sister was there, also and they were in one of their usual Scrabble games. My joy was big because it is easier to be there when she is there too. It is painfully hard to visit with my Mom and it is shameful that I even say this thing. This thing that she would...”jerk a knot in me!” for even saying. My Momma, of before  Alzheimer’s,would have scolded me for such an attitude…but now she is a mere shade of her old self.

It isn’t only the Alzheimer’s to contend with but he is…. hard-a-hearin’ too, as the old folks used to call it. If I am not close by and looking at her straight on she is clueless to what I am saying. This brings up another frustrating subject. About the time my Mom started showing signs of the Alzheimer’s, my sister took her and paid for her a set of hearing aids. Sweetest thing in this world BUT….as I had guessed would happen (because I am younger and smarter!) my Mom would not even wear them! Ugh!

This of course has been a lesson in patience for my dear sister who was doing her best to love our Mom through this act of kindness. But to no avai….l she may have worn them once and no more….the cost was not cheap and at this point down the drain or still in the box, as it were. So during this visit it was me speaking, as loud as I could (and I have a big loud mouth…no comments please!) only to hear HUH????....augh!!!Jesus take the wheel!

The only good part was that every time…I would crack my sister up while saying something funny or smarmy under my breath as to not let my Mom hear me(because somehow she hears that stuff)….my sis would bust up laughing and so would I and our poor Mom siting there saying ……HUH! Bless her heart….in my sick mind it has become a sort of drinking game (without the alcohol!) for me to see how many times I can make my sister laugh after our mom says…HUH!

I am sure there is a special layer of Hell for people like me….and this will come back to haunt me when  I am eighty-three.  The conversation could not get more depressing though…(Mom)…”I have a knot on my head,…(sister) might be a mole?…..(ME)…I can call you Knot-head!…(Mom)……you would have to call me knot-face it’s on my face! Oh geez…the next time she brought it up (ten minutes later) the knot was on the other side of her head/face! Is this what it has come too? Sitting around talking about all the aches and pains we have and to top it off….. also she informed us we need to do sit ups as to lose the weight around our middles and then showed us how!….. for which my response was….”I think sit-ups are out of style now!”

I can honestly say that if what goes around comes around and I know it does (I am living proof) then good luck kids…all four of you can flip a coin to see who is stuck coming to see me on Sunday afternoon! Please know that I don’t blame you a bit….I know how you feel. What is the big deal about getting old? The big deal is we want things to stay the same…some things like our Momma’s. I want chicken and dumplins’ and chocolate pie like she can only make. That I will never get again…..bummer!I want to be able to tell her all my woes and her listen.

So to my crew….I will be with you in my heart…even if you don’t realize it and I have to say I know my Mom would be the first to gripe if this was her Mom…..actually I think she did, less than me of course because I am way more sarcastic than her….like I said, special layer of Hell waiting on me…..ouch!

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