Most things in life aren’t as simple as one, two, three….rarely are steps this plain to see much less revealed. In a year there are twelve months and as I have become older (yikes) these years take less time to move forward…it was only the year of our Lord 1982 just a few short minutes ago. I mean its insanity how fast time do fly!

Although, there is a wierd “quinky dink” that occurs each year….the first three months are the longest, each one of these three months last at least a year!…. and this is because they are the coldest months….one, two, three months are a lifetime. I have given this way too much thought and I am sure my neurosis is painfully annoying to most people as well as it is to myself. If I could only be a bear and hybernate!

The bears are lucky…they eat like wolves all year then they climb in a cave or hole and pile up for their slumber…sleeping away the entire winter, I really think I could handle that! It is not a depression or any kind of medical or pschycotic disorder (I dont think?..hmm) that I have…I just hate cold weather. Hate may be a strong word….I do not use it a lot…but I do use hate when speaking of snakes and the Devil and anything that hurts a child….the big stuff, winter is up there on top.

I know I am a broken record…who cares, right….but, it is helpful to own my stuff….at to least to me! These first three months are cold and dark and it feels dead out side. I have told myself it is a needed rest for the great outdoors, I do get that and I’m not second geussing the Lord on that one but for me, in my opinion who needs it? I am fortunate I live in Tennessee..if I lived any further north, well…….. I cant even think upon it!

I get why people retire to Florida, although that option is out for me considering the first thing I hate is snakes and they slip around all over the place (I know I wouldnt live in Arizona for this very reason, although I do think the cactus with the arms are really cute!)) along with all the other creepers like lizards and scorpians, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera! I do think if I could fall into a house on the beach I could be pursuaded though…..maybe!

Life isn’t as easy as one, two, three…the first, second and third month are but little pentince to pay for the other nine glorious months, I just have to keep my focus on April…this begins the road to freedom…..I was married in April, that is a good thought, although it has snowed in April as well…but I won’t think of that…only good thoughts and soon it will be here before I know it…..Ah lovely spring…see you in a minute!

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