The Bounty of Summer

Today’s haul was a huge amount of corn..fifteen dozen ears of corn…I was fortunate to find a bit of Okra.. sixteen pounds which after I  fried to freeze came to a sad little batch of only six quarts, but it will be magnificent non the less. I also threw in a load of tomatoes and cucumbers of course as well as onions and one single Eggplant.. just because I’m not sure what to do with it… hello Google!

Next up was more Squash and Zucchini, my love for squash runs deep, I must have enough to comfort during the long winter days….I am already missing summer gardens (and summer not even near over) but hopefully my freezer will be full soon. My little kitchen helper was on the job today… helping just as hard as she could… she is very diligent for which I’m sure will rub off when she hits about thirteen years old….maybe not, I will keep hope alive!

And all in one of her numerous Princess dresses… I mean she gotta represent! Of course since I am a modern women we gotta be in the den doing the bagging, ever so carefully…an important program is on… Anne with a E; Anne of Green Gables…one of my all time  favorites .. this is one of many versions…just multi tasking y’all!

Now I am looking down the barrel of fifteen dozen ear of corn.. help me Jesus!

Please leave a comment-good therapy!!

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