“Lord help!”

Some days the only thing that I can mutter is…Lord help! These are trying times in the world we live. It is so easy to shield myself from the horrors of the world, stay in my cocoon of peace and security and never peep out to see whats what. Life like the groundhog has would not be so bad, the one that comes out once a year to see his shadow…or not. Or would it be?

Growing up in the South you become accustomed to all the “southern charm” that goes around year to year, the stories and the pride and the matter of fact rules we live by. The South is a tough old bird, we have overcome so much adversary…but who hasn’t? That’s not why I love to live here. I love the traditions and pomp and circumstance and the Scarlet O’Hara of it all as much as any Southerner; I love Southern authors and Southern food( a bit too much!)as well as the smoldering, sticky southern heat…sure beats the tar out of the snow and cold we get here where its NOT SUPPOSE TO BE! I mean I am a bit aggravated with all that chill! Just a bit of chill please, fall leaves and crisp cool evenings. Enough of the sub-arctic freeze, thank you.

I love the South for so many reasons it would be hard to pick just one…I guess if I had to clarify a little it would be I love the pace of the South. Not to say that there isn’t hustle and bustle…there is and if you have ever been trying to drive through “Hot ‘lanta” on a weekday afternoon you repent about every ten minutes at all the thoughts swirling in your head. Now that I live in the slow pace of a small city again I am ever humbled at the pure joy of the people here. They are just plain real friends and it is an honor to be here.

The South is alive and well and I am proud to be a part of the traditions and style. It is our job to overcome the sins of our fathers and move forward in love and compassion. We are ALL GOD’s, unique and different and  He is all about freedom and Liberty and Joy!

Lord help us all.

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