Blondes have more fun….maybe!

What is it about having my hair done that freaks me out? I feel sorry for the one who does it for me…I am a whiner...(shock I know) to the tenth degree…..I am sorry, publicly to my now hair dresser, Deanna and my previous one back home, Debbie. You both are excellent at your job….and to the new one that is high praise from me since I am very fond of my BF Debbie….it comes down to the old phrase..“it’s not you it’s ME!!

Just coming from my new one….after I had just been there four days ago….yes, I knew I would be back within just a few days….I am now a brunette(here is the problem)  but, for the past five-ish years I have added in some blonde hi-lites, because ….of course that makes me look younger…right? Well, please don’t burst my bubble, allow me this last hope of my inner, young seventeen year old! My need to see my self as a bleach blonde haired girl is strong these days.Give me a pass…it is WINTER!

This is what growing old does to us….MAKES US CRAZY…er! Crazy as it sounds, I have to look in that mirror and see some blonde up top….streaky and light and just a step this side of “trailer park-dishwater blonde hair”, meaning no disrespect to people who live in trailer parks….actually, my only frame of reference here is from the movies, so forgive me for real.

I am reminded of my Mom, when I was young  she had been divorced from my dad for a bit and she came home one day with BLONDE HAIR!!! She also was a brunette/auburn hair girl. NOT ANY MORE!  I was about eleven and my only reasoning for this turn of events beside she had a aneurism…..was my Mom had become a floozie!!! Oh boy….Nothing could be further from the truth….I had a big imagination back then (and now!) but, what I didn’t realize was she needed a change, she needed to escape the mother of five kids, housewife baggage, newly “FREE” from a hard marriage and ready to be her again. I get that now…with age comes wisdom.

Here I am turning older by the millisecond….feeling constantly cold with my brittle feeling bones and dreaded weight gain (have I said before?? how I hate WINTER!!) and I attempted to go back to my natural color….BIG MISTAKE! I can not be in WINTER and look into the mirror with this dark hair… about being in a funk! ugh!! Too harsh for this chick!

My beautiful Blonde daughter, Bethany!!

SO today, I trot right back over to poor Deanna and get the help I needed…pull out that Clorox bleach, Sun-In or any other potions you have back there and load me up. It is a free country and I can be a dishwater blonde if I want to! I am the boss of ME!! Oh to have my beautiful daughters hair color…..gorgeous blonde……BORN THAT WAY! mind you. Some girls get all the luck.

SO the next time I get a crazy thought I have asked her to not listen to me…..I relinquish all power when it comes to my hair to her….she is my GURU. And as we say in the South when we know there is not a chance in H#&& I will listen to her…..”Bless Her Heart!!!”

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4 thoughts on “Blondes have more fun….maybe!

  1. Dear Rose,

    I’ve been getting blonde highlights for years. My natural shade hovers somewhere in the dishwater range between blonde and brown–with a bit of red highlights thrown in underneath. I feel like it is blah. I’m relieved to have it done and be a blonde again. I so dread doing it, mostly because of the physical challenge it presents–just sitting so long in those uncomfortable chairs. But my stylist is a godsend and so compassionate and understanding of my special needs. The past couple of days, every time I look in the mirror, I say “ahhhh” instead of “blahhhh.” I know we are vain, but I hope your experience is the same!


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