Savoring the days

This being my “reflective weekend” and all, I am once again mindful of my days on earth, all sixty of them… that’s weird to actually write, anyone out there been around that long? Is it just me that struggles with the truth? I’m not sad, just astonished it’s already passed me by. It’s a lot of years, but if I think about it in other ways it’s not so bad …like sixty kisses… not near enough from my dear preacherman or my granddaughter. Or what about sixty seconds? That’s only one minute, no biggie but do the math and sixty years is 1892160000 seconds!! I’m not really sure how to say that! Sixty hugs are magical but sixty Goodbyes are melancholy .

So the days are long but the happiest of days I have lived. I had parents I adored, they had clay feet as do us all but they gave me strong morals and grit. I grew up with big sisters and one big brother, they were valiant protectors as I was annoying and problematic at times, being the youngest, but they stuck by me and I have been truly loved by one husband, I married “up” and he has given me the privilege to live my dreams while he pushed the cart up the hill most times alone; but I had my own cart loaded with four blessings and I’m not even sure they know what they mean to us. There are moments in time when they are as they were(like tonight), just babes, when I get a glimpse of them like they were at which I revel in, the sweet love they give to me. Then there is the sweet chaos of the third generation. The force is strong in that one, so to speak.

I guess I was a “cusp” ’50’s kid, but grew up with the unsettling 1960’s and the Disco 1970’s ( I loved it don’t tell anyone) yet I loved the classics, The Beach Boys, The Beatles and Dolly Parton. I was a latch key kid and tv was my salvation against loneliness. Our third “gen” kid is a “cusp” “the kids are going wild” years. They are growing up without strong voices of plain old good sense. But we all try to teach them and love them with equal parts. But Lordy they are smart (there’s that force again!)

The blessing of age is actually a blessing, I do want to see how it turns out, I want to see my Jesus come back to take us all to heaven, I want to see if my kids get married(ever) a mom can hope, I want to see if I could actually not eat carbs for a long period of time(don’t hold your breath) and weather or not the cable company will ever stop crashing and leaving us without tv( remember I’m a tv girl) or WiFi when it’s at the peak of the evening and ugh it’s awful!!!! I must buy an antenna or something! This situation reminds me that when the Apocalypse happens and the cable companies loose the ability to keep my tv going, it will be a mad house and life as we know it would be quiet and not in a good way… heads will role! I’m joking of course(not really) I can live without tv, but I prefer not to. I’m old and if I’m left with just my thoughts, well prime example here!

I have exhausted my run on sentences for now, let me hear from all the old people out there in the blog world… I’m listening as long as our WiFi stays on just savoring the days of my long life!

Please leave a comment-good therapy!!

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