The common Cold

Let me preference this post by saying that I, in no way shape or form, am trying to compare my sad little life to those that have real sickness and life altering diseases, so let’s be perfectly clear on that! So when I say I have been slammed with a cold for the past week (yes I am whinny) and I have about had enough of it, I mean WHAT THE HECK IS THE DEAL WITH THE COMMON COLD!

I am sick and tired of this annoying thing called the cold, you feel it coming, hoping against hope that it will pass on by, then before you know it…you just get all the life slapped out of you… coughing, sneezing, headache, stuffy nose, runny nose, light hurts the eyes, weak as a kitten, can’t eat, starving all the time, sleep for days, try to shower and nearly puke & pass out, so hot nearly sweating, Lordy it’s so cold! Kind of sickness that they call common.

You wake up to all of it at one time…days pass and you finally go to the doctor, she smiles and says here’s a antibiotic and you will just have the ride it out! Thanks Doc for nothing! It’s not that I want a dreaded disease… of course not but geeeeez can I not have a antidote, some kind of magic potion? We can surf the Internet and communicate to people within a split second but yet the super awful, just waiting to capture one of us when we least expect it common cold just slithers around us picking us off like sitting ducks… and this has been my week. Not cool! I got too much to do, I have a life y’all!

I’m pushing myself to feel better faster besides the obvious reasons, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired… but I also have a family reunion this weekend, my cousins are meeting and I want to go! Some have traveled a long way, they are my connection to my Mom and Dad..they are the first friends, they are the people who are knew me when…and I am going to be so sad if I can’t go… and now my little gidget, Ellie is trying to get it… I wanted to take her to meet them all, her family, her cousins, for a day to enjoy that time of running and playing with her people; so praying she doesn’t get sick and praying mine leaves fast and praying that someone smart will figure out the whole mystery about the common cold….Lord help us all!

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