A car ride

I must start this post off with a little comedy. Picture this – three adults and one five year old go on a trip! Everything works out perfectly, all the bags are packed, put in the vehicle with room to spare, and we are right on time! Eeeeeerk! Wait a minute! What?

Oh Well, that’s how it played out in my head, at least. Actually, it went pretty good, but this may be a one-and-done-trip. Not that I don’t love to take a trip. I do. And I love these people in our vehicle, along with the ones we are going to meet. But, my big mistake was feeling sorry for them all having to go out to eat for Thanksgiving!

I had Mom guilt. Ugh! You see, years ago when our kids were young and we lived in East TN, we changed it up and went to Thanksgiving weekend at a TN State Park. (NOT CAMPING! But sort of the “Fritts” version of it). Of course, I’m not an outdoors person for any length of time. I mean, a camp fire is fun but that’s as far as I go. There has to be nice cabins with modern equipment, etc. The difference is, back then, we would have our Thanksgiving lunch at home and then travel. But this year, I cooked it all and we are hauling it there! Ugh! Again! (Can I get a witness?) Plus all the other treats – sausage balls, pigs in blankets, cheese ball etc., etc. – this truck is loaded down with enough food to feed a army. But, ya know, we are piling in and hanging out, playing games … and I will be smack in the middle of it with a huge grin on my face! Because, this is my heaven on earth! I have a gorgeous, kind husband (He puts up with a lot. I ain’t easy! I am smarter than everyone else and I tend to show that I am daily. My opinion is number one, don’t-cha know! I come from a long line of “smart” women. Pray for him, he deserves better). Next, I have an identical twin (not sister but daughter). She’s as smart as me, or at least she thinks so. Then there is one more ingredient in this mix. My granddaughter is “smarter” than all of us! I realize all this becomes ridiculously frustrating for all the rest of the world. But through it all, the preacherman just watches the action. Like I said, he needs prayer.

As hard as it is for a day, I must admit now that all the cooking is done, (please Lord let my turkey be moist) that I am satisfied that we don’ t have to wait in a long line at Cracker Barrel to eat food that is not as good as mine (my opinion). There are seven of us, so that means a big table is needed. And that makes us have to wait, and wait. So, when I see these faces of the people I love the most on earth eating our food and laughing, it’s all worth it. I’m not saying that I will haul all this food the next time … Jesus will have to talk me into it. But to be sure, any chance I get to be with these sour patch kids, I will take it.

The car ride has been content. The little one finally took a nap. So far, so good. And all’s right with the world … until we have to unload it all!! Yikes! I am thankful, so very thankful to my God. I live for Him. And when I allow Him to make me a better person, I want to be kind and less bossy. (Skinnier too, Lord? … oh, that’s up to me? Ok, thanks, and ouch!) I am thankful He gave me my family. They are my reason for being here! I’m thankful for our first President, George Washington, who started the Thanksgiving holiday way back when, as a time of reflection, and to honor the God who created us. Thanks for giving us a holiday before Christmas that gets nearly rushed through by most folks. I’m thankful for all the freedoms we enjoy while living in the best nation in the world. I am thankful I was raised to be a good person and friend. And I’m thankful for car rides that give you a minute to breathe, reflect on life and what’s really important. I am so In love with my Lord and my family! My prayer for them is we all eat around the table in heaven together. That is my only goal. So, today is a good day! Of course, I miss my mom, my sister-in-law, and Charles’ beloved dad. But they live on in the presence of God and in our hearts. Thanksgiving is a family thing, in whatever shape or form the family finds itself. So take a car ride with them, connect, agree to disagree even … just take the the time to take the time. And I just remembered another item for my gratitude list! I’m also thankful I don’t have to fly in a plane anywhere. Every year I feel so sorry for all those people stranded in snow storms and what not! Kinda makes a car ride seem like a fun idea!

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