Whew!….What a week! I have suffered the painful life of a BUM all week! Since Someone was going to have to do it, I volunteered! Going on “holiday” with my beloved family is and has been a great joy for myself and my preacherman. We must call it “holiday” since Peppa Pig who is British calls it that and our beautiful Ellie (granddaughter extraordinaire) loves Peppa Pig and of course that’s enough for us! This holiday have been holy days for us since a lot of  years have passed and it has been ages, eons even since we have been on a real vacation together, the whole family! Aaaaand this was no exception except one of my brood decided to skip it….yeah he knows who he is….stayed home to work, lame excuse! I really wanted us all but I felt that he is a grown adult and if he chose to stay home and miss all this fun, then oh well. We sure have missed him though…he is the most calm one of the bunch…he tends to be a buffer for us when we want to take a punch! Did I say that out loud? I am sure we are no different than other families on holiday, we have crazy mishaps, speed limits, toll roads and pouring down rain; not great hotels, windshield wipers(in the midst of a monsoon) just flying off scaring the living daylights out of us…..traffic and more traffic, gotta love Atlanta, GA! and the fifteen lanes of traffic( its just everyman for himself on that raceway), and lets not forget the difference between a vehicle GPS and a Apple IPHONE GPS which the latter is more updated. Many, many ridiculous layers which makes for a long tale of woe that will be funny as time passes.

The fun part is it isn’t over yet, we still got three days of the fun in the sun and knowing us….we will live to regret it all…..even through all this…I wouldn’t be anywhere else, families are created to be the first teaching expedition on how to cohabitate with strangers, this is the petri dish for society, if kids can survive the family dynamic and even dare to endure it all when they are adults then we got us a horse race. I have told them all, treat people how you want to be treated and this is a good foundation for life, although they do this well outside our family unit(yippie) when we all are together, that good old kid code, oldest to youngest and all the rules that apply is the biggest obstacle. Of course its only good clean fun, they say.

We have laughed and cried, we have had heart to heart conversations and pretty good arguments and when its all said and done, I would rather hang with these people than any other in the world…there is nothing like it and I will look back someday and miss them all. Of course I already miss the loser who stayed behind! I’m pretty sure he is missing us right about now, I left him with little to none ready made food, and being a family as big as ours when we all leave it is nice and quiet for a while then it just gets weird and lonesome. I miss him and I miss my home, I miss that scruffy little ‘burg. I am definitely missing the lovely Amish vegetables and will make a point to go after some as soon as I return….and I have learned a huge lesson these past few days. I am really old.

Old and feeble and out of shape and unable to even lift my legs over a pool….what happened to me… I used to swim like a fish…I was spry, I was not flabby and achy and had energy! This week has given me the incentive to change, I must use these parts to keep them…..not only am I overweight, I am just physically worn out…my muscles have gone off to another woman who will take care of them. If you are looking for a tell all well here it is! I’m unable to stomach the very sight of me, BUT…I know it can change, back to basics…walking. Then back to “if its white don’t bite” and just get my old lady legs back in shape! If I am gonna see my next birthday (October btw if anyone wants to know) then I gotta get to moving.

So this will be the deal, starting now….I mean next Tuesday (cant let all this vacation food go to waste!) I will make the effort to take care of the body as well as my spirit. I know that unless I want to live in the horizonal position in some nursing home then I gotta get to moving! SO now we begin the time of prayer…its gonna be a long haul…

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