I’m coming out!

In case no one knew, I’m coming out! Not out of a closet or a hole or any kind of trapped area… but making a statement just to be sure there is no question… so here goes it….I am a follower of Christ! I decided thirty eight years ago to “come out from amongst them” (Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you,2Cor 6:17 NIV) and that’s not to say “them” is a bad word, but wanting to be counted, different; reveal my truth and make a stand if needed. Back then, I was lost, without any knowledge that I was, I hadn’t really known of any other life, I guess I was “them” and as long as I did not murder anyone I felt fairly secure I was ok!, and to be honest I didn’t even know what I was ok! about. Not being raised any differently gave me no need to question it.

Then, I met a man who gave me the about from which I was ok! and he used a cute young man that I gave my heart to, which lead me to this knowledge of a separation. Reason number 5 zillion why I’m happy I married him, I never knew of the world he was from and after less than a year I was hungry to know. So on that fateful Sunday night after hearing a sermon on Revelation, I had a lot of questions… and did I ever ask them and I just knew I did not want to be left. I wanted to live for all eternity with my beautiful new husband and quite honestly that was my desire, accept Jesus in my heart and I will be with cute blonde guy for ever! That worked for me… but, I had to gain the heart knowledge that this Jesus was not just a route to a happy marriage (although He is, by the way) but the route to a full, joy-filled life. At that beginning I could have never realized what life would be like and how changed I would be. I was never embarrassed by my decisions then nor now.

So just to re boot after thirty seven years, just so anyone who doesn’t know about me.. I’m coming out today, making it plain so there is no mistake about it… So who’s with me? I am a follower of Christ, I have given my heart to the one who died for me, I have thrown my hat into the ring, I have died to the old girl and I am living in freedom and committed to a sanctified life. Not to say I got it all together, if you know me you know me and that’s evident but it’s not without trying. Every day is new and I hope I always stay sensitive to what the Lord has for me to do and my prayer is more people could say I have lived an “out” life more than not. I have never tried to hide nor deny my relationship with Jesus, so if I have kept too quiet about it then forgive me. I am ready and armed to tell about Jesus, my testimony is all I need and the Holy Spirit opens the doors. There have been isolated moments when I was wearing my “official church tee shirt” to the grocery store and those aggravations happen when I want to growl… I catch myself and remember that I represent a wonderful life of peace and love and joy and patience..AUGH! Takes all the umph out of my bad mood!

My sanctification needs a little re boot most days, that’s why His mercies are new every morning which is just fine, keeps it fresh and forever mindful of my relationship with Him. The world wants to pull us down, back to the old life, fear and loneliness that parades itself with glamour and coolness. My life has never been enriched by participating in the “thrills” of this world. All it ever brought me was a momentary thrill, always followed by sadness or loneliness..believe me I’v done the legwork! So do I just be all weird and gruesome looking? Nope not at all, this is my life and I am if anything a independent woman, I am fully able to make up my own mind and live my own life, full of much joy and fun. I am faithful and will always choose Jesus over the rest of the pack.

I pray to take some with me, this marvelous adventure, to go to sleep every nite without a worry of the unknowns, if I should die before I wake, I’ll see you in heaven and if I’m alive I’ll see you in the field, working for the one I love. The heartbreak for anyone who knows the way to freedom is that so many people don’t know that they need a savior. It’s like the biggest bag of hardheadedness ever, and should be no surprise since I am about as stubborn as they come. No one is more right about everything than ME! ( and my sisters, my Mom( God rest her soul) my brother and of course all my kids, Sorry y’all ) I love them all but we are a stubborn bunch. I pray for all my family daily, I expect the Lord to follow through with that scripture, as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! It is with great joy to talk plain, I am out, I am free and I am loving every minute of it! Who is up for an adventure? Join me, why don’t you?

John 3:16

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I put my trust in Him who has called me.

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