Take it in stride!

Today I had the honor of speaking to some of the most wonderful women in my life. Women who have, in just a few short years have taught me so much about the Lord. I have been encouraged and blessed by by their tireless ability to serve and love unconditionally. So when I am able to speak to them something the Lord  has told me, I know is like “speaking to the choir” of sorts…most of them have survived more than I will ever know. But this is what the Lord gave me to say… maybe it helps someone besides me…

Just for a minute I thought about the past year and what would someone describe me to be like … angelic.. maybe? Or was I a shining star amongst my peers? Or maybe I was more loving this year? I think about what I want to be more like? What would be more helpful in my life to serve and give of my time the way the Lord would see fit.

The other day I was asking the Lord what he would have me to talk speak about… and the words… “Take it in stride” came to my mind…..Hmmm …Take it in stride…uh oh!

I looked the phrase up and the dictionary tells me…

To cope with something unfortunate without much effort; to accept or manage difficulties well.

Ok….good joke God!

Thanks …like I didn’t know already that I don’t exactly excel at this particular thing..I’m not so good just going with the flow every time life gets tough!

There are some days that I could use a big ole’ Angel, to intervene, to get me out of the jams I get myself into………….Notice I said… “ I get myself into!” and other days I feel myself needing to show a little more love to those around me especially those closest .. not take them for granted so much.. show kindness where I pretty much want to grrrrr! (Take it in stride Rosemary!) I hear ya Lord! But then I look around and wonder .. how it all gets so crazy.. why didn’t I listen to Jesus and mind him? ( the words of my preacherman in my head!)

How did I get myself out here all alone… the only women unable to get it right, just me alone in the cold cruel world! But then… I look up ..and I see a star, a bright and shiny beacon of light that leads me home…or maybe it was a street light!

Taking our lives in stride should be technically easy….. just make up my mind right! ….but, in the day to day of it all is where it gets muddled. But I think that’s exactly where it’s supposed to be helpful, to take all those “little foxes” in stride and manage the difficult parts of our lives. We all live in the same time and space and young or old there is a new aggravation just waiting to attack….yep, today will be the day I will rise above… today’s the day I’m just gonna chill and go with the flow… TODAYS THE DAY IM STARTING MY DIET!! Oh boy! The struggle is real.

Exactly how many do overs do we get? Well, as always I start off strong and sassy and BOOM! Zzzzzzzzzzip I died! just like the end of Super Mario……video game.

But really the facts are this… there are angels watching over me…I do not have to be one! Now they may be a little scruffy, they may be like It’s a Wonderful Life Angel—Clarence Oddbody, but we have one or a thousand!…. Ready to be dispatched at the very voice of God to help me out.

I don’t have to wonder if I am loved, GOD is love.. He loves so much he sent his only Son to save ME! especially me. How cool is that! I have a husband who has been there 36 yrs, who has not just “stuck it out” but comforts me and loves me, unconditionally every day…bless his heart. I have children who would fight off  hell for me and the eyes of a four year old that grows my heart three times larger ( the Grinch reference duly noted, I tend to be like him some days)!

And when I’m searching for help, I can look up and see the star that leads me home… I dont have to attempt to be the brightest and most shiny.. it’s not even possible!

This Christmas, like me.. attempt to take life in stride (I said attempt, all Grace accepted, please) and realize the important stuff is what’s going on in between the big stuff. So what if it all doesn’t get done, so what … unless somethings on fire, is it really that big of a deal..??. nope.. it will be there later.

Visit people, especially the elderly and even the young, those children who may need a special treat…look at a fancy magazine.. dream for a minute, take a drive, whatever nourishes your soul!!

Every time I drive out to the Amish countryside I am reminded of being a girl.. running thru fields, collecting daisies.. it strengthens me somehow. This time allows me to breathe a minute… until I haul it all home and remember all the work involved… to put it up for winter. (ok just breathe Rosemary!!)

Maybe this will help you remember to take it all in stride ..Remember this….


I love you all so much thank you for reading and I pray blessings to you all!

Please leave a comment-good therapy!!

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