MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2011


Recently I was drawn into watching a “Mini-series” on the book and old movie, Mildred Pierce. I haven’t ever read the book, but now I want to and I had seen the movie, with Joan Crawford many years ago, so I was intrigued. The feature star was Kate Winslet of Titanic fame, and I love her in most everything she does so I gave it a whirl. Not that this was hard to decide to do, mind you….movie about back in the ’30’s, check!, movie that was a mini-series, check!, movie about love hate, strong women…well I was there! I was pleasantly surprised about it also, not that I had any preconceived ideas, I really couldn’t remember what it was about exactly, but not long into the picture..I knew I was hooked. This was set in the depression age and this women realized early on that she would have to be strong or she would never be able to rise above her circumstances. As I watched in anticipation, I found myself really connecting with Mildred, as a women. I was able to look back onto my life and see the areas that I have been strong and forge ahead even though all I wanted to do was hidden in the bed and pull the covers over my head. I know this is a fictional novel, but the real life contrasts were being made and it taught me about myself. I know that I am a hopeless romantic, that is a given and I am easily drawn into the storyline. But this lady was really impressive and at the same time sad and somewhat down trodden. There was never much talk about faith or God or any other comfort that would possibly help her, yet she was still strong. She is what the old folks call, a women of strong fortitude. As a wife and mother she led the family to where it needed to be, put up with a lot of slack and when the time came to put herself in a humiliating situation to provide for her children, she did just that which turned out to be her best decision yet. I am writing about this Mildred Pierce because of the striking honor she maintained even during the worst of times, I was impressed by her and moved that even during this era when the world was on its ear, Mildred became a women of valor, yet still vulnerable enough to fall into the trap of a man who would never be the one. She like most of us, never learned that lesson. I am different from her in that one, I found the one and kept him, I do live by faith and value the life I have been given. Sometimes it is just fun to escape and relate to someone else’s calamity! It makes me thankful as well. So this is just a silly testament to my life and how blessed I actually am…..that’s all. One more thing…you gotta give a girl a break that goes thru life named Mildred!

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