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The past week has been filled with mostly sleep…something for which I have always adored. I am a big believer in sleep and I don’t ever feel as if I have gotten enough. In my book, good sleep is never being awaken up by an alarm blaring! Getting up on my schedule and taking my time. Laying there just till my back is about to hurt from laying there so long!

But……this last week the amount of sleep I have had has been in  epic proportions…..the short of it is….I have been sick. Started with a cold and has become a full-blown “.…i feel like crap!” episode. About the time I thought I was passed it…BOOM back again!! This has really been a burden because when I don’t want to lay around and nap with a side of nap….constantly…all day….I DO! I got stuff to do…canvasses to paint…ideas swirling around my head. All I can muster up is taking a shower! And that is on a good day!

Why is it always the way? We always want what we can’t have…cold cruel world! These are the times that I think too much….hmmm,….” I sure wish I would take better care of myself”, then I ponder…” if I were to kick the bucket…do they (my family) even know how to do anything around here?” Of course my next thought is evil…..NO THEY DO NOT!!!….then I laugh with a laugh of satisfaction! Okay….I repent…it must be my dreaded sickness!

Brings up an important point….I have nearly everything running pretty smooth, all the bills automatic and such, but it is all the other things. I couldn’t even bring myself to look around the bathrooms…eeewwweee! Will they just become horders? It would at least give them a project! Possibly even an opportunity to get on television! At times like these, I am no better….I sure wish I had a “Hazel” to help out….a girl can dream!

Morbid as it is, it is comforting  knowing that I think I could die now and not regret. Sure I want to see if my younguns’ actually “turn out” and if the Downton Abbey drama continues to be the delicious romp that it is and what about world hunger… all those beauty pageant contestants ever solve that one? So many loose ends to be tied. Besides those important tidbits, I pretty much have all my scores settled. I owe no one, with the exception of gratitude and I have told those folks already!

Cover of "Sleepers"
Cover of Sleepers

The drama of our lives is never-ending and sometimes it would be nice to just close my eyes and not remember what all I have been thru (stole that line from the movie, Sleepers) a good line and really sums up the way we all feel some days. My dreaded sickness gets me in this feeling sorry for myself mode!

These days, while I am lying around pitiful and whining about how sick I am, watching sad movies and all the House Hunters (HGTV) I can find intermittently between my naps and all, I think how nice it would be to not remember…..but then I come back to real life and know that first of all, I would have to get better to die and if I weren’t around who would they blame all their troubles on……it is always the Mom’s fault, right!

Anyways…Mad Men comes back on in April and even though I am mad at MAD MEN for dragging the series out so long I still cant resist!! Yes, you have guessed it…I am pathetic…this “latch-key kid” who grew up in the ’70’s does live by the time schedule of television shows. I do better when I am not sick, I do not watch 24/7 but, I still keep abreast of it all. Television was my best friend way back when.

There is no real point today for all this thought-provoking chatter…just a chance for me to say once more…I hate colds!!!! Someday when my dreaded sickness is gone I will go back to fretting about even more silly things…..all in a days work!


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4 thoughts on “Sleeper

  1. Thanks for posting, Rose. I’m not a great sleeper. Never really have been. Then, the older I got, the more I experienced illness, pain, etc., which made sleep even more difficult. So I too am paradoxically grateful for the extra sleep I get when I am sick. Trying to see the silver lining in everything. Oh well. At least–even though I am “bad” at sleeping–that means I will never, ever take for granted a full, peaceful night’s sleep/


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