Stringing with friends

I have been unusually fortunate to be given a group of friends who are truly special, maybe I have been such a wonderful friend that I have earned them…umm no….I am positive that is NOT THE REASON! I wish I could say it was, that I have “paid it forward” so much that the “universe” is giving me a nod…Nope! I’m smart enough to know that I am not that good. I Can show case and point of friends that are so much kinder and giving to me than I have been to them. I am a good friend but because of my chronic laziness I assume I  am not the top of the heap.

Because of Gods good grace He has continued to give me people in my life that have encouraged me and given me the kind of friendship that can only come from Him. Through my life there have been some special ones…Nina Kate, Judy, Kim, Donna….Cheryl, Jane, Denise, Sue, Trina, Karen…Carrie, Maryann, Lori…and many more, no reason to name the names really, they know I love them…but I did a few just because. I also have a special group of women, here in Lawrenceburg that are sent by God to love me…and my family. I am honored to live amongst some of the most talented and hardest working women that have ever been called of God. It’s one thing to be helpful, lend a hand here and there but these women go above and beyond. I would name names but I would not want to leave anyone out(ok, I might!) and the ones that are on this special list… are not even probably on Social Media or read my blog.

Back story—-Two years ago, my son was hours away from death, a surprise to us all which kept him in the Hospital for close to three months. The amazing news is he survived!!! By Gods Grace and mercy my son survived and became stronger and better than ever… I stayed with him in the hospital for two solid weeks, intensive care, praying and interceding for my sweet kid(ok he’s an adult but who’s counting!) and this was just in the middle of garden season. My beloved Amish town that I live near was bursting with garden veggies and I was not home to reap the benefits. But God…..

Upon the return to my new normal and my son was out of the woods and I came back home, visiting back and forth and without me knowing it, these lovely women friends of mine made the sacrifice of their time and did the sweetest thing for us. I came home to jars and jars of green beans and quarts of corn, all canned and made for me to put in the freezer and stock my cupboards. Two of my favorite vegetables of all time were done for us and I know what a tough job this was. They all knew that we loved these veggies and knew this had been a harrowing time for us so they put feet on those prayers and got to work! I cried when I saw it.

Yesterday, now the third time in a row, these women spent the whole day “helping me” break, string and can fifty plus quarts of green beans! That is sacrifice of time from their families even though this year we aren’t in a time of trial they still showed up, ready to bless us and besides the blessing of all those beans, the minutes and hours spent sitting with them stringing beans around a table so reminded me of when I was a little pig tailed girl playing under the quilt frame listening to my Granny Maxwell in the midst of an official quilting bee, talking with her church friends. This was no different, It is precious one on one conversations many times all of us talking at once, working out the worlds problems and reminding me of how fleeting this way of life is.

I’m a country girl who lives in the city; I’m not complaining since I appreciate the cool comforts of an industrial world but it brings peace to my spirit to be among these strong, vibrant and brave women. Women who have stood the test of time, who didn’t need to prove a point… they just do what needs to done, no excuses and no compromise. They have lived lives of great joy and as well great sadness; the prayer requests are many but they continue to visit the sick and cook meals for the home bound. They are the for real Proverbs 31 women and they are teaching me while they live it every day. I could only hope to be as committed as they are to the service of the Lord. They are champions and leaders; they are my friends.

The time spent with them enriches my life…Mabel, Joyce, Freddie Mae, Lois, Melissa, Donna, Carol, Glynda; most of them are several years older than me and one hundred fold wiser and without realizing it teaching this preacherswife how to serve. I am surrounded by the beautiful ones, women who are real and true, women who string beans with me and breakfast/lunch with me, it’s a tough group to break into but when I did I fell right into the funnest bunch of girls. I love the hound out of them! I pray that I will grow up just like them all, I pray I am respected and loved the way they are. I pray my daughter and granddaughter find their way into the lives of such confidence and independence of these true life “god fearing” gals. I pray one day I will be thought of this way….(note to self )–start today being faithful, loyal and a good friend.

Many women have touched my life.. here are just a few–

Sharon, Janice, Ann, Nancy, Susan, Ornella, Ruth, Kim, Nancy, Ramona, Elizabeth, Debbie, LeAnn, Carmen, Angeleea, Sandy, Jody, Francis, Jean, Jo, Brenda, Ruth, Maria, Jan, Lila, Roxie, Amanda, Jill, Jackie, Myra, Rita, Joyce, Jessie, Tina…..and the list goes on….and always Bethany, Ellie and my Mom, Marie.

1 thought on “Stringing with friends

  1. I’m not sure why, but this post brought me to tears. Tears of joy that you’ve discovered (and been ‘awarded’) such treasured women. I was blessed to see women like this in action while I was younger. I have to be honest, they’re not everywhere. Or maybe, I haven’t found them yet. So, I’m learning that if none are around me, perhaps I can be the start of it… Thanks for putting your thoughts where we can reap the benefits of them!

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