Two for the price of one


Two for the price of one!

As I look back on the past years I am reminded of the awesome miracles that I have been given, today especially since on this day twenty four years ago and also fifteen years ago, respectively, I was given two amazing opportunities to see Gods hand at work in two beautiful ways. It has been said that there is nothing more precious than the smile of your own precious baby and I would have to say that there are never more true words. The first one of the September 21st babies was not without incident…not his fault at all, but he came on the literal heels of his loud and proud older sister…well only thirteen months older! Yes kids, mom and dad got busy and we are pleased to announce the birth of our second son..what! Yep that is the response we got…people were mortified, no, shocked, no, loud mouthed and rude about it would better describe it!! How odd that two normal, loving, christian, healthy people would have the nerve to have yet another child only thirteen months after the second one. Oh, I forgot we were suppose to stop at two, we must have not realized the rules. Well, we were young and stupid and happy and in love. How dare we! Needless to say I may have a little bit of an axe to grind, still…writing is therapy ya know! As it turned out, God is good, this new baby came and we couldn’t be happier. He is beautiful and the best baby in the universe. I SAY THAT SERIOUSLY..he was calm and sweet and there were times I would have to look to see if he was ok, he was so good, a juxtaposition from that older sister afore mentioned. This little one looked like my side of the family…I was thrilled, he had the same skin as my daddy, darker hair at birth than the others but soon turned lighter and he was a puddin’ of a child. I was in love again…and all those nay sayers can just talk to themselves, my little lefty (his Aunt Ramona’s fault, btw) has been a joy to love. He has been the calm in the storm and I see me in him and even more my sister Jan(she was the third child too and they are very similar), his eyes are big and dreamy and I am blessed to be his mom. This man now is a comfort and keeps me on my toes, being an avid reader and too smart for my own good, I see greatness in his future. This brings me to the TWO for the price of one part. Zip ahead nine years and to repeat the shock and awe that was so powerful just a few years back we are expecting another bundle of joy! I don’t want to presume to think that anyone including me would think that this comes as a surprise, although I wasn’t really trying to get pregnant BUT I was kinda wanting to. That is the truth, I felt like I had one more to have, I knew it would be a girl and then it would be perfect! Two boys, two girls, everyone would be perfect and beautiful (we do make pretty kids, she says humbly) and with presumption I went, not worrying about a thing…till the day I found out I wasnt just sick…I was with child. I kinda freaked out for about five minutes until my beloved said the kindest words he could ever say to me…” Don’t worry, this is what you do best, being a mommy” and at that moment I was at peace. Needles to say I have failed many times in that department, crashed and burned even, but I sure do love it. Then, after we gave this little one a girl name only to find out HE is a boy! then a momentary fear of something happening within the womb that he could be born without some limbs for which GOD IS GOOD and he came into this world perfect without any difficulties. This little guy was loved to the max before he ever got here….once our ten year old girl welcomed the fact she wasn’t getting a little sister ( Dodged a bullet there, by the way..what was I thinking, ONE GIRL IS PLENTY! How do you spell drama?) Our beautiful boy was born on the exact same day as his brother, only nine years later…Two on the same birthday! As a side note here: also the Saturday UT VOLS played Florida..GO VOLS! After attempting to make Sam believe that he got the ultimate birthday present…a baby brother (NOT) we all rallied around this kid. No one child had more people to wait on him hand and foot. But he sure was sweet, like his birthday mate, easy and sweet and calm and we all loved him so much. I was finally finished having babies, all tied up and complete, I felt now for sure our nest was full, Daddy was loving this kid, we were older and more experienced and this was a piece of cake. Bethany got a real life baby doll to play with and the boys had someone to show how to be a man. We had a blast, it was never a chore and we all loved to love him, this little boy with the big name, Nathanael Joseph, for which I shortened to NJ one day on a whim which stuck. This boy has been a blessing from the start, I know that God gave him especially to me, to keep me going. He has been my own personal life mirror, he is real and honest and confronts my humanity at every point. He has kept me sane (well that could be questioned) but I feel like he keeps me grounded. I like this kid, he is as funny as his dad and as happy a kid as you would ever meet. He brightens my day and has a song in his heart constantly. He loves God and never meets a stranger, welcomes his friends to his world without question. Our family is richer for having him, we all have had a part in raising him, he is the best of us all. Happy Birthday my two for the price of one children….no mother could be more proud of her boys and I can not wait to see what the Lord has for you two in your days ahead. Just don’t forget to take care of me and your dad!

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