Baby Girl


Baby Girl!

After twenty-five years of raising a girl, I would have to say that boys are easier! This is my conclusion because I have raised three boys…or nearly got them raised! Do boys ever really grow up? This is not to be said in any way to slight my daughter or to seem as if it hasn’t been a joyous adventure, it has been. But, only to say that it has surely been an adventure! Along about the time my beautiful blond, blue-eyed first-born was nearly one and a half I got the feeling I was ready for another baby…yes, I think I did drink the kool-aide! Crazy as it seemed to probably everyone, I wanted another and not only another child but a GIRL! It took me a little while to accomplish this, a lot of practice…over and over but finally after six months the rabbit died and we had ourselves a baby. This baby in fact is the one I prayed for, made a special request to God, picked her out especially…blond, blue eyes(that was a given, her brother came out that way..ha)A GIRL!, (fifty-fifty chance!) and not just a girl but a spunky, feisty, tomboy, but frilly still, girlie girl! I wanted her to be well….like me I guess! OOPS…what was I thinking? I knew I was having a girl, I painted the room white and pink…had pretty wallpaper with pink flowers, before I had a test done to be for sure..I just knew! I had picked out her name long before we had our first…Bethany, the city of Mary and Martha and when I first heard it I knew I loved it, I had not known of any other girls named that, it was unique..special, only I wanted Esther as her middle name but after NO BODY BUT ME WANTED IT, except for Charles, we loved that book in the Bible so much….I bent under a public outcry (wimp!) I went with the only vain choice..Rose. She now thanks me for not sticking her with ESTHER! So here we go, God does answer our prayers, hardly gained any weight, 13 pounds! she was a lot smaller than Will but perfect in every way…we were so blessed and I couldn’t contain my joy. We all three were so happy, our family was perfect, one boy….one girl…all were healthy. She was beautiful..her skin was like light pink velvet…I was smitten with this little thing. The funny thing was that about two months old she began to be colic ridden…and all that goes with that! She wouldn’t take a pacci..ugh! and when she was asleep…she wasn’t. Dear sweet daddy was the only one who could get her asleep but she still had one eye open..ha This one didn’t want to miss a thing and she didn’t. When she was four months old we found out our joy would be made even more full…I WAS PREGNANT AGAIN! so thirteen months after she was born we had Samuel. So then she decided she wanted HIS PACI! Only to put it in her mouth upside down where it stayed for the rest of the time. There begins the trials and tribulations of raising a girl. They have that precious and so sappy sweet way of getting what they want. If it doesn’t come from asking sweetly they will get it any way possible! This short time we have had this unique, special little girl has been nothing short of joy unspeakable with a mix of feisty ness and a chaser of screaming at the top of her lungs. The real truth of the matter is that it is probably all my fault…I prayed for her, picked her out special and God loves me enough to give me just what I ask for…another helping of ME! He is funny that way…you know HE is laughing the whole time. If I were HIM I would do the same thing. “Hush up lady…I got all these problems in the world to fix and your there whining about a thing that is gonna be, regardless of what you say..I got this…it’s in the genes”. He got all this figured out way back when. I have to say that I wouldn’t change one thing about her….she is the only girl in the midst of three boys and she could beat all of them up, she could rule and reign over all three of them and has at different times, she gets her way, nearly every time and she is smarter than all of us put together. I just hope she never figures that one out…Girls are pretty special…I am glad I had one (only one!) and I am a better woman because I had the honor of raising my little girl. At twenty-five years old today, Bethany, welcome to the rest of your life….the world is at your feet, YOU ARE STRONG AND BEAUTIFUL AND SMART AND GOD LOVES YOU EXTRA SPECIAL! THIS IS YOUR TIME TO TAKE YOUR PLACE IN THE WORLD! Look out world…here she comes! Happy Birthday Bethany Rose…I love you, Mom.

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