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Seven days in…..

SEVEN DAYS IN………please kind sir…a morsel of chocolate? Why all of the sudden I crave sweets….I am dealing with the lack of bread, slowly but sure this tortoise is winning that race. Now this dreaded craving….Maybe a grape jelly sandwich?? Huh, ?huh?……why does it have to be dark and chilly and rainy and ten thirty at night, not exactly good conditions for a junk food run. Not that I haven’t made the run in worse conditions but, I must forge ahead…and be strong.


I can thank my level headed husband for cutting a very tart Apple, it was delightful but being an Apple…it has already metabolized and I am left yearning. Seven days in and I now don’t like cheese anymore, who knew that was ever possible…sad. The turkey roll ups leave me wanting, sad. This is going to take some creativity.


It seems that when one removes all the crackers and bread and pasta and rice and little sneaks of sweets(okay maybe “big” not so sneaky sweets), one is left with healthier vegetables and meat/chicken


McKee Foods - Little Debbie logo
McKee Foods – Little Debbie logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


choices which makes one ..well….grossed out…..sad. I see this is gonna be an uphill climb…if I had a backpack with some Little Debbie cakes it might be doable!


Seven days in…..growling stomach, probably should not have skipped breakfast this morning…that was dumb and I will not make that mistake again. Time to go to bed and sleep fast so I can wake up to breakfast…… I wish the cook would forget and make pancakes!…I wish we had a cook….I wish I had a mounds bar!!!


Oh Lord help!


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….the Mother of Invention!

About the time the time you think…after thirty years of marriage…..after you think that he can’t do anything to shock you anymore…he goes and flips the world around and shows me up! Let me further explain….I know this guy, good, bad(never any bad of course!) and indifferent, we have been up down and all around, in and out, backwards and forwards….needless to say we have a history.

The things I know are many, as well as what he knows of me…let’s say he could ruin me! We are a team, a force to be reckoned with, we have a club and are thick as thieves. One thing about the preacherman is that he can make gravy….he sat at the feet of his grandmother Pearlie, watching and learning. He loves gravy and biscuits…he is a preacherman what’s the big shock, he is a southern white man, and a preacher…gravy and fried chicken are in his DNA! Also, anything wrapped in bacon….he jokes that even his hand wrapped in bacon would be tasty!

So on this usual Saturday morning when I am grumbling under my breath as I go to the potty for the tenth time of the night….that I would like it quiet with not TV, i.e. hunting shows  or even Duck Dynasty! which are the bane of my existence! and further more I would even prefer to have the room alone..pillow over my head, peace and quiet, nobody talk to me sleeping late on Saturday morning …morning! Sweet as he is he goes into the dark cold den…alone.

In my defense, he could stay…just sleep!…no TV or light or reading of books or running of the Apple Ipad or Iphone…ALL EYES CLOSED! I am a serious sleeper! But, he cant sleep anymore unlike me who knows no limit, sleep is good, sleep is the best. He goes and waits til about ten-thirty and sneaks in to say,“…honey, could you come make biscuits?”  UGH! in my head I am thinking…why didn’t I hide the sausage?…Wamplers, wamplers its good sausage, made on the farm in Tennessee! …lalala…..The song is running through my head. For those who are not from East Tennessee, this is a song commercial on the radio advertising a  local home-grown/made sausage and a local big family who we know well. I had once worked for one of the sons, Riley, who was the County Court Clerk for years. A good man and a good family. They know their sausage as well as all the other parts of the pig…from the feet to the snout! God Bless Loudon County, TN!

I then drag myself up…with only eleven hours sleep…ug!!!! and find out I have no Bisquick nor Crisco shortening as to make biscuits. Oh well, biscuits and gravy are a terrible thing to eat anyways….we have been attempting to eat better…anyways…I just went to the doctor and got weighed and please do not make me think of that horrible thought again. So back to bed, so sorry, it is better for us anyways…….but……

I wake up from my first of hopefully many naps I will take today, scoot back into the kitchen and this renaissance man has looked up on that little IPAD a recipe for biscuits made with butter! He made them…all by himself….and a big mess on the counter….but he was so cute sitting there…all covered in flour and proud. He, my preacherman….the guy who can barely lift a finger because he is so busy with preacherman stuff and “….he doesn’t know how, excuse” and ..”honey you are so good at cooking!!” yea right…..! man of mine, took the initiative to figure it out all by himself!!! Don’t tell me the miracles don’t happen!!

Pretty darn good biscuits!
Pretty darn good biscuits!

There they are…sitting in there in the oven, beautiful! I wasn’t sure whether to be mad or glad! In actuality…..this is a good thing. I know that when I am dead after my tragic and eventful death, from my painful and sad long battles with whatever made up disease I come up with, my dear beloved can keep himself from crying himself to sleep at night after losing me! ….in the knowledge that he can make himself biscuits to go with his amazingly great sausage gravy! He is the king of sausage gravy and canned biscuits just don’t cut it. And while I am still hanging on in this world….he can still make his own and not wake me up any more!!!  I love this MAN!!


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