In honor of Memorial Day I must say thank you to all of the brave men ans women who have served to protect us all. Those who joined up or obeyed the draft…you all are HERO’s.

I don’t know how my heart would contain the pain to see my boys be drafted….or even join, as a mother I would assume it would be awful.

My Mom had to let go of her only son years ago. He signed up for the Vietnam War back in ’68/69 and it was awful for her as well. Thankfully he came back to us safe and sound only to be a career ARMY guy, climbing the ranks to Lt. Colonel(I think that was his rank at retiring? (bad sister!)) HE was a hero to me, his kid sister and on this day when we set aside life and remember……

Tom- nephew
J W- nephew

I say thank you to him.

The coolest of all ARMY dudes! Jim Mcknight!

Happy Memorial Day ya’ll!


Daddy- James W McKnight

ALSO, lest I forget….My Daddy-James Mcknight, Sr. Korean War

Nephew- James Mcknight, III-Coast Guard

Nephew- Tom Mcknight- ARMY

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