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Polar Vortex

As I sit here on this Sunday evening, all wrapped up in a quilt and my faithful dawg…watching the news and weather report, I hear the words…Polar Vortex out of  Al Rokers mouth (NBC). What in the world is THAT! and oh my goodness….WEATHER THESE DAYS…geeez!


Al Roker at the 81st Academy Awards
Al Roker at the 81st Academy Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Zip back about a zillion years ago and when I was a little girl there would be a foot of snow from time to  time and this is the south….I have never heard this phrase…..This cannot be good. What is the deal?


It seems like the weather has caused a standstill in the world as we know it. Here in the south, we usually have fairly good weather. It is not Florida but as a rule not so bad. TENNESSEE IS A GREAT STATE TO LIVE IN. We are monkey in the middle of the cold, snowy north and the warm tropical lower south.


C. S. Lewis' house (The Kilns)
C. S. Lewis’ house (The Kilns) (Photo credit: MikeBlyth)


This is a superb yet diverse state and I have lived it my entire life….she says somewhat grimly.….living abroad for a bit would be fun, Paris…..London or Cambridge ( living near the world of C. S. LEWIS. Yes please), heck even NY,NY is on my list…..(a brownstone on the upper east side, a tree lined street in walking distance to all the cool places!)


Back to my point……Since when did our lives become so surrounded by the threat of weather? In case anyone wonders…that’s why we live in Tennessee……usually not so weathery here. We had a bit of snow in the winter, rainy springs, hot, not horribly hot summer’s and beautiful falls but these days the world is topsy turvy! We had a flood that was called a 100 yr flood, tornados and an abundance of other activity and not just here in our little state in the middle but all over.


The whole country is weather crazy and our school system lives in fear, do we or don’t we call off school? So they do as to not compromise the kids(good decision). I love it because I remember how great it was as a kid, but I also do not work a “real job” and have to get day care. Is this a new fear that has gripped our nation, are we fraidy cats, have we gone soft as people…YES!


I being the softest can not really whine ( though I do!) May I repeat….sitting here wrapped up in a blanket and my dawg..I am FREEZING! The words Polar Vortex makes me colder just saying them. Maybe this is the way the world ends someday….we get freezed out, I assure that If it were up to me, I would turn states evidence……Immediately! What do I need to do, what secrets need to be told……. I give, I need warmer weather….


The logo of the United States National Weather...
The logo of the United States National Weather Service. The source page states that is not an “official” version but it looks very close to the version used on NWS’s website. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Polar Vortex is a fancy word for big fat swoosh of a cold cold wind all circling around FREEZING the tar out of us… keep your unprecedented article blast Al Roker….. brrrrrrrr!


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Summer lovin’

Tennessee state welcome sign
Tennessee state welcome sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone who has heard me in the more recent years, whether in ear shot or taken the time to read my written words, has heard me say how much I hate snow…cold weather…all things winter. So I may be the only one in the state of Tennessee that isn’t bewildered by the delicious heat wave we are now experiencing.

I am pretty sure that it is because I have slipped into the old age syndrome of enjoying hot weather more. I can remember when I was a little girl and my grandmother would have us out in the yard “rendering lard” on a hot summer day. Or maybe it was a fall day that was still like summer….sadly another sign of my agedness…memory loss of what time of the year we did this gross chore. Any way, I can remember how she would be so hot stirring the pot and I would think….can’t we go play?..it is soooooo hot sitting here watching her stir!” At least when running we could catch a breeze. My granny though would just endure it…not complaining. I suppose it wouldn’t have done any good…that is the way life was for her on the farm.

I am not in any way saying that a temperature of 104 is nice…yes it is awful…my sweat is sweating (sexy huh!) but I still say it is better than the cold. I even get cold inside our house…my feet are cold, I have to put on socks for which I hate….then I sit wrapped up in a quilt (not a snuggy, how moronic!). I think I must have tired blood.Or maybe I have the rickets…when was the last time I ate an orange, maybe that is scurvy I am thinking about? Could be I am becoming less of a complainer….? Nahhh not me, can’t be that one.

Maybe I am in the process of becoming skinny somehow(it could happen!) …seems like skinny women are always cold, with their brittle little fingers and tiny arms all shivery. And I am the world worse to complain when the car is hot or I feel smooshed in a hot room…panic attack begins to hit…no ventilation…no fan! Yet I am as happy as a clam in our sweltering heat. Go figure!

The only thing I can find wrong is that fall is soon to come…darkness is early and the gloomy winter isn’t far behind. But until then I will revel in the HOT days of summer. I still have all of July and August, maybe they will be slooowwww and breezy. Another thing,  I have gotten in the habit of wanting a huge amount of ice in my drink…which scares me to death…my mother-in-law does that and I also have been carrying around a plastic glass with a lid and straw a lot lately….oh Lord, say it ain’t so! I feel those smirks from my husband…and my daughter….curses!

Oh well it could be worse I guess. At least we stay hydrated!

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