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COMET..and the day I almost died!

There comes a time when the choice to clean or not to clean becomes a no brainer! Today was the day….and the place to clean was …the dreaded shower! I often skip this chore because…well…I hate to do it! It is HARD and I have to take a shower and clean all at the same time. There is no way around it…I am gonna get soaked!!

Today I couldn’t avoid it any longer…I have run out of excuses and on top of that I have no need for a on going science fair project. Okay, before anyone shrieks…..it wasn’t that bad just a little icky around the edges (don’t ask my preachermans opinions please, just take my word for it!) It is sad actually, in days gone by I was much more on top of the cleaning of the home, Back then this was my JOB…..now it is just my thing I avoid. Some people run around scamming to get their next “high”…not me I work on other ways to hire a full-time maid! Do they call them that anymore? If I am politically IN-Correct please forgive.

If I had my way I would be “Mrs. B” and my right hand man would be HAZEL. This is the bill of goods my generation was sold…marry a nice man and he will get you a great maid. I had visions of strolling around with my cute blonde short hair up-do in my pearls and cute strapy heels while Hazel tended to the house and cooking and keeping that ornery kid in line. Who wouldn’t like that….Hazel was the best! I did marry the good man and have the nice house and had the FOUR ornery kids but, as luck would have it……Women’s Lib hit and POOF all my hopes were dashed! UGH…. what were we thinking?

A can of Comet.
A can of Comet. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Back to the point (finally)… on this day as I struggled to get into that awful standup shower situation, for which I hate, who invented those things, what happened to tiled showers….ugh, anyways I began to clean with my trusty COMET (WAIT… I KNOW, its fiberglass and thats a NO NO! but the previous owners apparently worked on cars and even washed them in our showers and tubs and there is no sign of any shiny parts left…aka already ruined!) so the only way to get the crud off is COMET! I shake the COMET on my new sponge called Scotch Brite tub scrubber-the best thing invented

Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges
Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges (Photo credit: Jeremy Brooks)

in my opinion, buy one! and as I shook the COMET I also bent down to clean the lower part and I INHALED A BIG POOF OF COMET!…What’s that emergency number…um cough cough!

I raised up gagging, coughing, nearly blind thinking to myself…”NO one would ever believe this, I died inhaling COMET! …….CLeaning? NOOOOO can’t be true…..”she never cleans anymore” they would say….NOOO impossible!” on top of that I was…um let’s just say, in my cleaning the shower attire! No EMT in the land wants to see all that….I have only lost 17 lbs, not near enough! Finally after what seemed like decades i realized…put your head under the shower spray dummy!…OH OK DUH! That fixed it…I think, I coughed and cried because it was in my eyes and it was kinda scary…ya know!

See, its not that I am afraid to die, I just don’t want to die…UGLY, in an ugly way…neeeccckkked! I have learned a huge lesson. SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR A PROFESSIONAL HOUSE CLEANER SILLY!!! Until then I will try to not suffocate myself with COMET or any other cleaning product…no one would ever believe it anyway! 


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do it right the first time……Ma!

These days my mind has been set on “fixin’ up” those nagging spaces in my house that in the past 5 years have been starring at me…everyday....as if to say …“really? you said and I quote..”I will get those done even before we move in…just a little paint and stuff!”…BUT NO! after all this time…not done!”

For people who do not listen to the little voices in your head that remind you of the TO DO LIST, this may seem like crazy-town behavior? To those of us that have a seemingly constant string of conversation buzzing by, popping up reminding of the stuff that I am too lazy to do………this may seem very sane. Even Freud would have a time with me!

English: Sigmund Freud
English: Sigmund Freud (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To my great joy, one of my kids has a LOVE FOR remodeling,….. i.e. taking down the doors to actually paint them..(weird, I say!) just let them hang there…no muss no fuss!….and painting walls, trim work and such. I would rather touch a frog then do this tedious work. I love to artistically paint (duh, I blab about it all the time) but, this kind of work is a killer. BUT, Not for him….he is in his element. He seems to actually enjoy it! Go figure!

The only rub comes from me trying to “cheap-out” and he wanting to buy the good stuff. I will drive all over looking for the best price for tile….and everything else. He will go and buy and be done with it. Typical Male, I say, not to offend the posse of men in my house but it is troubling to watch. How do they do that…walk in a store pick up and walk out…..boggles the mind. They never even check the price…….craziness!

I must say that he does a good job, he has picked out pretty colors and has his finger on the pulse of the IN STYLE stuff. This is his niche’ and he is good at it. My sister, The Good Ole Girl, gave him all her tools…she too is a fixer upper. She would drive three hours on the weekends after working a very stressful job, just to help me rehab an old house we bought. The gal’s got skills and that must be where he gets it?

I am thankful for  this little gift, my sons ability to do this for his Mom and Dad. His patience is off the chart with this work. This is why I can’t do it….I strip screws and tear stuff up where he just takes it is stride. But…let him lose at playing Spades and he will throw his cards and walk off…where I could care less if I mess that up…just a game! Quirky huh!

Image with royal flush.
Image with royal flush. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Logo for The Home Depot. Category:Bra...
English: Logo for The Home Depot. Category:Brands of the World (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now forever in my head will be the AWESOME MEMORIES of me trying to cypher the cheapest way to buy things at Home Depot and him sigh under his breath saying…”whatever!……if that’s what you want it to look like, junk?…go ahead…..just do it right the first time, Ma!” Wise words from a wise Man….bursting from the seams into these skills he is honing. Bugs the tar outta me though, little punk telling me what to do!! And I do usually cave in and do it his way……ugh!….good times!

So I am taking a Poll….what say ya?    

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