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Dear Diary

Dear Diary!

20120420-090733.jpgDay two walking around the block with Buddy … oh boy! I was dragging my big feet along only to be shown up by this skippy little friend of mine … ugh, man’s best friend my foot!

He could have cared less that I was in mortal pain and, as much as I want to blame it on my bum foot, I really can’t. It’s my pumpkin shaped, lard filled, jiggle-jiggle body! Dear Diary…..must loose weight!

We actually walked twenty-five minutes this time, went wild and did a random cul-de-sac which Buddy thought would have some interesting smells, but to his disappointment, in the same way Yukon Cornelius from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer responded … th, th, th, nutin’! He literally seemed disgusted. But hey, we got five more minutes on our “walk one hour a day” goal.

20120420-090757.jpgI must say my zeal wasn’t like it was yesterday. It was windy. Yep, that was it, it was the winds fault! That works for me. As I sit here unable to move … ugh!, and I think I am smelly … time for a shower, this leading by example part is a killer. I have committed to taking an active role in my health and well-being.

It is amazing how much thinkin’ you can accomplish out there on the walking trek … which is probably why I like it so much. Sometimes I nearly drive myself crazy thinkin’ so much. The only person I know who seems to be like me is my youngest son and he chatters like me too, we are quite a combo!

Dear Diary, tomorrow is not a school day and I don’t have to be up early. Lord, help me get up and walk!

I guess I do owe it to Buddy! We are gonna have to go a different direction for some new smells and some pretty flower specimens, though. There is always something for both of us!

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Twenty minutes of heaven

“They” say that to begin on a fitness path it begins with the first step…..but for my scruffy dawg it begins with the first sniff….sniff, sniff! My faithful friend and I made a conscious choice for our collective health and well-being, I have noticed his self loathing and secretive trips to his bowl late at night! Bless his heart. So for twenty minutes this morning he was in heaven!
I have to be his support system, I know what it is like to feel out of control and if I can be an encouragement to him then I must. What kind of friend would I be if not.
So right out of the shute he heads straight for the monkey grass, he ponders there a little too long, think he likes the feathery feeling as he walks over it…then he relieves himself….then to the rose bush…hmmm better just sniff that one!

Then to the gutter drain for which my son and his cohort lost the frisbee in, for which they used “duct tape” to retrieve it and then proceeded to use tape to cover drain…with no thought mind you of the next big rain and the back up of water when it can’t drain properly or actually maybe just the debris! The logic of teenagers!
So we walked the neighborhood and I have never seen a dog more happy …..he sniffed and tinkled and etc more than I could ever imagine, he’s a little punk dog so I am not sure where he puts it all….not to worry now he’s good for the day!
Somehow it is more enjoyable to walk with this fella, not so lonesome dragging my out of shape(I have a shape, it is just like a big ole’ apple!) body around the block. I did good for my current foot condition, nine days after face planting on the stairs at the Curb Center. My foot is still painful, green and purple… Swelly and ugly but I have had a hanker ( a southern word by the way) to start walking again. At my present size it is the one thing I can do.
Take care of your body people!! I was told that a million times and now I know why….ugh!
The walk was good though, I love to look at the houses and the flowers and this one tree was covered with ivy for which I think is beautiful, although it appears to be a great place to find snakes sooo I will just admire from afar!
It is very relaxing to walk (listen to me waxing poetic about how enjoyable walking is…..see if I do it again in the morning!!! I crack myself up!) the neighborhood and look at all the houses which is the best part. My scruffy friend would probably disagree, he seems to love the smell of every single mailbox and to mock all the other dogs that are trapped behind the fences like he usually is. He appears to walk or strut a little taller when a neighbor dog starts barking…. and I guess it makes me walk a little taller knowing this is one thing that makes my Buddy happy! Not that he asks for much…he’s a very sweet friend and a good frisbee player by the way!
After twenty minutes of walking at a pretty brisk pace we are back home only to come back to the same silly rose bush…..still prickly Buddy! Good walk dude!


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I have been thinkin’ a lot lately about how amazing it is to live a long life. I have recently heard through some of my old friends from high school that there are several people who have already passed on and some at a young age. I guess that isn’t very hard to believe but when its some of your own age group and people who you had known that seemed invincible, die…well it’s just odd. One of the girls is someone who I had not known very closely, she was extremely popular and seemed to date all the cute guys. But now she is gone..early in her 30’s. Wow! What a waste if we don’t live our limited time here on earth to the fullest…I am guilty. Oh the time I have wasted. So many thoughts I have yet to think and dreams undreamed.
When I was young I would spend my days at my granny’s house. My brother and sisters would go to school and since I was too young I was blessed to have my granny close so I could stay with her….the best day care if your mom has to work by the way. Or at least it was for me. She loved me the best…..I was her favorite! Some may disagree, but they would be wrong….I promise! She had a great tree in her front yard, a silver leaf maple. I have a thing about trees. I love them. Could there be a better or more efficient use of Gods design. They do so much. On a hot day the temperature drops 10 or 20 degrees, at least! when you get under their shade. Okay anyways, this tree was the bomb in that yard. It was old and huge, it had that sorta peely bark, not as good as a Birch but ok. it was grey, peely and had the smaller roundish leaves that were ruffle-y.So I would lay flat on my back in the grass and spend hours (maybe only minutes, idk) and think and dream and plan and reflect. I had big happenings as a 5-year-old,; a lot to think about. But, the wind would blow through those leaves and they were silvery on the back and it would be so pretty as they flickered in the wind. That kind of time spent is never wasted and when I would look up and see all those branches shoot out from the truck as if it were lots and lots of roads leading to new worlds. Well it was a wonderful playground of adventure and our lives are so full from all the minor events of our life…those minor events are what make the major events tolerable. Sometimes it is comforting to think back to those times and remember how simple life seemed. Of course unless you are 5 and you feel like the whole world is resting on your shoulders…there is a lot of pressure at 5……favorite doll?, hmmmm! Raggedy Ann or Chatty Cathy?