Old Friends


Old Friends

Through this crazy thing called social networking I have recently been able to re- connect with some old friends. Old because they were the people from my childhood, not old as in OLD! Well, this is my blog so I can spin that any way I want! So with this new fangled way of communication it is refreshing to “talk” to these people who knew me back then. I am using the word talk loosely; talking via email or chat is good but it is hard to hear the persons tone or inflections in their voice, things which are the parts of the conversation that make it more fun to talk. So after of this frustration I finally was able to speak, voice to voice with one of my dearest “old” friends. She is a person who helped me at a time in my life when I felt all alone. She asked her mom if I could move in with them in her family home and now that I am a mom of four I am so moved at the ability of this mom to take me in. WoW! is all I can say. Her mom was a brave soul and my friend was too. You take on so much possible drama; how brave they were. Of course…I was very sweet and angelic and there was not any drama….pleez! My friend and I talked and talked, with so much excitement, we could hardly keep from talking over each other on the phone, both with our stories to tell, both wanting to say all the stuff we had not had the time to say. Makes me ask the question…? Why did we not stay in touch? What was more important than keeping up our relationship? LIFE got the best of us…she got married to a great guy, for which she reminded me I introduced her to, apparently I liked him first, or at least thought he had potential…until he saw her. BAM! He was smitten! I never blamed him, she is a doll and I was glad for them both, I had just forgotten that fact, she reminded me. That is the fun part of actually talking…..you are able to hear the excitement, hear the heart of the other person, feel their pain as well as their joy. When she answered the phone and said….”Rosie”, I knew I was home. Not many people get away with calling me that. My sisters are nearly the only ones, maybe my cousins but not friends of my old age. Her voice was a sight for sore ears, I needed that hug over the phone. I needed that memory of a friend that knew me before the world got the best of me….I needed my friend. Life has been as good and bad for her as it has me, same stories, differently players. But in that moment on that phone we were nineteen again, driving to Daytona Beach on spring break….in a VW bug, singing Silly Love Songs, via Paul McCartney and having the time of our lives. While reminiscing with my friend about our past lives….I was taken aback by the similarity of my fun life and the lives of my own children. It becomes the old saying about walking a day in my shoes story….it is as hard for them to find their own way in the world as it was for me. As a mom, that is good for me to see. I only wish as adult children they could take advantage of my wisdom…I have been there and done that..in spades! But, they have to learn it the hard way, just like I did. Life is a circle that can’t be broken and I am thankful to have had people in my life to help me along the way..old friends are the best friends, she was and still is a doll and my life is more rich because of her. Old or new they are the iron that sharpens iron, which cause us to be better people ourselves. I am satisfied in the memories of the people who have loved me, I have had it the best and I am thankful and humbled…thanks ya’ll.

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