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Who Done It?

I can’t leave the past holiday time without a reflection on one of the prettiest signs of the season…the majestic Poinsettia plant/flower. Just as the first signs of springs, the Crocus and Daffodils, poke their little htn-1ead’s thru the hard earth, to reveal hope for the coming spring….so goes it with the Poinsettia. These plants scream…..MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

This year, someone very special sent me one, very dramatically I might add, from a real florist…all festive and decorated up, huge and fancy. I was taken aback…..I LOVE TO RECEIVE FLOWERS!!! It is my guilty pleasure….(well…. one of them) and I know it is a waste of good money ..blah blah blah….but, if something causes this much joy then WHY NOT? The drama was…. it is still a mystery who…. it came from….WHO DONE IT? I guess I could have called the florist and begged to know…but, why take all the fun out of it?

Many people took credit for the gift, once I thanked the secret flower sender on FACEBOOK …everyone chimed in, it was them….and that is okay too. It made the love feel even more huge. I have a sneaky suspicion who may have sent it….but, If they had wanted me to know they would have signed the card with more than...LOVE YA! But that is enough and what I needed to hear and feel so it was great. Sometimes this is the difference between hanging on or giving up…..I will take all the LOVE YA’S I can get!

So to my friend, whom ever you may be…THANK YOU for making my day and I hope that you get back just as good a friend as I have in you…whoever you may be…..and I hope I am that to you too……

tnGood bye sweet Poinsettia…you were on your way out and this cold icy frost did you in but it sure looks pretty on you!

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Oh poor Spring!

Poor spring!

Here you are coming out all over the place, only to probably be zapped in the face with wintertime!

Here in the South this happens. We fear the dreaded snow and ice and power outages and “black ice!” and when it doesn’t happen, slowly but surely spring starts showing it’s pretty face. First on the scene are the teeny, tiny little crocus, so small they are looked over. Tough kids they are, they peek out even when there is snow and always a signal of more to come.

Next up are the “yep I’m here” buttercups! S-o-o beautiful! I am astonished at their beauty. I so love them. They make me happy. Not to be confused with the happiest flowers on earth, my beloved Daisy! Yet nearly as Great. Every year those precious bulbs force themselves up thru the ground to become the vibrant yellow jewels of spring.

I have been tempted more than once to jump out of the car and “borrow” some! There is a field near my home that is full with rows and rows of these special flowers, which reminds me of the ones at my old home place on the farm. Such sweet memories. I actually, if the truth be known, did borrow a handful from The Great Smokey Mountains National Park about thirty years ago!

It was the first time my new husband took me through Cades Cove and there they were – loads of them. I couldn’t help myself! My hubs was driving the getaway car and you could only go about ten miles an hour! Some thief! Back then I could nearly run faster. Pre-childbirth and might I mention four kids and before mom jeans! I was still in my Calvin Kleins for pete’s sake. Needless to say a VERY long time ago! So yes, I have stolen from a National Park, I am not proud which reminds me not to stop on the side if the road and snatch the pretty spring wake up calls!

Actually I only want to spare them from a sure death because we never get away with an early spring — that keeps. It will snow or frost or freeze the little cups and saucers. (Willie Wonka visual.) Shrivel them up. Sad little joyous flowers. So, poor Spring, you are fun while you last and when you actually come to stay awhile, short as it will be because summer will slam us, zipping to 98 degree’s immediately!

AUGH, it’s the circle of life. One that never gets easier the older I get. Just tryin’ to enjoy the ride!

P.S.: I did snatch the beautiful pic from a friend of some TENNESSEE buttercups. We have the best!