……going to the bathroom, in a herd!

Today, after commenting on a very funny blog of a blogger I hadn’t read before, I decided to take his advice and write about the subject we were discussing…..! He was telling a story about his wife and her healthy eating habits and her physical fitness regimen and how he wishes she wouldn’t be able to go with it and the triathlon she was training for because it hampers his need to eat BIG (I feel ya brotha!) and prayed she would have to stop…and as luck would have it she fell and hurt her foot and out for the count…..ugly how that happens…Karma is a B-word! He stated that she then began to eat and had gained about fifteen pounds..yikes! His blog is http://chris9911.wordpress.com–he is a riot!

MY comment to him was, …….I wouldn’t fret the prayer that led to her accident, I would worry about how bad she will kill him for publicly stating her weight gain!!! I mean come on buddy…really???

This began a series of back and forth comments which led to…….he said, she punched him for the comment and I said ……good for her….btw! sorry we gotta stick together! then him saying.ah yeah, I know what you mean, kinda like same logic why you guys go to public bathroom as a group.lol….then he said... I think I totally understand..you know, that herding phenomenon is something thats always in back of my head, but never confronted any woman about it. What goes on in there? is there some kind of organization going on? strategy? sharing recipes? it looks so shady and innocent at the same time…lol

For which I responded.…..only shady in the fact that we all have a need to check and compare

ourselves with each other..example……”I feel so fat in this outfit!’…….friend replies…….”oh no, it looks great and just the right color for your new cute haircut and color!”…… then in reply…”I love your cut, do you still go to the same place?”…then…”yep I love it there!”……..then on and on with a few other reassuring comments so we can self deprecate and seem secure all at the same time then also if the husbands/date has made us aggravated we can jaw about that one too, get our sides up and confirm we are for sure the smarter sex…and then sometimes we all just know that we will have to pee eventually so we might as well go together…most of us are sociable people, confident in our group defense…except my sister who likes to stand alone. Some women are confident no matter what…they gripe me!

Mr Chris911’sblog admonished me to copy and paste my response into a blog so here I am now….I find it funny how little we all actually know about each other. Maybe this is why one of my all-time favorite television shows is now off the air and in syndication but, still GREAT! It is, The King of Queens(CBS) and there has been no truer expression of real life married couples in the history of the world. Seriously I honestly wonder what goes on in a mans head and it is made clear during the episodes of this program. I also am the mother of three men/boys and thankfully one girl/woman(not out numbered totally!) so my time is spent weeding thru the yadda yadda constantly!

The King of Queens
The King of Queens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I can relate so well, because I truly believe that the actor, Kevin James and my husband, the preacherman are one in the same! It is all about getting from point A to point B and don’t even get them off track, no extra directions or requests….and forget about thinking we(the wives) are ever even a thought in the picture. Unless we are wrapped in a pizza or sub sandwich we are just another daily annoyance. Not that we are not loved and even appreciated but, really just leave them to themselves.

This is not actually a complaint, do not be fooled by my negative barbs….after many years with my man, I have taken advantage of the “time-off” from his wants and needs. I too, like the wife in said show can dish it out just as well. I have given him as much grief as he me….the boyish charm of the often ..”oops, I forgot!” goes a long way….which is why we keep on loving these goofy men. I am the biggest enabler of all and I have no one to blame but myself.

We women are a rare breed and Lord only knows how the men survive us. I know I have gotten a bit off track from the original intent of this post, but I am usually not very good at following even my own lead….women are nurturers…..even to each other, which is why we go places in “herds” as it was said. No comment on the sound of that word by way!!! Yes, we do enjoy the company of each other and most times there is no obvious plan (key word, obvious!) to conspire or plot. We need no help there, each one of us is equipped with enough knowledge to get the job done alone….it is just more fun with a friend.

Women are the ones who pick everything up, the original recyclers. Y’all ever wonder what happened to that stuff you have been missing? Hang on, it will work its way back into the mix. Next time, don’t leave it laying around! We are the ones that plan the food, eat out or bring it home? We are the ones who prettify everything…..how do ya think the sheets get changed or the bathroom floor mats are not skanky? I need to watch it here, I am notorious to leave the master bedroom and bath disgusting for a long time…my hidden sin (not so hidden now!)

Men should only take heart in the fact we are here to be the helpers of the less fortunate. What would your lives be without the babies and the help with your every thought. We have already got it figured out for you we are just waiting to see if you get it yourselves and without fail…SCORE! You don’t and the circle of Life continues. Truth be known, I think we enjoy it. We also enjoy the occasional binge eating and slobbiness of a day in our P.J.’s…without guilt. We just don’t do it as often which helps us remain smug!

Good luck guys getting it all figured out……bless your hearts!

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7 thoughts on “……going to the bathroom, in a herd!

  1. Funny thing – when I was little, most of my friends were boys, probably because I was kind of a tomboy. However, I still had the “going to the bathroom in a group mentality” so I would always ask the boys “hey wanna go to the bathroom together?” (We had a co-ed bathroom in my kindergarten) and they would go “huh? ewww! no!!” and I would always be so confused. lol!


    1. I know…boys have no idea of our world…that is why I was surprised about the comment I got to start this post…surely men get some idea after being married for a while..but, NOPE! We girls like to have someone to talk to…which makes it a fun thing to get comments on blog…so THANKS….maybe I am not alone out here?!


  2. Wow, you did all this while conversing with me, and while you are doing all your preacher wife duties? I was expecting a blog of maybe few sentences.lol. I love the King of Queens; Kevin James is probably not too far off from his show character.
    I am laughing at you reaction “oops, I forgot”. Isn’t it funny how similar most normal marriages are? The “oops, I forgot” argument will go on till the day I die.lol. I am reading your explanation on why you ladies travel in herd to the bathroom, I’m trying to be open minded, but I keep shaking my head.lol Do you guys actually have conversation while sitting on the potty, too? Lol Oh my goodness, don’t answer that, maybe it’s better to be kept in the dark on that one.lol
    This is a wonderful, and very insightful, blog. I enjoyed reading every word of it and glad to have found another great blog to follow. I do fully agree with your last paragraph and I know I would die pretty quickly if it weren’t for my wife looking out for me 🙂


    1. I cant help myself…..yes we do! and btw…I do not know how many followers you have, although I don’t think I am far off but you have many readers and comments….ugh…I cant even hope for my family and friends to read much less respond. So much of what I write is because and about them….if it were the preacherman writing I would be all over it!…people!!


      1. rofl, with family and friends like that who needs enemies? hahaha. You better stay away from the ones thats getting your fruitcake on Christmas.haha
        I do get pretty amazed by the fact I have total strangers reading through my stuff. I actually started out wanting to voice my opinion on Mac vs PC, but it only resulted in getting hate comments/emails, so I completely abandoned blogging for a long time. Then I had the idea of just blogging on thoughts that I wanted to tell my wife, but I couldn’t. How long have you been blogging?


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