A Good Day

The street I drive down nearly each day has a good end and a dodgey end. The last two blocks are… well, without judging, appear to be sketchy. But at the very end there is a home with the sweetest yard. It is the bright sunshine at the end of the street and it makes me smile each time I pass by.

When I worked early in the morning, I would drive past and at 7:30 in the morning there the little lady would be, weeding, planting, mowing her sweet little yard. It brought me comfort, it felt like home because I could visualize my own Mom out in her yard working hard to cultivate her beautiful flowers. She, my Mom, grew the prettiest Zinnias, a old fashioned flower that I rarely see anymore but they attract butterflies and bees which is really the purpose I assume but they sure are lovely…. besides making me smile of course. She always grew them at my beloved farm and they were a staple in her garden along with roses, iris and marigolds as well as varied climbing vines. I miss her flowers…. I miss her.

Today I was going home and this sweet lady was out in her yard at 2:00 in the afternoon which seemed late in the day for her, she was near the street so I decided to stop, not wanting to startle her but to tell her how beautiful her yard always is. I let her know how I enjoy her yard and she seemed tickled I stopped. I told her I lived at the other end (the “non-dodgey” end!) and I pass by nearly every day and it reminds me of my Moms yard. She was quick to humbly tell me thank you and that it keeps her busy. She said she rather have her flowers before she dies…I concur! She told me she is 90 years old!!!

I am humbled by her energy and work ethic… WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE! She was so kind, I told her we moved here 4 years ago to this little bedroom community and my preacherman Pastors a church nearby. She seemed happy to meet me and I just was honored to know her. She let me know her daughters told her to stay busy after she retired from her factory job (factory jobs are hard work by the way) so she works on her yard, everyday like a master Gardner, in this wee town that seems like time forgot on some days. She seems not bothered by the sketchy types that live just a few doors down, I’d guess she’s lived in the same house her whole married life. She was there first. There was no mention of her husband and I assume he’s already taken his rest. She didn’t seem sad or lonesome or at all bothered by all the work, it keeps her young, obviously. (Ahhh that’s the secret!) no wonder I’m achy, I’m lazy! (Like I didn’t know already)

We had a nice chat and I left her there, in her oasis on the end of the street. I’m reminded how much I love flowers, how terrible I am at growing them, that gene escaped me and was given to my two older sisters, they are really good at it also. I’m not like my Mom, I’m not creative that way, but I found out that my Aunt Rene, which was my Dads last Sister to die, must be where I get my bent from. She passed away last week. She was a good women, her son was what I thought the funniest person I knew( when I was little) Andy was always sweet to me. The preacherman eventually beat him out of that category. Unknown by me, she was a great artist, a painter… I wish I had known this info along time ago. I would have loved to talked to her about it… to see all her artwork… talk her out of a piece? She was also 90 years old, she was an artist and a avid bowler.. who knew…?…once again..WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE! Lordy I think I’m to pay attention… ok Lord I get it.

The time is short.. I feel that, the world is spinning so fast and the time that we have here is slipping away, I am not an amazing artist, I do love to create art, and if I never pick up another paint brush I’d be sad. But I do admire anyone who lives life with such great significance and joy. My Aunt was a sweetheart always smiling, she loved the Lord and I wish I had been able to speak to her about that also, this little lady at the end of the street is important and a necessary component in the beauty of our world, like my Mom, they create a world of magic with seeds, soil and water. Not as simple as it sounds and they appear to take it in stride.

If for no other reason but to remind me to make an effort, I appreciate the talents and fortitude of the older generation, without them I’m not sure if anything will get done. We will miss them when they all are gone, in my family I am quickly becoming the older generation, too much pressure for this chicken! But even so, I’ll work on my legacy..whatever it will be. I’ll continue to grow where I’m planted.. sure do wish I had that green thumb!


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